How to advertise job openings: technology in favor of companies

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How to advertise job openings: technology in favor of companies

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Know how to advertise job openings it can be a complex task for any recruiter, especially when the time available for the selection process is short and the expectation for a candidate of excellence is high. But the technology came to facilitate this disclosure and find a professional with more precision.

The way in which the disclosure process is carried out directly influences the quality of applications. The rate of receipt of resumes that does not fit the profile of the position is the factor that most delays a selective process.

Therefore, creating an efficient recruitment and selection process and choosing the best channels to advertise job openings are essential.

Much more than offering competitive salaries, a good organizational environment, career plan and benefits, it is necessary to keep in mind the candidate profile that your company is looking for and what will be the steps to find it.

Making good hires helps to optimize the company's productivity, avoids wasting time and money, reworking and avoids employee turnover.

Do you want to learn how to advertise job openings with the help of technology and empower your work team? Continue reading and check out this post!

How to advertise job openings: job description

THE job vacancy disclosure is the main stage of the selection. This is where the main job information is presented. So, potential candidates can see if they fit the bill profile to perform the expected functions.

To start, have a good job description, in a attractive and objective text with the main characteristics of the position, such as:

  • the basic training of the candidate;
  • previous and / or minimum experience in the area;
  • extra qualifications;
  • skills;
  • domain of specific software etc.

In addition, it is important that the job description be honest. Make it clear what your company expects and what it will offer in return. Good work environment, benefits competitive, above average wages, flexible schedule, investment in training, food vouchers … Attract candidates with the best that your company has to offer.

It is also essential to explain who you are! So that the candidate already enrolls in the desire to be part of a company where there is identification, sharing of values, ideals and real interests.

If you have a strong brand, this may not be a problem. But whatever your company, the candidate must want to know more about your business.

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How to advertise job openings: key points

Some basic points that cannot be left out of the job description are:

  • Job title: çcreate a title that catches the attention of potential candidates;
  • Vacancy Summary: make an objective description of the position. Avoid standardization, demonstrate that the disclosure of this job vacancy is being done with great care to choose the best candidate. In addition, it is necessary to thank all candidates for their interest;
  • Publication date and application deadline: make clear the dates of the selection process, so that the candidate does not get lost and does not send his / her resume after the closing;
  • Workplace: the city of activity must be highlighted in the disclosure of the job vacancy, so as not to leave doubts that the candidate needs to prepare, if approved;
  • Prerequisites: list the company's requirements for the job vacancy advertised;
  • Responsibilities: also list what the responsibilities of the successful candidate will be;
  • Benefits: in the face of so many companies in the competition to advertise job openings, it is necessary to list the benefits to attract potential candidates;
  • How to apply: posting job vacancies on a website or having an email for recruitment is a facilitator to receive the résumés or portfolios of potential candidates. Many people are used to the facilities of social media and will try to send documents there. To avoid this type of behavior, make clear the specific contact for the selection process;
  • About the company: it is essential to present the company, as we said earlier. The professional must share the values ​​and the organizational culture.

Ways to advertise job vacancies with the help of technology

High-performance professionals are everywhere, just know how to reach them. Social networks, forums online, recruitment sites, email marketing lists are some platforms that usually bring together people engaged professionally in search of new and better opportunities.

The main channels for posting job openings on the internet are:

#1. Social networks

Post job vacancies on social networks is becoming more and more common, and it’s a great way to give even more visibility to your company’s ads. In addition, there is a great possibility of obtaining excellent resumes for further screening.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn have revolutionized the productivity of job posting processes. Social media reduce costs, streamline the process, extend the reach and bring the relationship with candidates closer.

The media also allow to check the candidates' profiles, and indirectly evaluate their behavior and ideologies. If the candidate does not demonstrate the values ​​that the company practices, he will hardly be approved.

A tip for social networks is the use of images, attractive and well-illustrated arts, since drawing people's attention on social networks is not always an easy task.

Social networks also allow sharing of content, facilitating the process of advertise job openings for a more filtered professional niche.

#two. Recruitment Platforms

Recruitment and selection platforms are great channels to advertise job openings. Specialized sites manage the selection process in an optimized and practical way, through smart filters and standardized registrations, facilitating and speeding up your selection.

The use of platforms has grown in recent years, so the Bank of resumes registrations it is very comprehensive and interesting. Users have access to the ads through mobile applications, allowing them to view them from anywhere and at any time.

Another attractive differential of the platforms is the possibility to interact with potential candidates. Different challenges can be created and put as evidence of the selection process, thus, a preview of logical reasoning, idiomatic skills or others can be evaluated.

Learn how to advertise job openings can be a much more practical, efficient and interesting task with the help of technology. Enjoy this moment of digital rise and find the best channels to find the right candidate for your company.

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