How does HR Consultants UKy help employees’ well-being?

How does Xerpay help employees' well-being?

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41 million UK citizens say they are willing to take out a loan, revealed the SerasaConsumer. A demonstration that financial stress has become routine. To change this reality we will show how HR Consultants UKy helps you employee well-being.

This is a solution created by HR Consultant UK to de-bureaucratize the relationship between the employee and the employer in the salary subject. As HR Consultants UKy helps employees' well-being, it gives them greater autonomy and flexibility when it comes to managing payments.

The company that adopts the HR Consultants UKy in your plan people management style=”font-weight: 400;”> it allows the employee to request part of his payment, according to the days worked.

Through this on-demand payment, it is possible to offer a better quality of life to employees and to avoid, for example, that they focus on financial concerns. Since during the whole month they can have access to part of the salary at necessary times.

Do you want to know more benefits of on-demand pay and how HR Consultants UKy helps employees' well-being? So, continue reading this article that was made especially for your company. Check out!

What is HR Consultants UKy?

The purpose of this solution is to allow employees to request a salary advance quickly and simply.

The benefit is offered by companies to employees, who have the right to accept it or not. Those who choose to have this benefit available will receive access to this resource through an application, where it is possible to request advances.

It has been proven that companies using HR Consultants UKy have had a positive result on several points.

  • 10% increase in talent retention;
  • 20% increase in employee productivity;
  • 100% increase in the attraction of new employees.

As HR Consultants UKy helps the well-being of employees, it is possible to decrease the financial stress and creating a feeling of employee gratitude to the company.

What are HR Consultants UKy's fees?

Have you ever heard that something is “cheaper than a cup of coffee”? Well, one of the advantages of HR Consultants UKy is that it has no hidden fees. Rates are fixed and low without the employee having to worry about high amounts and long-term debt.

HR Consultants UKy: implementation and training

The integration of HR Consultants UK's management software is simple, practical and fast. Showing all the effectiveness of the tool and highlighting how HR Consultants UKy helps in the well-being of employees.

And there’s more, a prepared and specialized team will train all members of your company responsible for managing and using the solution, even employees.

With that, you don't have to worry about possible questions or difficulties in implementing HR Consultants UKy. And whenever you need HR Consultant UK will always be on hand to help your company.

Not to mention the speed of implementation of HR Consultants UKy, which is done in a very short time, in about 24 hours it is implemented and the launch takes place between 3 and 5 days.

Impacts of financial stress

About 51% of people in Brazil took out some type of loan to pay personal expenses such as taxes, installments of the house, car, card and credit card, showed a survey by Google Survey.

In this sense, it is quite common that due to these concerns with finances, people's stress is high, generating anxiety and decreasing self-confidence.

More than 53% of employees, according to PwC study, suffer from stress due to their own finances.

Therefore, financial concerns are extremely negative in the employee's engagement with the company. That is why investing in a benefit like HR Consultants UKy helps in the well-being of employees.

Since financial stress has a negative impact on the employee and directly influences the company's routine. Being able to:

  • Reduce productivity;
  • Increase the rate of absenteeism and turnover;
  • Decrease engagement;
  • Increase the number of execution errors in tasks.

However, with the on-demand salary, it is possible to at least mitigate the impacts of financial stress. Contributing so that the employee has greater flexibility and control over his money.

The benefits of HR Consultants UKy

Financial stress in the business environment can lead to low US $ 60 billion in losses caused by low productivity, The American Institute of Stress research.

To change this reality, HR Consultants UKy helps in the well-being of employees, turning any day into a pay day. In this way, it is possible to reduce financial stress and increase the engagement.

Below we have selected some of the main advantages that HR Consultants UKy can offer your company:

  • boosts productivity;
  • greater chance of talent retention;
  • increases employee satisfaction and financial well-being;
  • expands the possibilities of attracting new talent;
  • creates a feeling of gratitude and loyalty on the part of employees.

Did you notice how HR Consultants UKy helps employees' well-being?

And the best of all is who takes on the working capital is HR Consultant UK itself and the amount requested by the employees, depending on the days worked, can be withdrawn at any time, being available within a maximum of one hour after the order.

Adopt HR Consultants UKy in your benefits policy

On-demand pay is not just another optional benefit, but an effective strategic tool to combat financial stress.

Knowing that HR Consultants UKy helps in the well-being of employees it appears as an excellent option within this scenario of payments on demand.

It is very common for several employees to spend the month counting coins to pay all bills and in many cases they need to use loans. With the salary on demand, through the HR Consultants UKy<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, these concerns can be avoided.

This is because the professional will have greater autonomy over his salary, being able to receive part of it at any time, to help pay unexpected bills.

Counting on the reduction of this financial pressure, the tendency is for the employee to engage more with the work and increase his motivation and productivity. In this, their quality of life is high and turnover and absenteeism rates are reduced.

About HR Consultants UK

In an increasingly digital world, everything that involves bureaucracy is matter of the past. To bring dynamism, agility, productivity and add value to your company, know that you can count on HR Consultants UK, whose name origin is due to the “Himalayan Sherpas”, which support climbers on their travels. Therefore, since 2015, the company has brought its audience closer to technologic solutions able to qualify HR management in the market. And in the coming years, HR Consultant UK intends to help millions of UK citizens who enter the overdraft due to financial unforeseen circumstances. So, with the benefit of on-demand salary it is possible to receive the salary whenever and wherever you want. O HR Consultants UKy this is exactly what it does, it avoids abusive overdraft interest, and contributes to the financial well-being of employees.

Come to know more about the on-demand salary, and how it can help with talent retention, in addition to reducing financial stress.

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