Hiring at startup: how does the process work?

Hiring at startup: how does the process work?

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In all companies, the selective process it is not simple, however, it is even more delicate when it comes to hiring in startup. As an emerging company, still developing a business model, attracting talent may not be easy.

The main reason for this challenge is that, as it is not a consolidated company, it will be necessary to offer a series of information and benefits to convince the candidate. But, it is still necessary to have a concern with the professional profile, which must match the company's values.

Another point that must be taken into account when hiring a startup is the candidate's ability. As it is a company that is growing, there will certainly be delicate moments that will require several skills, including adaptation to adverse situations.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the differentials of the startup hiring process. You will know:

  • What are the challenges of hiring in a startup ?;
  • What are the differentials in relation to a joint venture ?;
  • How to attract talent ?;
  • Have a strategy
  • Make a good announcement of the vacancy available
  • Conquer candidates by selling your business
  • What should be considered when choosing a candidate ?;

So, come on!

What are the challenges of hiring a startup?

There are many challenges for the human resources professional when hiring a new employee for your company. They range from the assessment of professional skills to the analysis of profile and values ​​compatible with the company.

When we talk about hiring in a startup, the scenario is even more challenging because it is a growing company that does not have a brand presence in the market. In addition, financial resources are not always sufficient to offer good wages.

In this way, it is necessary to create strategies to convince talents that it is a good place to work and that the career path is advantageous.

What are the differentials in relation to a joint venture?

Typically, a startup does not yet have financial resources enough to attract employees for their salaries, making it difficult to compete with companies that are already consolidated. For this reason, hiring in a startup will certainly not follow the same steps as other companies.

Firstly, you need to clearly define your startup's mission, purpose and values and develop a clear business strategy that can be put into practice. Thus, when contacting the talents, you will be able to convince them that it is worth investing in your company.

Another differential point is that startup hiring will not always follow market standards, like the traditional vacancy in CLT.

Depending on the objective of the new entrepreneurs, a contract of vesting, for example, when the employee will have future rights over the company's profits.

How to attract talent?

The question that does not want to remain silent is how then to get good professionals in hiring in startup? Although difficult, making a good startup contract is not impossible and some tips can help in this process.

Have a strategy

Most companies are concerned with the strategic and financial planning of the business, however, sin when it comes to making a new hire. So, before increasing the number of employees at your startup, make a recruitment strategy.

Join the business objective of the company and check in the short or medium term which will be the professionals you need for your startup. Also assess the financial resources and what benefits you can offer to candidates when hiring at startup.

Make a good announcement of the vacancy available

Before hiring in a startup, do an internal analysis of the company's needs. This article from our blog talks a little more about which points to take into account when looking for a new employee.

Assess which professional profile you will need, for example, if you are a more experienced person or new to the market, who wants to grow with your business.

Make a clear description of what you are looking for in the candidate and the company's values ​​and mission, before hiring in a startup.

In fact, if you are going to hire a company specialized in human resources, make sure you have provided all the necessary information for them to make a correct selection. After all, they are not part of the startup and do not know the details of the business like the entrepreneur.

Conquer candidates by selling your business

Hiring at startup needs to convince the candidate that it is worth investing their time and career in building the new business. Therefore, the process is a bit like selling a product or service: you need to sell your business to the professional.

It needs to be achieved with the purpose of the business, with the values, with the work format, for example. Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, the home office is highly valued by professionals.

Consider this form of performance, at least partial in a startup contract.

It is important that the candidate feels that he / she can belong to the startup not only as a collaborator, but also as an integral and essential part for the business to grow.

What should be considered when choosing a candidate?

As we have already said, everything will depend on what the company needs at that moment to help in the growth of the business. However, it is essential that when hiring at startup, the candidate is aware that it is a company on the rise and that it may face difficulties at the beginning.

Experience is not always the best selection criterion. One reason is that a professional with enough time in the market can be won with more advantageous proposals from companies already consolidated.

That's why, make sure you have a person willing to face all the challenges next to the owners that a new company can find along the way. Also make it clear that you will surely be rewarded when you prosper.

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