How can workplace gymnastics in companies generate better business results?

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How can workplace gymnastics in companies generate better business results?

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Workplace gymnastics in companies is a series of physical exercises performed in the work environment, during working hours. It aims to improve employee health and prevent potential repetitive strain injuries and occupational illnesses.

keep a team productive and motivated it is the lifeblood of any successful business. When the well-being of employees is impaired, their way of working is transformed and their performance drops and, as a result, company is also impacted.

Because of this, it is necessary that corporations promote well-being at work at all levels for your team. The quality management of the environment and activities that provide a better organizational climate is essential.

Building a harmonious environment in the company, where employees feel at ease, makes them engaged and valued. Thus, they proceed to give the most of your potential to fulfill its goals and to conquer opportunities for growth and recognition from superiors.

Therefore, those companies that value the well-being of employees come out ahead of competitors in relation to valuing their human capital. In practice, for this to happen, it is necessary to invest in means that provide better working conditions for employees, how to offer work gymnastics for everyone.

Over the past few years, practices like this in the workplace have become increasingly common. This happens as companies come to realize the importance of the well-being and health of employees.

Does your company take any steps to improve the quality of life of its employees? See how important this is? Keep reading this post and learn to put the best actions into practice.

What is workplace gymnastics in companies?

Offering labor gymnastics is a great way to encourage a culture of valuing well-being in the workplace. In this way, your company will be able to encourage the access of your employees to have a healthier lifestyle.

Workplace gymnastics in companies consists of a series of light physical exercises. It seeks to prevent and relieve pain and discomfort experienced by employees due to activities carried out in the workplace.

This practice represents the companies’ concern with the physical health of their team. Its results can be significantly felt in the performance of employees in their day to day work. They become more productive and motivated to do their jobs better.

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How is it performed?

Workplace gymnastics in companies is performed daily through a series of exercises that last around 5 to 10 minutes. It must be led by a suitable professional, such as a physical therapist or physical education teacher.

At the time of exercise, the team is led to perform stretching, muscle relaxation, among others. Each series is developed according to the type of activity carried out by the team in question, so that it is possible to focus on the type of problem in this group.

For example, those professionals who work all day sitting down should perform exercises to correct postural problems and ease the wear and tear caused by repetitive tasks.

The resulting effects of labor gymnastics in companies can be considered more than physical. Its practice becomes a moment of relaxation and interaction, resulting in positive psychological effects.

Techniques used

Check out below some techniques used by companies when offering workplace gymnastics to their employees:

  • preparatory: used to warm up the muscles that will be strained during work to improve mood. Exercises of coordination, flexibility and endurance;
  • compensatory: many pains experienced by professionals are caused by inadequate effort, this technique works to avoid this discomfort and relieve muscle tension. The exercises used are from stretching and breathing;
  • relaxation: it is carried out at the end of the working day and serves to minimize the work pace. Thus, employees can go home without stress and tension. The exercises must be from breathing, meditation and massage;
  • corrective: some ergonomic circumstances may be hindering the employee, causing unpleasant consequences for their body. Corrective gymnastics combats these situations, finding a muscular balance. Exercises that have the function of strengthening weak muscles and stretching shortened muscles.

After the exercise routine, employees will feel better and happier to carry out their daily activities.

Main exercises in labor gymnastics

Now that you know the techniques of workplace gymnastics in companies and what they are for, see some simple exercises that can be adopted in your team’s routine:

1. Arm stretch

To perform this exercise, the employee should spread the feet, parallel to the shoulders. Then bend your knees slightly and put your arm forward. Then place your left hand in front of your right and apply pressure, stretching your forearm muscles. Finally, it is necessary to continue in the same position, putting your arms behind you, interlacing your fingers and stretching them out.

2. Elevation of lower limbs

The person should stand on tiptoe and remain so for 15 seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the movement 5 times.

3. Elevation of upper limbs

Standing, the employee will intertwine their fingers and raise their arms, stretching the entire region of the spine. He needs to stay like this for 20 seconds and then return to his normal position, repeating the movement 5 times.

4. Trunk rotation

With feet apart and knees slightly bent, the collaborator will rotate their trunk to the right and then to the left continuously. This movement must be performed 10 times on each side and rest.

What are the benefits for the company and its employees?

The practice of workplace gymnastics in companies can bring great advantages for the health of employees and, consequently, for corporations, which will have a more willing and healthier team.

Check out the main benefits:

1. Productivity

As discussed above, employee productivity becomes greater. Workplace gymnastics provides small breaks in the work routine, allowing the employee to move their body and focus, boosting your results. In the end he will be more relaxed and willing, improving your performance at work.

2. Team Integration

Workplace gymnastics in companies is performed in groups and ends up becoming a real moment of relaxation heyintegration.

These intervals are for encourage employees to talk and interact with each other. This helps to eliminate the group stress, making the work more harmonious.

3. Reduction of occupational diseases

While employees practice more physical exercise during their daily lives, problems caused by sedentary lifestyle or repetitive strain become smaller. Thus, the chances of a company suffering from the absence of its professionals due to occupational diseases also decreases.

Gymnastics also helps prevent chronic diseases such as heart problems, hypertension and diabetes. In this way, it is possible count on a healthier and more willing team.

4. Employee satisfaction

Upon realizing the care and investments that the company makes to take care of the health of its employees, the team starts to feel more valued. Therefore, they become more dedicated and satisfied to do their job.

What are the precautions for implementation?

As you can see, encouraging employees’ well-being and promoting ways to help them maintain their health is critical to the growth of your business. Therefore, to introduce these practices into your team’s routine, it is necessary to take some care.

First, your company must hire a specialized professional to conduct labor gymnastics correctly and securely. Outsourcing the service can be an option, so your organization has all the support and the best solutions from the service provider.

In addition to finding the right professional for your team, you need to separate a specific place for the procedure. Ideally, it should be in the workplace, so employees do not have to travel and waste time.

Workplace gymnastics in companies is practical and can be implemented in a simple way, without the company having to spend on the purchase of equipment. However, to be effective, leaders and directors need to encourage their teams to participate.

Therefore, they must set an example and encourage employees, showing all its benefits and results for the well-being of everyone.

Keeping your organization and employees aligned is a big goal to improve your business. think about team quality of life, offering practices such as workplace gymnastics in companies, is a big step to stand out. This initiative has immediate results, helping to prevent the main occupational hazards that affect the majority of today’s professionals.

Do you know what these operational risks are? Check out here what they are and how they can affect your employees.


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