How does HR Consultants UKy increase engagement in the company?

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How does Xerpay increase engagement in the company?

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The success of a business depends on an engaged team. It is the employees who are responsible for serving customers well, improving products and services and raising the level of the company in the market. To assist in this mission, HR Consultant UK created the HR Consultants UKy application. But after all, how HR Consultants UKy increases engagement with the company<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>?

The app allows the company to offer employees on-demand salary, a benefit that provides a lot more control over their own earnings. This contributes to increasing the level of job satisfaction, as well as the engagement of the team. Want to know more about how it happens? Stay with us!

Why invest in employee engagement?

O engaged employee is the one who does not perform his duties just out of obligation. He identifies with the place where he works and wears the company shirt, fighting for the success of the business with much more commitment and dedication.

Employees like this tend to be interested in the functioning of the business as a whole, and not just in the function itself. In addition, they always seek exceed your goals, always deliver more than is requested, innovate and bring new differentials to the company.

It is not difficult to imagine the results that this type of posture brings to the company. The greater the engagement, the greater the productivity, the quality of customer service and the ease of attracting and retaining talent<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

For all these reasons, increasing engagement is one of the great secrets for placing the company in a prominent position in the market. But how do you do that?

There are many factors that influence employee engagement, such as:

By taking care of all these aspects, the company meets the main requirements to assemble an engaged team and leverage the results of the business.

How does financial well-being influence engagement?

When it comes to wellness to increase engagement, the first things that come to mind are the health insurance style=”font-weight: 400;”>, agreements with gyms, healthy eating initiatives and other measures focused on physical and psychological health of employees.

All of this, in fact, is very important, but many people forget another essential aspect: the financial well-being<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

In a Black Rock research, 58% of respondents pointed to money as the biggest cause of stress in everyday life. Many professionals consider the salary insufficient to close the month's accounts, in addition to having to deal with debts and depending a lot on the overdraft.

These financial problems generate a lot of worry and frustration, which has a huge negative impact on professional life.

The employee under financial stress style=”font-weight: 400;”> tends to become more and more unmotivated and dissatisfied with work, which generates a sharp drop in engagement.

Therefore, it is important to always be aware of the financial well-being of the team. It is necessary to look for ways to improve employees' relationship with money, either with tips for better planning expenses or creating tools for them to have a healthier financial life.

With that, financial stress is reduced and gives space to a lighter and trouble-free routine. This increases the focus on work and, consequently, the engagement of employees.

How does HR Consultants UKy increase engagement in the company?

Now that you know how financial well-being influences engagement, it's time to learn about one of the most effective measures to deliver that benefit.

O HR Consultants UKy is a HR Consultant UK application that makes it possible to offer on-demand wages to employees. Through it, the professional can receive the money referring to the days already worked in the month at any time he wants, without having to wait for the official payment date.

The tool is integrated into the company's HR system, allowing the employee to track all of his earnings throughout the month. Through the app, you can redeem the available payment whenever you want. When requesting payment, the money falls into the account on the spot, hassle free.

HR Consultant UK itself assumes the working capital for advances, becoming a true business partner.

With this, your company is able to innovate in the way employees are paid. without changing the processes of the finance department<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, which continues to deposit wages only once a month, in full. When payment day arrives, the advance is automatically returned to HR Consultants UK.

The main reason for wage on demand to increase engagement in the company is to be a highly relevant benefit for the day-to-day of the employees. This is one of the main factors that make an employee wear the company's shirt and become more engaged in their tasks.

See below how HR Consultants UKy increases engagement in the company:

Meets a real need

Have more financial control it is an objective pursued by workers day after day. Facilitating this achievement explains how HR Consultants UKy increases engagement with the company.

According to the Report ADP, 91% workers expect new payment methods from companies. An innovative trend such as wages on demand certainly meets this demand from market professionals.

Reduces employee expenses

Many people use overdraft frequently to cover emergency expenses. According to data from the Central Bank, the UK residents pays, on average, £ 136 per month in interest on this type of credit.

With HR Consultants UKy, employees have the chance to resolve these issues with their own wages, drastically reducing the use of overdraft. The amount spent is at most £ 9 per withdrawal, fixed and transparent value, without surprise interest.

Values ​​employees

Taking care of financial well-being is another great explanation of how HR Consultants UKy increases engagement in the company.

In offering this benefit, the organization values ​​the collaborator and shows concern for its success in all aspects, not just in daily deliveries.

This brings a feeling of welcome and strengthens the bond with the company, which helps to increase engagement.

Now that you know how HR Consultants UKy increases engagement with the company, how about getting to know the tool more closely? Thus, your organization helps employees not to get into debt and still makes them more productive!

To learn more about the app, schedule a demo and talk to an expert!

About HR Consultants UK

In an increasingly digital world, everything that involves bureaucracy is matter of the past. To bring dynamism, agility, productivity and add value to your company, know that you can count on HR Consultants UK, whose name origin is due to the “Himalayan Sherpas”, which support climbers on their travels. Therefore, since 2015, the company has brought its audience closer to technologic solutions able to qualify HR management in the market. And in the coming years, HR Consultant UK intends to help millions of UK citizens who enter the overdraft due to financial unforeseen circumstances. So, with the benefit of on-demand salary it is possible to receive the salary whenever and wherever you want. O HR Consultants UKy this is exactly what it does, it avoids abusive overdraft interest, and contributes to the financial well-being of employees.

Come to know more about the on-demand salary, and how it can help with talent retention, in addition to reducing financial stress.



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