How much does 1 million earn in savings? Is it the only safe investment? Is it the best?

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How much does 1 million earn in savings?  Is it the only safe investment?  Is it the best?

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Who never dreamed of being a millionaire? Ever wonder how much does 1 million earn in savings? It is obvious that this is good money to acquire goods and make dreams come true. However, is it possible to live on income if you have all that money?

The savings account, even with a multitude of investment possibilities in the market, is still the preferred investment model of UK citizens.

So much so that an Anbima survey indicated that 88% of people in the country say they opt for security and only rely on savings.

There is no way, even though there are other types of investment, which also have a low risk and yield even more, the UK residents people have the savings account as a darling.

In this article, if you plan to be a millionaire, we’ll show you how much does 1 million earn in savings and we will simulate and compare with other investment options. Go ahead and have a good reading!

What is savings?

Savings are nothing more than a bank account where people spend part of their money. It was created in 1861 by Caixa Econômica Federal. The time o yield was 6% per year.

Despite a currently low market yield, 2.10% per year with the fall of the Selic, many choose this investment model because of its facilities.

In addition, the possibility of withdrawing money at any time is one of the essential points why people prefer savings.

However, there are other low-risk investments and we’ve talked about them in the text “7 main low-risk investments”.

What are the deadlines for withdrawing from savings?

Savings do not have a set deadline for the saver to withdraw the invested money. It is he who must plan and organize himself to make deposits or possible withdrawals later, which is not recommended.

The idea of ​​the savings account is that you move the deposited money as little as possible, or even let the money render, as they say around.

The fact is that if we consider how much it earns 1 million in savings, we need to keep in mind that the secret to profitability in this case is to leave the money saved for a while.

Especially because in a fast account, with that million saved, the savings income, in the month, would be above R $ 1,700.00 in the current scenario.

What are the savings rates?

One of the great advantages for those who want to open a savings account is that it there is no fee for opening or even administrative or maintenance taxes.

So, in case of doubts about how much it earns 1 million in savings and the best bank, we can say that everyone will have the same income. Since, there are no fees and the profitability is fixed based on the Selic Rate.

The secret in this case to choose the ideal bank is to consider points such as:

  • distance from the agency to your home,
  • if you already have an account on it,
  • quality of care.

Why is the “anniversary date” of savings important?

It is impossible to talk about the savings account without considering the so-called “anniversary date”. But what does this have to do with it?

The answer is: everything! Since in order to have an income, it is necessary to do not withdraw that money throughout the month.

Well, it will always pay off on the “anniversary date”, which is the day you made your first deposit.

For example, if the first deposit was made on the 2nd, the return will be every 2nd of every month.

So, to find out how much you earn 1 million in savings in the first month, you need to consider the day of deposit of that amount and see your statement on the same day of the following month.

Thus, it will already be possible to get a sense of profitability month by month.

What is the profitability of 1 million in savings?

To find out how much 1 million in savings yields, we first need to know the profitability of this application. The interest on the savings account depend on two specific rates (Selic and Referential Rate).

If the Selic Rate exceeds the 8.5% savings income will reach 0.5% per month and the Reference Rate is added.

Another scenario is with a Selic lower than 8.5% per year, then there is a remuneration of 70% of the Selic rate and the Referential Rate is added.

In the first quarter of 2021 the savings income was 0.25% per month and now it's in 0.1733%.

In 12 months, then, the income of 1 million would be close to R $ 21 thousand.

What are the options to invest 1 million?

Even keeping in mind how much it earns 1 million in savings, before investing that money the ideal is to know other investment options. This is because there are several possibilities as safe as savings and even more profitable.

Below we list some investment options that are similar to savings, in advantages and security.

Direct Treasury

It is an investment in government-issued bonds that can be:

  • preset,
  • linked to inflation,
  • indexed to Selic.

In the fixed rate the yield is 4.77% per year, taking into account the Prefixed Treasury 2023.

In the direct treasury (IPCA treasury), with the IPCA + 2026, the yield is 3.53% per year.

Considering the indexation to the Selic Rate, the yield is 0.1760% per month.

Read more at: Direct treasure: everything you need to know to invest


The Bank Deposit Certificate is related to banks' fixed income securities, which are issued by them.

In comparison, how much it earns 1 million in savings with the CDB, in this investment the profitability today would be 91% CDI rate. Did not understand? Then see below!


The Mortgage Bill is also an investment product, based on bonds issued by banks, the difference for the CDB is that it has no fees or taxes.

Its income, currently, revolves around 91% of the CDI rate.

Want to learn more about these options? Watch the video below!

What is the simulation of 1 million in savings?

Now that we know some of the main low-risk investment alternatives we are going to do a simulation of how much it earns 1 million in savings and in other modalities.

Type of Investment Profitability Yield of 1 million in 12 months
Savings 0.1733% per month R $ 20,995.37
Selic Treasury 0.1760% per month R $ 21,152.42 (net)
CDB 83% DI * R $ 19,256.00 (net)
LCI 91% DI * R $ 26,390.00
IPCA Treasury + 2026 3.53% per year + IPCA R $ 29,609.00 (net)
Prefixed Treasury 2023 4.77% per year R $ 39,533.00 (net)

* DI Rate (CDI Rate) – 2.9%

* data based on the Treasury Direct Calculator (

Is it possible to live on income with 1 million in the account?

Now that we know how much it earns 1 million in savings and in various other modalities, it is easier to glimpse a real scenario and answer the question about the possibility of living on an income.

Considering savings, for example, monthly earnings would be just over R $ 1700.00.

The question then is that the answer, about whether it is possible to live on income or not, depends a lot on the individuality and life profile of each one in this sense.

Especially because each person has their monthly expenses and it is impossible to say whether this monthly amount would be sufficient or not.

How to make your 1 million pay?

In this content we could see several scenarios about how much it earns 1 million in savings and other types of investments.

Despite savings being the darling of UK citizens, she still has a low income in the market that can limit earnings.

The big secret to getting along, if you earn or manage to accumulate 1 million reais, is knowing how to diversify your portfolio of financial assets. What does that mean?

Consider distinct assets and investments so that the results are maximized.

Of course, you must first take into account your profile and objectives. Given that, many investments allow withdrawals at any time and others do not.

Some have high liquidity, others not so much. And there are still those who have high risk in return for those who have almost no risk, such as savings.

So, if you have 1 million in your hands the first step is to study the financial market and make an assessment to try to increase your equity calmly and without acting on impulse.

Get organized to invest!

Money in hand is a whirlwind! So, even if you already have 1 million reais, stay tuned to make that money pay off!

If you don't have it yet and want to raise that capital, learning about financial organization is an important step!

One of the ways to get closer to that dream is to organize yourself financially. For this, a corporate benefit that is increasingly adopted by companies is wages on demand.

If the company you work for does not yet offer this option, make an appointment for our specialists to contact you to present the solution.

HR Consultant UKy is an application that allows employees to anticipate part of their salaries simply and instantly.

Believe me, the benefits for the company are also many such as:

  • decrease in turnover;
  • productivity increase;
  • attracting and retaining talent.

Learn more about HR Consultant UKy and add that benefit to your company's team.

What would you do with 1 million? Where would you invest? Leave a comment on this article and let us know.



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