How the psychologist in the Human Resources department works

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psicólogo do departamento de Recursos Humanos

Table of Contents

As an area that deals, directly and indirectly, with the most important elements of people management, the HR sector needs a multidisciplinary team, but also a good p.psychologist in the Human Resources department. Through it, it is possible for your company to benefit:

  • recruitment;
  • selection of personnel;
  • training and development;
  • psychological assessment;
  • conflict mediation;
  • exit interview.

Behind productivity, results and engagement actions and motivation, there is a common factor: the human element. And that’s why you should consider staying a psychologist in the Human Resources department.

This close performance, by an expert in human faculties, has everything to add more value to your campaigns. It diagnoses (and anticipates) potentially problematic situations and brings its employees closer together.

Do you want to take a step further in qualifying your department? So, check out below how a psychologist in the Human Resources department and what are the reasons you should consider hiring them!

Why is psychology so important in HR?

We already had a taste of the importance of the psychologist in the Human Resources department right at the opening of the text: the sector, nowadays, is more concerned with the psychological and human aspect behind a company’s results.

Not even the indexes that make up HR reports measure just numbers these days. Qualitative and intangible aspects matter a lot for the growth of a company. Starting, for example, with the well-being of employees, their level of satisfaction and their daily attitudes and behaviors.

That’s where the psychologist in the Human Resources department you can apply your knowledge in the corporate routine. Understanding employees, in depth and not in a generic way, to identify needs, opportunities and potentially problematic situations – and in need of solution or prevention.

How does this apply to employees?

This area of ​​knowledge begins to be disseminated based on successive evaluations of the psychologist in the Human Resources department.

For example: if the profile of employees is in line with the company’s organizational culture. Or, still, if recent attitudes, performances and behaviors are in accordance with the organization’s objectives, goals and expectations.

But this is all done by maintaining the well-being and quality of life of employees. It is the management of people applied on a daily basis. A harmonious combination of what the company needs to achieve its goals with what professionals aim to achieve theirs.

When did the psychologist from the Human Resources department stand out?

In the middle of the 20th century, the psychology started to be studied as an educational, motivational and guidance element in the work environment.

It was even these studies that culminated in the precepts of people management and in the qualification of strategies focused on the qualification of human beings to obtain corporate gains (such as profits and more productivity).

And you can say that, structurally, this is already the role of the HR specialist, and there is no relevance in also having a psychologist in the Human Resources department. It turns out that, among the specialties required for the sector, it is advisable to have someone specifically for this. just like a expert in accounting, labor laws and training can make all the difference to the company.

Where can the psychologist from the Human Resources department work?

Now, let’s see in which active areas of HR a psychologist can add through their knowledge, influencing strategies and results. Check out!


Imagine that, with the help of a psychologist, your company obtains better ratings for the composition of the profiles of each position.

All because this professional will combine both expectations, improving the selection and recruitment process so that assertiveness is greater. And this, as a result, generates more talent retention and attraction power, as well as engagement and satisfaction for both parties.

staff selection

In addition to the previous topic, the selection can also be qualified with the help of a psychologist in the Human Resources department. All because he can:

  • analyze the profiles;
  • identify behaviors and attitudes necessary for the company;
  • and diagnose discrepancies that could interfere with the excellence of decision making.

Therefore, conversations (in person or not) can be held, as well as psychological tests and even group dynamics, among other common practices in the recruitment and selection sector.

Training and development

For the internal development of the organization, the psychologist in the Human Resources department aims to carefully analyze skills, competences and motivational aspects.

With this, everything that can be constantly polished is better evaluated in order to guarantee better results for the company and the continuous development of employees.

psychological assessment

Performance evaluations measure not only the quantitative aspects, within a given period, but psychological factors that can directly or indirectly impact the performance of each employee.

So, the psychologist in the Human Resources department it has a relevant prominence in the diagnosis (individual and collective) of the moment the company lives, in relation to the employees, and the consequent decision-making to reverse the negative situations and promote even better rates for what already flows, positively, in the environment of Work.

Conflict Mediation

When pressure, stress or even other factors interfere with the organizational climate, the psychologist can act as a mediator of the conflict.

This helps make you understand the reasons, causes, and consequences of these discussions—as well as adding more information for impartial decision-making. All of this can also be observed in the medium term to prevent new similar problems from appearing on a daily basis.

Exit interview

Also present in the last stage of the employee’s journey, the psychologist in the Human Resources department can ensure that this relationship remains on good terms even at the end of the cycle.

More than that: the professional can better understand the factors that culminated in the dismissal being able to identify situations that demand your attention so that the level of general satisfaction, in the company, remains. Something that even eradicates unforeseen events that require last-minute and unplanned decisions.

Tell us how much this topic, about the psychologist in the Human Resources department, can positively influence your company’s organizational climate! For this, we invite you to share your experiences in the field of comments for this post!


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