Hi-Techs: what are they and how to use these tools in HR?

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Hi-Techs: what are they and how to use these tools in HR?

Table of Contents

Hi-tech tools are those that are part of the routine of a corporate sector, and largely governed by new digital technologies. Among the most practiced examples today, we can highlight augmented reality and virtual reality, gamification and management software, among others.

Paper spreadsheets, handwritten reports, paper calendars… The nostalgia and the punctual efficiency of these office items keep using them still active, in some companies, but it's time to consider solutions hi-techs to be included in your corporate routine, don't you think?

After all, these technological products are not mere summer trends: the digital revolution is a reality that no productive sector of the market can escape.

Which brings us to the question: how is the use of hi-tech tools in the development of your HR and personnel department? If doubt has invaded the countenance, when thinking about the answer, we recommend that you continue with this reading to understand which are the best – and most current – hi-tech solutions in the industry. Check out!

What does the use of hi-tech tools mean for the company?

The social relationship with technology is interesting: many digital adventures were conceived from the change in the profile of people. However, many attitudes were modified, at first, with the arrival of these solutions.

A good example of this is the internet, one of the main solutions – if not the main one – hi-techs. It was this relationship online that brought people closer to a more dynamic agile, intelligent and efficient. We started to depend more on computers, tablets, smartphones, software, applications… The list is extensive.

So, we have to align ourselves with these transformations and, if possible, anticipate them. After all, in the corporate environment, this type of planning offers more value to the brand, a higher level of excellence in customer service (and internally) and promotes new differentials for the organization.

How are hi-tech solutions used in HR?

If we are more and more in line with the changes that have taken place technologically today, how about we understand how can you use the hi-techs tools in your HR's daily routine? In general, they are solutions that prioritize:

  • The optimization of mechanical and repetitive tasks, delegating them to process automation solutions, such as planning and sending payslips, time control, etc .;
  • The centralization of processes pso that everyone can monitor, in real time, the performance of each objective set for the HR team;
  • fast (and automatic) compilation and organization of data to streamline decision making and make your team more analytical and strategic;
  • rapprochement with employees, promoting their engagement, as well as day-to-day motivation;
  • consolidation of a more positive organizational climate, also adding to the retention and talent attraction actions for the company;
  • fewer risks and errors in project planning and execution.

Of course, every list of benefits looks beautiful on paper. The question that every professional wants to know, when looking at these positive aspects, is: and how to add all this to the reality of my company? Reassure yourself, because, next, we will highlight the main hi-tech tools for HR to become, more and more, a smart RH!

What are the best digital solutions for HR?

To understand how your organization can be qualified with fhi-tech tools, it is essential to understand which ones are already consolidated – and where this type of technology is heading.

Let's see, then, the main ones! Who knows, your HR will no longer apply one or more of them? Check out!

big data

The term is already widely discussed, but the use of this type of technology is just beginning. That's because the Big Data is configured in the analytical application of the massive amount of digital information that we constantly generate.

For HR, for example, this can be used to evaluate internal metrics, such as productivity and employee absenteeism. And make no mistake: the solutions for monitoring that volume of data must be automated. Nothing to think that your team can do that in a timely manner.

For that reason, management software quickly addresses the issue, programming the most relevant information for your objectives and then generating the reports that will facilitate decision making.

People Analytics

Do you want to improve the process of recruiting and selecting professionals or, who knows, generate a bank of resumes and facilitate the search for new talents in the face of a new need? So, invest in people analytics, whose hi-techs solutions help in the analysis of profiles based on their pre-settings.

In addition, you can use this to develop your professionals, evaluating those with profiles of leadership and whose results, in performance evaluations, point to a common characteristic that requires new training.

Management software

To the people management, you HR softwares are differentiated, as they help in the automation of processes – as already mentioned in point control and sending payslips – and provide much more value to the journey of the company's employees.

The HR Consultant UK product, including, has established itself as a highly versatile and secure solution to put your HR in this digital revolution – and with very little effort.

This type of strategy is crucial for your HR specialists to learn to deal with routine in a more strategic way, and less and less bureaucratic, time-consuming and repetitive.

Therefore, there is time for them to focus on actions to add more well-being, motivation and quality of life to the rest of the employees.


O learning is crucial, nowadays, for the growth of any type of company. But you can do this without interfering with your employees ’routine, thanks to videoconferencing and messaging software for conducting distance training.

Thus, HR can constantly offer new development opportunities, making employees engage according to the time they have at their disposal, and not making them run over by the accumulation of activities throughout the day.

In this regard, it is also worth mentioning the value of gamification. This is the generation of a project with a playful and interactive backdrop, so that employees are even more motivated to achieve the results of a project or goal to be achieved in a certain period.

Virtual and augmented reality

Finally, you can consider the use of virtual and / or augmented reality to approach employees and provide truly differentiated training.

First, however, a brief explanation of the concepts:

  • augmented reality is one that integrates with reality – like applications that overlay information on real objects, speeding up interactivity;
  • virtual reality are the solutions that simulate putting us in real situations.

Both, even, are among the great solutions of this new generation of hi-techs. And, good news, there are already applications that allow the use of this type of technology, facilitating their implementation in your routine.

It is worth emphasizing that some investments may be larger than others. But, as we have already said, thes hi-tech tools they are popular and this facilitates access to them.

It is important to observe, then, how the HR policies in the company, and how everyone can benefit from the strategic use of new technologies and, thus, further qualify this fundamental sector of any organization.

So, do you want to share, now, any experience you had with the aforementioned hi-tech tools – or not throughout the article? Share them with us in the comments field!


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