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  • HR Consultant UK has provided quality aspiring candidates for the vacant position. The client is able to choose the best applicant that is suited to their company. A prompt team, they have provided regular progress updates and feedback. The team is structured, driven, and helpful.

  • The client found and hired two verified candidates out of the three recommendations of HR Consultant UK within one month. The team managed the workflow and communication at a high level. Moreover, the client was impressed with their flexibility and expertise in outsourcing highly qualified candidates.

  • HR Consultant UK was able to provide the support needed by the client. As a result, the client successfully hired one person that met all their requirements. The workflow between them was very efficient, The vendor showed great flexibility to improve coordination in searching for candidates.

  • HR Consultant UK delivers committed recruitment and HR services. The team's workflow is effective and responsible. Communication and cooperation are simple.

  • HR Consultant UK's intensive activities have led to successful staffing. The team continues to show flexibility to changes in the project. They are also communicative when it comes to updates and possible challenges surrounding recruitment.

  • As a result of HR Consultant UK's work, one applicant was hired. The team updated the client at each stage of the process. The workflow was effective, with a dedicated manager communicating with the client. Talent Place's quick and efficient hiring process for a sensitive position impressed the client. 

  • During the process, HR Consultant UK was able to provide 9 qualitative recommendations. However, the platform decided not to hire any of the candidates because of the team's high recruitment standards. Communication and work were very effective. The team provided all the necessary details to the client.

  • While the work is ongoing, the engagement thus far has resulted in a thorough screening of promising candidates and refreshing recommendations. HR Consultant UK exhibited support even in challenging situations, which says a lot about their adaptability.

  • HR Consultant UK was able to provide successful recruiting services within a couple of months. The team is stable and has a proven performance in recruitment services. The communication was daily with a weekly summary review.

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    HR Consultant UK was able to find high-quality resources quickly, resulting in the hiring of three out of 30 of the candidates they presented. They were easily accessible and communicative, and they kept the internal team abreast of the progress of the project.

  • Ten months since the beginning of the partnership, the HR Consultant UK team helped the company hire six new employees and one manager. The company appreciated how the team kept the company involved in the process of finding candidates and they saw how determined they were to find the right people.

  • Leveraging their reliable recruitment process, HR Consultant UK efficiently and effectively provided excellent candidates for the company. Their quick approach to the project as well as their transparent communication secures their ongoing partnership. 

  • HR Consultant UK work immensely helped the company's operations to grow. The team is reliable, efficient, and understanding. They are always willing to go the extra mile to fulfil the client's requirements.

  • Rather than looking at individual candidates, HR Consultant UK pays attention to the culture of the company. They aim to find recruits who are the right culture fit, putting in the time to understand their clients’ priorities. Their accommodating attitude and industry experience are hallmarks of their work.

  • HR Consultant UK makes sure that only the most skillful and responsible candidates were endorsed to the company. With their capabilities, they are able to make about 50 recommendations per month. The team works hard, ensures a smooth workflow, and provides rapid response.

  • The client was very pleased with the results of the project. HR Consultant UK did a good job identifying the right candidates for the job and ensuring they aligned on company values. The team established KPIs for each position, outlining priorities and deadlines ahead of time.

  • The volume of leads and the speed at which the client received them was impressive. HR Consultant UK is organized and easy to work with, making them a great partner. 

  • As a result of HR Consultant UK work, the client hired 10 people in 3 months, filling all their hiring needs. The team at Art2Hire was communicative, organized, and prompt in their delivery. The client then satisfied with their work.

  • Co-Founder, AnchorFree Inc.
    Co-Founder, AnchorFree Inc.

    HR Consultant UK work has met the mark time and time again. Roughly 25% of applicants they sourced were hired, resulting in around 50 new hires. Customers can expect an organized team that follows through on their promises.

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