How can the company avoid exhaustion of employees?

How can the company avoid exhaustion of employees?

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Every professional needs to be in good health to perform at work. However, in an increasingly competitive market, the constant charging for high performance increases the burden of stress on employees. In this scenario, it is essential to be attentive and take action to avoid exhaustion of employees.

Nobody is immune to tiredness and its effects. In extreme cases, overworking can culminate in a burnout crisis, causing an extremely negative impact for the employee and the company. To learn more about the subject, keep following the post!

What is burnout?

Burnout it's a state of extreme physical and mental exhaustion caused by factors related to day-to-day work. The most common reasons are task overload, lack of adequate rest and toxic relationships with colleagues and managers.

Burnout should not be confused with common stress or anxiety. In such cases, the exhaustion of employees is so severe that he is no longer able to carry out his tasks. All physical and emotional resources of the person are spent, as if it were a car without fuel and with a discharged battery.

In addition to the obvious disorders for the employee, burnout brings several losses to the company. As an employee in this state does not perform even close to his best, there is a drastic drop in productivity in the team and, consequently, in the business results.

There are also indirect impacts, such as team dissatisfaction and damage to employer brand from the company. After all, being known for not taking care of the health of employees it will never be a good deal.

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What are the signs of employee exhaustion?

Employees at the limit of exhaustion usually show very clear signs. A more careful look is enough to spot them and identify the problem. The main ones are:

  • complete disconnection from work;
  • tired at all times;
  • frequent absences;
  • negative thoughts.

Below, find out more details about each of these signs.

Complete disconnection with work

Burnout leads to fhigh interest, motivation and care with the performance itself. While this does not necessarily mean a sign of employee exhaustion, it is important to look at the context to properly assess the case.

Another sign of disconnection is the isolamentO. The person in burnout avoids social life and is easily irritated, due to tiredness and the high level of stress. If you identify this behavior in any employee, turn on the alert.

Tiredness all the time

Tiredness is normal when the employee does overtime or you need to deal with emergencies and crises. However, presenting physical signs of exhaustion at all times it is a sign that something is wrong.

Burnout leaves the person disconnected and unable to concentrate. She feels her energy drained not at the end of the day, but from the first minute she steps into the office.

In addition to the atypical behavior, the employee may experience muscle pain, headaches and even difficulty breathing, depending on how the body reacts to exhaustion. Dark circles, weight variations and poor care of appearance are further evidence of the problem.

Frequent absences

Frequently missing is a typical sign of exhaustion of employees. Exhaustion reduces physical immunity, so the chances of the employee becoming ill are greatly increased. There are also cases where the person simply cannot go to the office, either due to lack of motivation or not having to deal with colleagues and managers.

Negative thoughts

THE disappointment with professional life and lack of self-esteem they are important aspects to identify the exhaustion of the employees. Burnout professionals often say things like: “No one will ever like me”, “I’m not good at anything” or “I will never make a difference”.

These negative thoughts indicate lack of confidence and peace of mind, which contributes to a state of extreme fatigue. Pay attention to this behavior and offer the support that the employee needs in this situation.

How to prevent employee exhaustion?

To prevent exhaustion of employees, HR and leaders must understand that this is a problem for the organization, not the employees. Based on this, it is necessary to implement measures to improve the quality of life at work and avoid burnout. Below are the main ones.

1. Avoid work overload

The demands must be well distributed among the teams, so that everyone has a healthy routine and without work overload. HR must promote workshops and training to keep managers well informed about the risks of burnout, in order to make them aware of the problem.

If you notice that at 9 pm the office is usually still full of people who arrived at 8 am, schedule a conversation with the executives and explain how this can harm the business.

2. Respect people's lives outside of work

It is essential to respect the balance between the personal and professional lives of employees. Emergencies happen, and it is normal to need to work a few extra hours in isolated cases. But remember: this should be an exception, not a rule.

Avoid frequently demanding longer than normal work hours and guarantee adequate holidays and rest for everyone. So the company avoids the overworking and reduces the risks of employee exhaustion.

3. Create a mental health policy

Having a mental health policy well designed is essential for avoid exhaustion of employees. Propose counseling programs, therapy sessions covered by the company and campaigns on how to deal with day-to-day challenges in a lighter way.

This type of initiative usually has great effects on the quality of life of the team, in addition to making it clear to the team that the company is interested in taking care of its professionals.

4. Make room for dialogue

Managers should have individual conversations with each professional to talk about the difficulties of the work routine. Always leaving the doors open to dialogue with employees helps to build trust, increases the job satisfaction and makes it easy to identification of burnout and depression cases, among other problems.

As we saw throughout the article, the exhaustion of employees it is a real risk within companies. It is necessary that there is a joint work between the HR and the leaders so that the demands of the organization do not overlap with the physical and mental health of the employees. Only then will it be possible to keep the team operating at 100% of its capacity at all times.

Did you like the post? Tell us in the comments what your company does to avoid employee exhaustion. We are available to answer your questions on the subject!



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