How after-hours email policy can work for your company

How after-hours email policy can work for your company

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Technology brought us closer together, shortened distances and allowed us to be more productive at any time of the day, from anywhere. However, the company must reinforce its interest in keeping its employees balanced between working and leisure hours, requiring the implementation of an e-mail policy after hours.

Many people are taking caution in talk about sending e-mails after hours, as technologies make it easy for us to be connected all day, from anywhere.

However, in parallel to this, two situations arise: the need created so that we are always available, and the impact of this on the people's well-being and quality of life.

Therefore, the after-hours email policy has been so discussed recently. And, so that you can embark on this discussion and be able to evaluate the best choices for the growth of your company, always taking care of your human resources, we prepared this post.

Check it out and find out with us how after-hours email policy can work for your company!

Are people addicted to technology?

Generally, we are dependent on them. Whether on the cell phone, which accompanies us throughout the day, or when carrying out tasks, we have an increasingly intimate relationship with technology.

It is clear that, in the work environment, this proportion can become unbalanced to the point of interfering in people's quality of life – and even in their productivity.

Added to this is the debilitating routine, in many professions, that make people interact with technologies before, during and after work. This includes the need for a good after-hours email policy.

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Why adopt an after-hours email policy?

There are great reasons why your company might consider restriction of emails sent after hours.

For example: legally, the employee can claim that he is carrying out his activities after hours – or in addition, without due remuneration. Only, more objectively, we agree that the well-being of professionals can come first.

The issue that tends to make this implementation more challenging is that it makes the process more difficult. People themselves already carry the habit of checking e-mails, outside the work environment. And the search for a better, more qualitative job also makes people try harder than necessary or foreseen.

Accordingly, your HR should assess some issues before applying the after-hours email policy, like:

  • Is this policy in line with your company's culture and routine? After all, many organizations deal with international partners, customers and suppliers, and this interaction is necessary outside national hours;
  • some employee must be exempt from this after-hours email policy? The above situation helps to reinforce this. Otherwise, it can generate more stress than cure problems;
  • identify what these activities mean for the work routine. Is it overtime? Paid? Monitored? Compensation must be considered, since the activity performed relates to work.

However, these issues, when resolved, can value the rapid implementation of a good after-hours email policy – as well as its benefits.

What are the benefits of restricting email sending times?

In general, restrict email outside working hours can increase productivity. Not to mention the enhanced quality of life, as employees will only deal with corporate issues in an environment conducive to this.

In addition to serving as a relief from pressures caused by the employer, shows how much the management values ​​the person's time outside the company. As a result, people become happier with their work and report a better balance between personal and professional life.

And the customers?

Internal and external messages are sent with e-mail. And that includes the relationship already mentioned, above, with suppliers, partners and, of course, customers.

Especially, the sectors that deal with the direct relationship with them to meet to suggestions, doubts, criticisms and praise.

In these situations, your after-hours email policy you should also consider this process. There, the message must directly reach this external audience, clearly informing them what they can expect regarding their service.

I.e: as part of your after-hours email policy, the customer should know that they may not receive an immediate response. It is important, then, that management and HR support their professionals in making this decision, as certain frictions are created with less patient customers and partners.

And how does this work for your company? Do you believe that the after-hours e-mail policy can be applied without restrictions, or are there elements that make this practice more challenging? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment in the field below!



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