Home office tips: how to work better in quarantine

Home office tips: how to work better in quarantine

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One of the corporate measures adopted by companies worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic was the home office. And only those who brought the home office knows how much planning is essential to maintain your income and effectiveness at work. So, check out the home office tips that we have prepared.

In order to maintain an organization, quarantine home office tips are:

  • organize the space;
  • boost the internet;
  • set an agenda;
  • notify family members;
  • respect the dress code;
  • block distractions;
  • respect the end of the working day.

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What is home office?

Home office is the term used to describe the home Office which can be structured essentially in three ways:

  1. by an employee of a company;
  2. by a freelancer;
  3. or being an entrepreneur of a home based company.

With the need for social distance to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), many workers had their activities suspended and many others had the home office as a preventive measure to keep the market active.

Companies of various sectors and sizes had to send their workforce back home so as not to close their doors.

For those who are not used to or do not have a operational plan, as in the case of the company home based, working from home can be a challenge.

The flow of people, children, household chores, freedoms with social networks, mess and so on. Distractions at home are numerous, so organization should be a rule.

7 home office tips in quarantine


Planning is the secret to keeping the organization working at home with quality. We have separated some home office tips that will help you prepare for this change. Check out!

1. Organize the space

The first tip of home office is to tidy up the space where you will work. Choose a pleasant and well-lit environment and make sure it will always be the same place. This way, your brain can identify you as a place of work and distinguish you from the rest of the house.

Clean the table, arrange the drawers, separate the auxiliary materials and avoid accumulating unnecessary things. Have only what you need in place.

2. Boost the internet

How to work from home office without an efficient internet? With the reality we live in, this is practically impossible. That's why, boosting the internet connection is also important.

In this way, meetings online, calls via WhatsApp, sending materials, file downloads, among others, will be easily carried out, keeping the workflow active.

3. Set an agenda

One of our tips for home office most interesting is the establishing a work routine, that is, having a defined agenda. Just like at work, have time to start and finish professional activities.

Stick to the agenda strictly and don't forget to take breaks, they are very important for maintaining physical and emotional balance.

4. Notify family members

An important home office tip for those who do not live alone and have their family at home during quarantine is to let them know about your schedule. Having him at home can pass on several messages to his family members, so notifying them about his professional activities is essential.

It is important to show that even if you are present, you will not be available at certain times of the day. Some signs can help, for example, when you are wearing a badge or with the door closed, you cannot be disturbed.

5. Respect the dress code

One of the main misconceptions of the home office is to believe that working in pajamas can be a good decision. THE dress code work must be respected so that your mind understands that you are going to work.

Indirectly, pajamas can still influence your self-esteem, giving the impression of unprofessionalism. This can compromise your productivity.

That's why, maintain the habits you already had when it was necessary to leave the house to work. Shower at the usual time, dress appropriately, have a hearty breakfast and go to your home office space.

6. Block distractions

As we said, breaks are essential to maintaining balance. At these times, accessing social networks just to check out personal messages, see a news item or even go away, is common.

However, as breaks are not monitored, distraction on these digital platforms can take more time than you planned, compromising not only your schedule but also your reputation at work.

Being alone, the tendency is for people to use social media more often. And how to work home office can bring amenities like freedom, this care must be doubled.

7. Respect the end of the working day

Finally, our last home office tip is leave the home office. After the day's agenda is finished, it is important that you leave the space created for home office and “go home”.

Don't go in and out of space or use it as an extension of your home, just leave it for when you're working. Thus, your brain can identify you as a place of work, preparing your mental and physical state.

In addition, it is important that you do not become a hostage to work within your own home. Respecting the agenda is essential, fulfilling your daily journey, focus on you and your family.

After these tips home office, you already know how to manage this experience outside the company. Even with greater freedom of action and flexibility, the home office must be taken seriously, at the risk of jeopardizing your professional performance.

For it to be efficient, you must be able to self-manage, focusing on the pace of production, fulfilling tasks, taking breaks and sustaining a regulated discipline.

Organization home office it is a challenge, but with planning you can maintain the quality of your work in this quarantine and be surprised.

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