How can I improve my team’s results?

How can I improve my team's results?

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In recent years, the Human Resources area has sought innovation in the form of tools to expand the diagnosis of professionals, as well as measure their performance. It is very important that the employee performs in line with what is expected of him in that position or function for which he was hired, especially in the behavioral aspect, so that there is no detachment from the company's DNA.

Performance evaluation is a tool whose premise is to improve the performance of professionals and also organizational performance, because it is through people that the desired results can be achieved.

By focusing only on the results that the company wants to achieve, it can generate a hostile work climate and general dissatisfaction among employees, which may lose their best talents and, consequently, have their results negatively affected.

Carrying out a performance evaluation provides the possibility of making better use of the potential of employees, who often just need feedback and support to expand their knowledge and self-esteem, in order to adopt behaviors that are more in line with what is expected for their role.

To obtain an effective result, the company needs to give strategic direction and work with fluid communication, explaining to the leaders where they are heading and what is expected of each of them. Likewise, managers need to make this information reach their teams.

With the implementation of a performance management model, the employee is aware of what the company expects of him and the importance of his position for the final result of the business.

If the company is clear about its goals and strategic guidelines, it is able to define how it expects employees to deliver this result. For example, it's no use having a manager who delivers results, but who has no tact with people. The result cannot come at any cost because the team is unlikely to support itself in this way and this can negatively impact the business.

From the definition of behavioral competencies for leaders, it is possible to deploy such competencies to all functional levels of the company and based on these guidelines and expected behaviors, the performance of each professional can be evaluated, in addition to identifying if there is any focus of demotivation among employees.

The role of leadership is the essential point for the development of teams to provide constant feedback and closely monitor the performance of each one. Performance management is a 100% human process and, therefore, all managers must be made aware of the importance of this tool for managing people on a daily basis.

When we create expectations in people, they expect that results will be drawn up and development plans drawn up, and more than that, that feedback on their work will be given daily.

More and more companies are understanding how important it is to look at human capital and investing in tools to expand the knowledge and skills of each one, always aiming to improve the organizational climate, employee motivation and, above all, the organization's results.

Greice Ane Cota de Azevedo is a Corporate Solutions Consultant at HR Consultant UK, working in the design of customized solutions to help companies manage their human capital in order to improve their results.


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