How is the advancement of technology transforming the HR area?

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How is the advancement of technology transforming the HR area?

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The advancement of technology has brought great impacts on society and is mainly influencing business processes. HR, for example, a sector previously seen as bureaucratic has updated itself and now has innovation as one of the priorities.

This technological revolution of the last decade brought to the larger sector efficiency and automation of tasks. At bureaucracies the technology that drove and accelerate HR performance.

And the result of this advance in technology in HR contributed to tasks such as document storage, performance evaluation and speed in recruiting.

Do you want to know what are the main benefits that the advancement of technology has brought to companies and HR? We tell you now!

The concept of HR 4.0

With the advancement of technology, traditional HR needed to take on new responsibilities and assignments to be competitive in the market. Companies that accept to modernize are more efficient and have greater capacity to retain your talents.

And that's when the HR 4.0. This term originates from Industry 4.0, created by the founder and executive president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.

The term was based on the evolution of manual work, which today is sharing its environment with the machines. This concept included in the routine of companies the work automation, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and data intelligence.

HR adopted this advance in technology and broke paradigms with disruptive modernities. Being able to automate their bureaucracies and focus their work on strategies that focused mainly on people management, the so-called RH 4.0.

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The benefits of technology advancement in HR

The technological impact has not only placed companies on another level of competitiveness, but has provided HR professionals with tools to be more effective.

Discover some of these benefits:

  • It facilitated the selection processes;
  • Reduced bureaucracies;
  • Contributed with performance reviews;
  • Enabled online training.

In this way, theadvances in technology contributed to HR becoming more strategic. New tools emerged and helped the sector to be faster and more efficient in carrying out tasks. Bringing immeasurable gains in terms of productivity.

Learn more about these technology benefits in HR below.

Facilitated selection processes

Endless calls, unnecessary travel and a lot of wasted time with bureaucracy. This was the traditional HR portrait when the subject was recruitment.

However, the advancement of technology has completely influenced this issue.

HR managers and professionals now find it easier to optimize their selective processes. The links were exchanged through emails, recruiting sites or even social media such as LinkedIn, which offer a candidate's complete professional profile.

In addition, this advance in technology has allowed you to go deeper into the profile you are looking for, with research and data crossing that give greater assertiveness in hiring.

Many interviews can now be done online, by Skype or hangout. This scenario made life easier for recruiters, so that don't waste time calling professionals to the company, who do not have the profile and who do not fit into its organizational culture.

Reduced bureaucracy

Manual activities such as issuing and filling out payslips, paper cost sheets, registering tasks, etc., were automated. The advancement of technology brought tools for bureaucracy to take a back seat.

Many companies have adopted a HR platform such as HR Consultant UK, which centralizes information and reduces bureaucracy in the sector. Vacation control, online payslip distribution and easy admission processes are some of the benefits of the platform.

Tasks, previously passed on in meetings, were also replanned and today the task managers facilitate this routine. Managers and the HR sector can upload activities for the entire team, in one place.

It can even upload reference files, directions for execution and delivery deadlines. All in an automated and organized way for everyone to see the routines without wasting time.

Contributed with performance reviews

Currently, HR has software capable of collecting and gathering a high volume of data, so that managers can always have a control of the team in hand.

This data collection or analysis is a major advance in technology through the so-called big data. It is nothing more than the gathering of countless data that directly impact the company's results.

As technology advances brought this vision of the future, it made possible a macro control about the collaborators. Generating an opportunity to create appropriate strategies to maximize the performance of each professional.

That is, today it is possible to improve what you can measure supported by performance programs and software. Among the most used are the Infosphere Big Insights, from IBM, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Enabled online training

High infrastructure costs and employee displacements were resolved with the advancement of technology when it comes to training. Today, in the palm of your hand, you can have access to exclusive video classes and study materials.

And the best part is that anything can be appropriate to the company's and employee's routines. The online environment allows this flexibility, in most training, of everything being available to be accessed at any time.

It is also possible to align specific and determined content for each employee. Focusing on online training according to the position, level of knowledge and needs of professionals.

The importance of technology advancement in HR

The advancement of technology allowed HR greater control over its tasks and agility in carrying them out. The sector known as the most bureaucratic in the company it had to adapt to the reality of innovation.

This need to adopt the advancement of technology in the sector was mainly due to a more effective focus on people management.

The reduction of bureaucracy of processes allowed HR to dedicate itself to strategies that make employees more engaged. So reduce the turnover of the company and increasing the productivity of the team.

Companies that are willing to surrender to the advancement of technology and accept to fit into this universe lower your costs, time and streamline processes.

The advancement of technology has this power within the company and HR, to boost the performance of everyone around. Therefore, it is so important that companies adapt to this market increasingly dominated by innovation.

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