How does the digital staff admission documentation work?

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How does the digital staff admission documentation work?

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THE recruitment and selection it is one of HR's biggest strategic challenges, but the job does not end with choosing the candidate. After deciding who will be hired, the department still has to deal with all the bureaucracy of the CLT admission process. To make this task more dynamic, it is essential to implement the admission of digital staff.

A few years ago, all documentation delivery was done manually, which made the process much slower, more laborious and prone to errors. Today, with the possibility of scanning and storing files in the cloud, everything is simpler.

Next, you will see how the digital personnel admission documentation works to optimize the process in your company. Interested? Stay with us!

The importance of documentation in the admission process

This step is essential so that all the data of the new contractor is registered by the company and inserted in the payroll.

With this, the organization complies with all the legal requirements of CLT and ensures that the employee is able to receive wages, benefits and other rights. After the delivery of the necessary documentation and signatures, the employment contract is printed and the professional officially becomes a member of the company.

Understanding the importance of this phase is the first step for the HR professional to conduct appropriate admission processes. With this in mind, the people management team begins to think of solutions so that hiring is no longer so formal and becomes more humanized.

Advantages of hiring digital staff

The best way to optimize the process is to invest in admission of digital staff. After all, there is no point in adopting the most modern recruitment and selection practices if the following steps do not follow the same dynamics.

With HR Consultant UK software, for example, it is possible to receive and store documents online, without the need to maintain shelves and more shelves of printed paper.

In the system, the employees themselves fill in their data and send all scanned documents to the admission register. On the home page, the company has access to the general overview of employees on admission, being able to check with a few clicks the situation of each one and all the details of the hiring.

To count on the support of a good digital tool it is advantageous for both newly hired employees and HR. For the employee, the delivery of documents online makes the faster admission style=”font-weight: 400;”>, making his life easier since before the first day of work.

For the company, gathering all information about employees on a single platform helps to reduce the volume of operational tasks. Accessing information is easier and more secure, which helps to reduce the risk of file loss.

With an automated routine, about more time to dedicate to people management strategies that contribute to the growth of the organization.

>> HR Consultant UK has developed a Admission Process Sheet. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the file!

What the law says about scanned documents

To succeed in implementing the admission of digital staff, it is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of this process. One of the most important issues to consider is the legal validity of scanned documents.

According Provisional Measure 2,200 / 01, scanned documents are only considered valid when they pass a digital certification regulated by the UK residents Public Key Infrastructure (ICP Brasil).

In other words, when a document is created in print and then scanned, it will only be accepted as evidence in lawsuits if it has this validation. Otherwise, it can be contested.

Still, although scanned and certified documents can be used as evidence in a lawsuit, the law can still request the original documents in their physical versions. Therefore, the disposal of the originals neither allowed nor recommended.

Documents nato digital, which are already born being emitted and digitally signed, work in another way. As they are originally virtual, their legal validity is guaranteed if they do not undergo any type of change.

However, validity is only considered if the document was created on a platform regulated by ICP Brasil and has a official digital signature, which must be attached.

Documents that can be scanned

In view of the above rules, all documents requested and generated in the admission process can be scanned. However, not everyone can have only one digital version. If the original document is to be printed, it is necessary to keep it in a physical file for future use if necessary.

That said, check out the list of the main documents that can be received virtually when hiring digital staff:

  • photo 3 × 4;
  • copy of the work card (also request the original for professional registration);
  • copy of the CNH (if the position uses a vehicle, pay attention to the required category);
  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • copy of proof of address;
  • copy of voter registration;
  • copy of proof of schooling;
  • copy of the professional record issued by the class body (also request the original);
  • copy of birth certificate (single case) or marriage certificate (married case);
  • copy of the reservist certificate (for men between 18 and 45 years old);
  • copy of birth certificate for children up to 21 years old;
  • copy of the vaccination card and proof of school attendance for children up to 7 years old.

Documents that must be kept in the physical file

On the other hand, most of the documents generated at the time of contracting, such as the occupational health certificate, can only be accepted in the physical version. Originals can be scanned and stored online for reference, but should not be discarded.

Some labor documents have a time determined by law to be kept. After that period, maintenance is no longer necessary. Here are some of the main ones:

We've reached the end of our tips on documenting digital staff admissions! Now that you are familiar with the subject, how about putting what you have learned into practice? Count on good software to implement the process and always pay attention to legal issues. So, you can modernize the department without putting the company at risk!

Did you like the post? Share with us in the comments how the admission process works for your company. We are available to discuss the topic and answer all your questions!



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