how do we learn at HR Consultants UK?

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how do we learn at MyCademy?

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As a provider of an innovative online training and knowledge sharing platform and ‘believer' in continuous learning, we are of course a shining example when it comes to knowledge development within our organization. Mostly. Believe me: nothing human is alien to us. We too are swallowed up by the issues of the day. Arjan de Knegt tells from his own experience how to make things easier for yourself.

Lack of time

We recognize the struggle that many organizations face. With us it is also a struggle to get everything done within the time that is given to us. Especially today, when a lot of people work from home, the day is over before you realize it. Finding a moment to spend some time on knowledge development is difficult. We know.

Fan of our own tips

We regularly write blogs and give our readers tips. But we are also a big fan of our own tips. We also share them within our organization so that everyone can benefit from them. For example, we learned a lot from the blog about microlearning. After all, it's easier to take a few minutes every now and then to take something than an hour – or longer! – dive into the books. I personally benefited from the blog with tips to keep your knowledge up to date in corona time. In it we talk about microlearning, but also about setting goals – ‘Where focus goes, energy flows' – and mapping out learning paths.

Sit behind the virtual pants

When I started at HR Consultant UK in March 2020, I immediately created a number of learning paths in our LMS. The advantage of such a smart platform is that it also chases you after the virtual pants every now and then. Sometimes you get a little push in the form of a reminder: Hi Arjan, you haven't learned anything new for a week! I am currently working on several Google workouts. They are also in our platform. There is also a deadline and the system keeps an eye on that deadline for you. In the dashboard I can see exactly my progress and in between I always receive messages that exactly match my situation. That stimulates me to pick up another module, or part of it. These modules contain practical exercises with real examples that can be used to turn knowledge into action. You don't have to learn a long time to make a step forward. And the fact that the training courses are so practical, and I can get started right away, also helps. That way, the knowledge sticks better.

Knowing more?

Would you like to know more about creating learning paths and other smart features of the HR Consultant UK learning platform? Need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and ensure that knowledge development takes an even more strategic role? We are happy to help you! Feel free to contact us without obligation.



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