How do you facilitate knowledge development among IT professionals?

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How do you facilitate knowledge development among IT professionals?

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Almost all companies realize that IT knowledge development is crucial to the success of their organization. Almost 30% of companies in the London are fully (100%) dependent on IT knowledge and almost 40% are highly dependent on it. * Although 95% of Dutch companies see IT knowledge development as a continuous process and 58% as core competence , only 7% support this with (online) learning tools. The annual training budget per employee is also limited.

Management, IT and HR together

How do you ensure that as an HR department you do support and stimulate the knowledge development of IT professionals within your organization? Most importantly, the discussion about training and knowledge development is not limited to the regular HR cycle of PDP and performance interviews.

Management should take the lead together with IT and HR and create an organizational culture that stimulates continuous learning. In addition, priorities must be set and the knowledge that will be required in the coming period must be formulated. Obviously, good training facilities must be provided and – not to be forgotten – it is important to measure the return on investment in knowledge development.

4 steps

What can you as an HR department contribute to this collaboration?

  1. Map out how you facilitate IT knowledge development and look for ways to do this continuously. Ask the IT professionals in your organization how they prefer to learn. Alone, in their own time, or together at work? Is it possible in the organization to divide the time spent on training at work and at home 50-50? Then learning becomes a shared responsibility of employee and organization.
  2. Create a culture that motivates IT employees to develop themselves. Keeping up with IT knowledge requires an almost continuous effort. To ensure that the IT professionals in your organization continue to work on their own development, a learning and stimulating culture is indispensable. Especially now that the labor market for IT staff is picking up strongly again, it is good to realize that an innovative culture and good training opportunities are important terms of employment for employees. Create a plan that describes how you can retain IT professionals for your organization and how you can be attractive to new employees.
  3. Offer employees various (online) learning tools and other knowledge sources. If an employee is motivated to learn, he or she should not lack the necessary resources. Collaborate with an IT trainer so that you can switch quickly if expansion of knowledge is desired. Online tools have the advantage that they are always available and accessible from any device, so that your employees can work on their knowledge at any time and in any place.
  4. Spend more on IT knowledge development than the competition; with that you create a demonstrable advantage. 22% of successful companies in the London say they are at the forefront of IT knowledge compared to the competition. These companies move more easily with market changes and realize projects faster with less money and more results. Leading the way in IT knowledge is therefore not a cost item, but an investment that pays off!

How are you doing?

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John de Beijer, HR Consultant UK

* The figures mentioned come from the recently published benchmark study ‘Competing on IT knowledge' by HR Consultant UK among Dutch companies.


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