How do you survive a bad office atmosphere?

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Take your share of responsibility

Is your manager unbearable, the organization dismal, the deadlines unbearable, your colleagues unbearable, and you are white as snow? Things are rarely so clear, as personal development coach Sylvie Simon points out: “ It is easy to say to yourself that it is the fault of others and to forget that you yourself can be an element that contributes to generating or maintaining this atmosphere.. Saying “I can't help it, it's because of others” won't improve anything. You cannot force others to change and you cannot touch the way the business operates, but you can act on yourself, on your way of approaching things and on the stress that the situation generates in you. ”
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Try to improve the situation

Is there anything you can do on an individual level, initiatives that could help raise the bar? “It could be organizing an event or simply eating together,” explains Sylvie Simon. Everyone can contribute at their level. “Amélie Motte, chief happiness officer of the Fabrique Spinoza, advises the strategy of small steps:” you are not necessarily going to go directly to the colleague with whom you are in conflict. But you can go see who it's going well with. »All without falling into a clique system where everyone is pitted against each other!

“Looking for the positive takes effort because it goes against our natural tendency to be human, yet it can change everything.”


Focus on the positive

Despite what we tend to believe when we are locked in a difficult situation, it is rare that everything is entirely negative. ” Seeking the positive takes effort because it goes against our natural tendency to be human, yet it can change everything. What do you like about your job? Which people do you enjoy being in contact with? What are you learning? What are you doing? Is there any sense in what you are doing? »Asks Amélie Motte. While it can be small things, choosing to see the bright side will change your mindset. and will help you endure and improve the situation.

Dare to communicate

In relationship difficulties, there are a lot of misunderstandings and people who make films, who project themselves into situations that do not reflect reality, deplores Sylvie Simon. We think it relates to us when it often isn't. “Dare to approach a colleague, especially if you don't get along with him, to tell him” I have the impression that things are not going well today, maybe I have something to do with it, is it that I am wrong? Can we talk about it? “, is an approach that requires a lot of courage and open-mindedness, but which can accomplish miracles ! Do not hesitate to suggest a constructive dialogue between the different parties concerned, letting all the people express their feelings, but above all without judging or imposing your point of view.

Turn to your personal passions

Work should never be the only thing that matters in your life, but it is especially true when it goes wrong. You must find in other aspects the elements which you miss professionally. ” If you lack autonomy in your work and your tasks are repetitive, try to nurture your freedom outside the professional sphere., for example through an artistic activity that will allow you to express your creativity ”, illustrates Amélie Motte. If the very hierarchical aspect of your team weighs on you, why not get involved in associative commitments by becoming a representative of the parents of pupils in your children's school in order to be able to make suggestions and take initiatives?

Get help

Difficult to identify precisely what is wrong when you have your nose in the handlebars ! There is no shortage of resources on the Internet (studies, advice, Youtube videos, etc.) and you can talk to those around you about the situation, or even turn to a professional, coach, trainer or psychologist.

And of course, don't forget that you can also look elsewhere. For example, start by creating an alert to receive job offers that interest you. Because if embarking on the search for a new position can be scary, when the discomfort reaches a certain threshold, it is better to take the risk before reaching burn-out.



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