Home office: how to maintain the organizational culture

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Home office: how to maintain the organizational culture

Table of Contents

Technological advances have been impacting the reality of the corporate market in countless ways, transforming most of the processes and systems, the forms of communication and the performance formats themselves.

One of the new formats that has become popular and drawing expressive attention from managers is the home office. And given the need for social distance to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), this practice has become mandatory.

With employees working remotely, leaders now face, among others, the challenge of adapting, extending and reinforcing the principles of their culture. For this, some tips can help maintain the organizational culture in the home office:

  1. maintain periodic contact between leader and followers;
  2. strengthen internal communication;
  3. have a culture of feedbacks efficient;
  4. improve the connection;
  5. valuing the workforce;
  6. possibly participate in person;
  7. perform special immersions.

If you want to know how to guide your employees to maintain income during this period of remote work, we recommend reading this material here.

To help your company reserve the organizational culture in the home office, we have prepared this post with strategic tips. Follow the article and prepare your workforce to act efficiently and committed to the company's purposes in any situation.

The definition of home office

Roughly speaking, home office is a home office. It is a work format used by those professionals who work in their own homes or in alternative spaces, such as cafes and workplaces. coworking.

It is usually used by home based companies, professionals freelancers, self-employed or working in companies that allow this.

Among the many benefits implemented in the organizational culture due to technological innovations, home office work is probably one of the most interesting because it brings indications of what work will be like in the future.

The popularization of broadband and wireless internet, in addition to the behavioral and cultural change spearheaded by startups of innovation, made the remote work A reality.

The importance of organizational culture

It is mainly in times of crisis, just as we are living today in Brazil and in the world, that everyone, managers and employees, need to keep the culture alive.

Organizational culture is the set of habits, beliefs, values ​​and behaviors shared in the work environment, which define how a certain company conducts its business. From the CEO to the intern, the way of thinking and acting at work is defined by culture.

When you have a well-structured and implemented organizational culture, everyday actions are contaminated by shared values, being carried out in an unconscious and automatic way.

With the adoption, intentional or emergency, of the home office concern may arise with the maintenance and reinforcement of this set of principles. After all, regardless of the situation or context, the values ​​of culture are definitive and cannot be neglected.

How to Maintain Organizational Culture with Remote Work

Given this new scenario, how can your company keep its organizational culture well rooted? At this point, managers should focus on communication.

It is evident that in person the monitoring of productivity, motivation, satisfaction, commitment, among others, is easier. And evaluating these qualities at a distance becomes a challenge. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

Since the values ​​of the organizational culture are well communicated and understood by all members of the company, there should be no situations in which they are not guides to conduct. Therefore, it is something that does not depend on the workplace.

Being in home office or not, it is up to managers to spread the organizational culture with excellence, bringing shared beliefs as instruments of connection and belonging to a common group.

Communication is a means of ensuring this diffusion and sustaining it. But it is worth emphasizing the care of not appearing to be an inspector, the idea is to strengthen ties and position oneself as an unconditional support to its employees.

Tips for maintaining organizational culture at home

To facilitate this communication, we have prepared some strategic tips. Follow below for smart suggestions on how to maintain the home office organizational culture.

1. Maintain periodic contact between leader and followers

The first tip to keep the organizational culture in home office It's always be in contact with the employee. As it is not possible to conduct processes side by side, it is essential to periodically align tasks, results, difficulties, pending issues, schedules and so on.

In this way, the employee will understand that he is not alone or helpless. The possibility of entering into contact managers whenever necessary it should be clear.

2. Strengthen internal communication

Even at home, employees must be aware of the main decisions of the organization, so internal communication must be maintained with quality. Distance can reinforce the creation of rumors and to avoid this problem, transparency and objectivity are essential.

This exchange of information can take place through the creation of exclusive content, such as blogs, newsletter, digital brochures, among others. Or even, through chats. In daily conversations, the team can connect and update the rest of those involved.

3. Having a culture of feedbacks efficient

One of the main tips for maintaining the organizational culture in home office efficiently is to offer feedbacks. If in person the feedback it is already a differential factor, distance is indispensable.

Regardless of the location, the job must be done. Therefore, it is important that this result is evaluated, either through constructive criticism or dignified praise. The employee must understand that his role is essential for the development of the organization.

4. Improve the connection

Another important tip is to ensure a solid connection. With employees in home office, managers must ensure that they have the conditions and equipment to maintain a solid connection with the rest of the team.

THE technology it proposes fantastic facilities and integrations, but in emergency home office situations, the organization must offer this benefit.

5. Valuing the workforce

To reinforce the values ​​of the organizational culture in the home office, managers cannot forget to value their workforce. Just as in person recognition is a factor motivational, distance is also.

The demonstration that the company cares about the employee is essential, either through praise for the work or posture adopted, the sending of congratulations on the anniversary, and so on.

6. Participate eventually in person

In addition to being in frequent contact with managers, it is important that employees relate to each other. So whenever possible, face-to-face meetings or face-to-face training should be carried out to reinforce the sense of unity and team.

In the impossibility, videoconferences involving all the professionals in question can break the branch.

7. Perform special immersions

Finally, the last tip to maintain the organizational culture in the home office is to carry out special immersions. Managers can create events to reinforce the integration between employees, both conventional and home office.

It is important that immersion is done outside the work environment and the professional climate is excluded. In situations of mandatory confinement such as now, these festivities should be postponed.

One organizational culture strong happens when employees follow it unconsciously, because the values ​​are genuinely shared. Whether in person or in a home office, the commitment to the development of the company must be the same.

And your company, are you working at home office? If so, what strategy does it use to maintain the organizational culture? Tell us here in the comments!



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