“How I bounced back three years after my burnout”

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« Un jour d'octobre 2018 mon corps a dit stop, ma tête était dépassée et mes émotions m'ont submergée. Le diagnostic est tombé : j'étais en burn-out. J'avais 29 ans. »

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Posted on Dec 3, 2021 2021 at 7:00

“After obtaining a master's degree in digital marketing at Inseec Bordeaux in 2012, I did my end-of-studies internship at Cdiscount in the marketing department as an assistant brand activity manager.

Then, I was hired and I progressed in the company as a buyer. I remained so for eight years on different product portfolios until I integrated small appliances, one of the biggest categories of the company in terms of turnover.

Over the years, regular changes in strategies, ever greater pressure on objectives (turnover, margin, etc.), unease has been born in silence, making everyday life more and more difficult to bear in an atmosphere that has become overwhelming.

“My body told me stop”

I am so invested in this profession. Both professionally and personally: I did not count my hours, my evenings, my weekends… Over time, this energy-intensive job devoured me. And despite the good results from quarter to quarter, I had no recognition from the hierarchy.

One day in October 2018 my body said stop, my head was overwhelmed and my emotions overwhelmed me. The diagnosis fell: I was in burnout. I was 29 years old.

It was three years ago, almost to the day. Then followed a great period of emptiness, of permanent questions to which I saw no answer as if there was no way out, no path to take. It was pitch black.

Psycho-emotional rebalancing

I then turned to my kinesiologist who had been following me since 2016 following a romantic breakup. The objective of this type of gentle therapy is to rebalance body, heart and mind, this is called psycho-emotional rebalancing.

The practitioner allowed me to understand what I was going through and to ask myself the right questions: How did I get there? How could I have endured and tolerated all of this? It had then become important for me to see more clearly and find where to go. Change company? Business ?

My values, my strong sensitivity, my empathy would become my strengths. These personality traits which were seen as brakes, even faults in the business and which had led me to burn-out would then become my best qualities.

It was then that I chose to become in turn a kinesiologist to help people understand each other better and thus find their own path. At the start of the 2021 school year, I started training at the European Institute of Kinesiology.

For two years, I attended 600 hours of classes during which I trained in the different branches of kinesiology. I also had to justify 50 sessions carried out as a practicing student and ten sessions at a professional.

“My work had become food”

I financed my retraining thanks to my savings and the help of my parents. The training is, to this day, not recognized. I followed her during my weekends or during the week, taking a leave of absence or RTT.

In parallel to Cdiscount, I was round back. My work had become food, I had totally divested myself. Finally, following numerous unsuccessful discussions with my employer, I was fired in December 2021.

“I don't feel like I'm going to work anymore.  I do something that excites me, stimulates me intellectually.

“I don't feel like I'm going to work anymore. I do something that excites me, stimulates me intellectually. “DR

Certified since June 2021, I opened my own kinesiology practice in September in the heart of Bordeaux (33) at Espace Santé Renan, where I work with various health professionals.

I now welcome a very large audience: I can accompany a baby who has sleep disorders, a child who has difficulty learning at school, a running enthusiast who suffers from repeated back pain or a young retiree, who finds it difficult to cope with his new situation. All come to put words to their ills.

Blossoming multiplied by 100

I no longer feel like I'm going to work. I do something that excites me, stimulates me intellectually. I halved my financial income… but multiplied my daily development by 100.

I am still developing my clientele and my ambition within two years is to earn at least as much my living as before, while having a better balance in my personal life. “

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