How do you ensure that your employees take the development of their talent into their own hands?

Hoe zorg je dat je medewerkers de ontwikkeling van hun talent in eigen hand nemen?

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HR professionals believe that managers encourage their employees to develop. In practice, this appears to happen very little. With these tips you ensure that employees get started with the development of their talent.

Unclear division of roles

Research shows that 71 percent of Dutch HR professionals believe that managers actively encourage their employees to develop. In practice, it turns out that only 31 percent of managers and 32 percent of employees experience it that way. More than a fifth of the employees do not even know who they can address about the learning policy. But it is also unclear where the responsibility lies between HR professionals, managers and employees. Because nobody takes control and there is no clear division of roles, the learning process is faltering. No less than 61 percent of HR professionals believe that learning & development is a permanent part of the assessment cycle and believe that managers set concrete learning goals for their employees. The lion's share of managers and employees say that is not the case.

Worth gold

Of course you can create all kinds of rules to embed learning & development in the organization, but you can also encourage your employees to get started with the development of their talent. People who understand that they need to update their knowledge and skills regularly are worth their weight in gold. And as a supplier of a smart learning platform that stimulates continuous learning, we are happy to lend those people a hand. 4 tips to get them started.

1 Let employees discover their own strength

Talent is a magical thing. Some know their strengths from early childhood, others only discover their talent later. As a manager you can help your employees on their way. Ask them to take a good look at themselves and their work for a week or two and answer questions such as: What gives me energy and what does energy cost me? What makes me happy, what feels bad? What does creativity bring out in me? What am I proud of? What do I find easy and what do I find more difficult?

2 Give employees room to take responsibility

Being able to do something in your own way, gives confidence and ensures that someone dares to take responsibility. That in turn gives room for inspiration and creativity. Let your employees do their own research and experience how they can improve. By giving them that responsibility, they are more likely to rise to that challenge. Learning and experiencing for yourself how to best apply the latest (technical) developments and what the advantages are, contributes to more motivation and ultimately higher productivity.

3 Give a compliment

Appreciation is important. For everyone, including your employees. Compliments give self-confidence, have a stimulating effect and ensure job satisfaction. Aspects that are important for the growth and potential of your team. By focusing on what you are good at, you develop from your own strength. This yields more than focusing on what is not going well. To quote Albert Einstein: ‘Everyone is a genius. But if a fish is judged by its ability to climb trees, it will consider itself a failure all its life. ”

4 Provide the right learning environment

Only when employees are enthusiastic about the possibilities to learn and grow within the organization, do they get started. Choose a platform with an extensive training offer, which offers the possibility to create learning paths and which offers different learning forms. If you, as a manager, can also keep an eye on the progress of your employees, you have taken an important step towards success.

Knowing more?

Would you like to know more about the smart dashboards of the HR Consultant UK learning platform? Need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and ensure that knowledge development takes on an even more strategic role? We are happy to help you!



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