How does HR Consultants UKy improve the organizational climate?

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How does Xerpay improve the organizational climate?

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A harmonious work environment is made up of satisfied people. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to taking care of the well-being of employees in all spheres, including financial. With that in mind, HR Consultant UK created the HR Consultants UKy app, which enables payment on demand. But how HR Consultants UKy improves the organizational climatel?

Anyone who has been in the red because of an unforeseen situation knows how stressful this situation is. And when we are in that state, full of worries, all aspects of everyday life are undermined, even the relationship with other people.

HR Consultants UKy arrives just to avoid this problem. Want to know how? Keep following the post!

How does financial stress affect the organizational climate?

On a study done by BlackRock, 58% of respondents pointed to money as the main cause of stress on a daily basis.

To guarantee the well-being of employees, reduce the financial stress of the team is fundamental. Without this, however much physical and mental health care is up to date, the needs of employees will never be 100% fulfilled.

When there is a concern about debt, the mental state of the employee suffers a negative impact, which can trigger drop in productivity, lack of concentration and even health problems.

This damage to well-being is directly related to the quality of the organizational climate. The main explanation for this is that financial problems move a lot with people's self-esteem and mood.

The person who fails to balance the accounts and salary inevitably feels that something is wrong with him. “My salary is too low”, “I’m not able to organize my expenses” or “I will never be able to get what I want”, are common and recurring thoughts in these cases.

All of this generates a huge frustration, which turns into widespread dissatisfaction with the company, with remuneration and with day-to-day tasks.

Someone with this level of stress and demotivation easily has changes in mood and emanates a negativity that affects everyone around you. Thus, the quality of the organizational climate and interpersonal relationships ends up dropping dramatically.

Therefore, it is essential that the company promotes the well-being of its employees. in every possible way. If your organization has not yet opened its eyes to the importance of financial well-being, know that this may be the missing piece to leverage the quality of people management.

Why implement wages on demand?

Now that you know the impact of financial stress on the workplace, it's time to start understanding how HR Consultants UKy improves the organizational climate.

For this, it is necessary to know the concept of on-demand salary. This is a market trend in which the employee can receive the wages of the days already worked at any time. So he you don't have to wait for the fixed payment date defined by the company.

The biggest advantage of this is linked to the emergency spending. In Brazil, most people do not have a financial reserve, which makes it very difficult to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Another common problem is having bills that fall due before the salary falls into the account.

In such cases, people often end up resorting to overdraft. According to the Credit Protection Service (SPC), 40% of people who have already had to use the bank limit do so every month. 69.3% of those who used this alternative did it four times or more in the past year.

The problem is that overdraft is one of the credits most expensive on the market, with about 300% interest per year. For this reason, using it frequently to “plug holes” can generate debts that accumulate and end up becoming too high.

On-demand pay is the ideal benefit to solve this problem. Without having to wait for a fixed payment date, the employee can cover emergency expenses with their own salary, without getting into debt. Just request the advance through the app and everything is resolved.

In addition, this payment model offers the employee more control over money itself. As it facilitates the organization of personal expenses, salary on demand is one of the most effective methods to offer employees greater financial well-being.

How can HR Consultants UKy help?

HR Consultants UKy is a HR Consultant UK application that makes it possible to offer salary on demand in a simple, safe and intuitive way. Therefore, it is the ideal tool to take care of the financial well-being of the team and improve the organizational climate.

The tool works connected to the company's HR system. Through it, the employee can track their earnings in the month and request payment for days already worked at the time they want.

The HR Consultant UK assumes working capital and sends the money to the employee's account immediately, without the company having to change its financial processes. When the company deposits the employee's full payment, the advance portion is returned to HR Consultants UK.

But, after all, as the HR Consultants UKy improves the organizational climate? The answer is simple: the app is a benefit highly relevant for the day-to-day of the employees, which guarantees the satisfaction of the team in the work environment. Among the reasons, we can mention:

  • cost reduction: according to the Central Bank, the UK residents spends, on average, £ 136 per month in interest on overdraft. With HR Consultants UKy, this value drops to a maximum of £ 9 in operating fees (fixed and without hidden interest).
  • flexibility: today, professionals are looking for more flexible jobs in every way. The form of payment of the salary is included in this.
  • valuing employees: with HR Consultants UKy, the employee feels welcomed as a human being, which strengthens the bond with the company and increases happiness at work.

Now that you know how HR Consultants UKy improves the organizational climate, how about getting to know the tool more closely? Thus, your company helps employees not to get into debt and even increases their satisfaction in the work environment!

To learn more about the app, schedule a demo and talk to an expert!

About HR Consultants UK

In an increasingly digital world, everything that involves bureaucracy is matter of the past. To bring dynamism, agility, productivity and add value to your company, know that you can count on HR Consultants UK, whose name origin is due to the “Himalayan Sherpas”, which support climbers on their travels. Therefore, since 2015, the company has brought its audience closer to technologic solutions able to qualify HR management in the market. And in the coming years, HR Consultant UK intends to help millions of UK citizens who enter the overdraft due to financial unforeseen circumstances. So, with the benefit of on-demand salary it is possible to receive the salary whenever and wherever you want. O HR Consultants UKy this is exactly what it does, it avoids abusive overdraft interest, and contributes to the financial well-being of employees.

Come to know more about the on-demand salary, and how it can help with talent retention, in addition to reducing financial stress.



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