Hire Developer: 6 Expert Tips

Hire Developer: 6 Expert Tips

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Hiring developers is very different from hiring for other positions. The IT market is booming, there are many companies looking for professionals in the field, from StartUps to older companies. Creating applications, platforms, websites, databases, are important tasks in any company today.

Today there are 4 vacancies for each professional. With all that, the best developer people are disputed in the market. To enter this dispute, some precautions are essential.

But you can rest assured, because you are about to receive tips from experts at Vulpi. This is where you will learn about the tips needed to hire the right developer for your company.

1. Define your demand

The first, and most valuable tip we will give here: have a very well defined demand. The IT market is competitive. Focusing your efforts on the wrong target will waste time and money.

Many companies, especially those that do not have the technology directly linked to the business, have difficulties in defining the technical requirements of the professional. Disclosing a vacancy with these incorrect points will delay the process, bringing people out of alignment and keeping people away who could be fit.

For this reason, the most important step in making a personalized and focused process possible is understand what the internal needs are, before starting to advertise the vacancy. Understand what kind of task will be charged to that professional and what he needs to solve inside. In order to have this definition, those responsible for recruitment and selection must first be very clear about the main positions in the IT area.

Main positions in the IT area

We will then understand the main positions, the most attended according to Vulpi's history. They exist:

  • UX developers, who are responsible for the user experience;
  • the UI, responsible for the interface design;
  • DevOps, which deal with the infrastructure part
  • the Mobile, who create apps,

And the most recurrent in Vulpi's processes: Back End, Front End and Full Stack.

Front End

Developer Front End it is the person who develops the page that the user sees and interacts, it is he who creates the interface of the web application. It refers to the client side of the application. Some of the languages ​​used are HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Back End

Have the dev Back End develops everything behind the screen, which the visitor does not have access to. He is responsible for the codes of execution of the functions of the website, which are linked to its performance. It usually includes a web server and database. It uses languages ​​like PHP, Java, Python and Ruby.

Full Stack

There is still the developer Full Stack, that englobes Front and Back End functions. This professional must work well and be able to keep up to date in both positions, knowing different technological languages. This is a well-valued and requested person in the market, since he can fulfill the function that could be two people.

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2. Value the appropriate behavioral profile

As important as the technical validation (or even more) is the validation of the behavioral profile. If you already have a consolidated culture in your company, great. Look for people who fit those characteristics. Otherwise, this is the time to reflect how you want the company to be seen by the market, with what values, and which people can help drive that vision.

The organizational culture that will characterize the company is business soul, it defines your image, what kind of audience and partnerships you will attract.

Considering all this, it is already possible to define a desirable behavioral profile. In addition to considering personal values ​​- it can be someone with a leadership profile, or a manager, executor, communicator, etc. The profile of your hired devs, in addition to outlining the image of your company, will also help to define new hires.

When defining the required technical and behavioral profiles, it is important to be careful and make sure that you are not looking for a unicorn developer. This is a rare dev, perhaps even a myth. That person has very technical skills diverse and complete, leadership profile, self-management, proactivity and can work well on end-to-end projects. But it can be laborious and expensive to hire.

In these cases, what matters most is to meet the demands that are really essential for the fulfillment of tasks, and to delimit other characteristics as desirable.

3. Make the job competitive

By having the desired profile established, it is still necessary to make sure that your vacancy is competitive, before disclosure. As already mentioned, there is a lot of demand for developers, and most of the time the final choice is in their hands.

For that, it must be make sure that your demand is plausible and possible in relation to the market. It can be quite tricky to find a dev who knows all the languages ​​of technology, or a recent graduate with a leadership profile and attitude, or a Junior Full Stack professional, for example. At the same time as this critical analysis, it is essential to have the salary and benefits aligned with the position being sought.

The salary offered must be according to the developer's position, seniority and workplace. According to Salary Calculator created by Vulpi, a dev Back End usually has a higher wages than the Front End, and the Full Stack dev greater than the two. A professional in São Paulo usually earns more than one in Belo Horizonte or Rio de Janeiro. A senior developer expects to earn more than full or junior. And there goes the analysis.

There is no point in wanting to save on the benefits offered and not being able to close the vacancy.

4. Know how to advertise the vacancy

It is very important to know how to write a legal vacancy and where to advertise. The job description must be very complete. It should explain the required, desirable points, place of work, presentation of the company, and clarification on how to enroll in the process.

It is also nice to have an explanation about the Process Steps, what can be expected, deadlines and company culture. Adding a photo, something that calls attention to the disclosure, can be a differentiator.

Where to make this disclosure is also extremely important to reach the right people. It is interesting to advertise on all social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Github, MeetUps and Whatsapp, according to the most appropriate verbal identity for each network. Thus, it is very useful to maintain an active developer community, as Vulpi does.

5. Apply tests

THE hiring in the technology area demands technical validations. Considering the demand defined at the beginning of the process, everything needs to be tested and proven.

For any hiring, it is important to prove the candidate's skills, in the area of ​​technology, even more so. Technical and behavioral tests are essential. O behavioral profile it can be evaluated using the DISC methodology, mapping what can be expected from that professional and what is the most appropriate type of management.

The technical test must be done according to the requirements of each position, the candidate's Github can also be analyzed to evaluate past work.

6. Follow the process

After disclosing the vacancy and with the evaluation and testing processes, it is necessary to continue paying attention to the vacancy and paying attention to the planning. Follow the process, your evolution, and how much time are you willing to spend on that hire.

You can't just spread the word and wait for the magic to happen. The acceptable time and money to be spent in the process must be planned. This planning is directly related to the VOCCost of Vacancy. This metric defines how much you are missing out on each open day.

THE hiring developers it is more complex than for other areas. Care is needed that will make your spotlight stand out and show value to the candidate, who is being disputed.

The person responsible for preparing the tests must have extensive knowledge in the technical part and know how to evaluate. Using the expertise of experts ensures greater quality and even more convenience. An example of how you can delegate these operational tasks and focus on being a more strategic HR is using services like Vulpi, which does the end-to-end hiring process.

In fact, she is responsible for preparing this content! Want to read articles like this? Click here and access their blog! Take advantage of the tips and assemble a development team out of the curve, and in an optimized way!



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