How to analyze a resume: 4 tips for choosing the best professional

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How to analyze a resume: 4 tips for choosing the best professional

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The professional curriculum is a key element for a professional to get a new job, regardless of the area and function that is being sought. Through the information contained therein, companies will evaluate and get to know each candidate better. So knowing how to analyze a resume can help you stand out.

In order to have the best curriculum, candidates are investing more and more in conducting good personal marketing. Many professionals already know how to analyze a curriculum and structure the document before distributing it to companies. Therefore, when carrying out a recruitment and selection process, it is necessary that HR is attentive to all points of the curriculum.

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How to analyze a resume? What cannot be left out of the document

So, how to analyze a resume? In addition to education and professional experiences, some important information should be evaluated, such as:

  • useful personal data for the vacancy;
  • performance on previous projects and tasks that are relevant to your company;
  • results achieved in other jobs that can be a differential to win the vacancy.

Currently, HR professionals need to deal with numerous resumes for the same vacancy. Therefore, when you find flaws already in the candidate's cover letter, it is already possible to eliminate some candidates right away.

In this way, recruiters are able to select only those that are really worth evaluating.

Is the best resume the best option?

It is not an easy task to analyze a resume and identify which candidates have the right skills for the vacancy. HR must have an efficient recruitment strategy to identify candidates with the best attributes and knowledge to fill the position.

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However, HR teams often make the mistake of selecting the best curriculum, based only on the professional's previous experiences and on the educational institutions attended by him.

Currently, much has changed in the job market and companies need to keep up with these trends in order to retain talent in their offices. It is no longer enough to consider schooling and experience as synonyms for the best candidate.

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To do this, HR must understand how to analyze a curriculum considering other skills to really determine who is the best candidate for a position.

A new profile of valuable candidates

There are some traditions that must be left aside, in order to select the best curriculum in fact.

The profile hitherto considered a highlight for companies was professionals who:

Now, it is already part of the market, a new professional, which is represented by people with:

  • less glamorous resumes;
  • faculties without so much prestige;
  • multiple jobs in different areas and no indication.

Until recently, the second type of candidate would not even have a chance to compete with the traditional profile sought. However, that decision may be wrong.

People with the new profile may be more skilled at dealing with diversity in companies. Their previous jobs were out of necessity, not opportunity. They are more likely to submit to new challenges.

In addition, the experience of these candidates with different jobs and situations can make them be considered better options.

Why should HR consider this new candidate profile?

Hiring employees with a little experience in several different areas can help companies to set up multidisciplinary teams. Fundamental feature nowadays, for any business.

This inversion of values ​​has totally affected recruitment processes of companies. So, if your HR really wants to select the best candidate, you need to conduct a thorough assessment and consider these new workers in the market.

Many success stories prove how non-traditional professionals can stand out from the crowd. Some examples are well known, such as Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.

He did not attend any successful university, nor did he even complete his studies. Jobs quit his job, has not kept up at any promising stage. In the eyes of traditional recruiters, he would never become one of the most renowned CEOs in history.

There are also cases in Brazil of professionals who stood out without having the best curriculum. This is the case of Flávio Augusto, the creator of Wise Up. He studied for two years at Escola Naval and started his Computer Science course at Universidade Federal Fluminense, both incomplete.

Flávio Augusto would also not be considered a good candidate, but he currently owns the Orlando City Soccer Club soccer team in the United States.

4 factors that should be considered when choosing the best professional

To determine which is the best curriculum and candidate, HR must then evaluate a series of skills and behaviors that are considered important to your company.

Below, we have separated some simple tips for HR to put into practice in this first moment of capacity evaluation for a job vacancy. Keep following our article and take note of our suggestions.

1. Ability to lead

When analyzing a curriculum, HR must know how to select those candidates who have characteristics of leadership. Those people who are willing to take on other responsibilities to become leaders.

To consider the professional able to develop leadership, it is necessary that some characteristics are evident, such as:

  • motivation;
  • ability to work in groups and follow changes;
  • be a good communicator;
  • be interested in new cultures;
  • possess an entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Be compatible with the company's values

It does not matter if the professional has the best resume of all, if he is not aligned with the missions and objectives of the company, he will not be a good employee.

It is essential to look for those employees who can really understand the company's organizational culture. Only then will they have the capacity to develop a good job and communicate with customers.

Therefore, when learning how to analyze a resume and select the best professionals, the company must fully evaluate the candidate. A strategy used by many companies is social media. They allow you to assess your shared behaviors and thoughts outside the work environment.

3. Strategic vision

The number of turnover, or turnover, in companies has increased, so to consider a better curriculum, it is essential that HR be able to identify professionals who have a clear and objective view of the labor market.

These candidates usually value their work better and are always looking for new ideas to propose improvements for the company and its business.

4. Interpersonal skills

Regardless of having many recommendations and the best curriculum, professionals without the ability to work in groups can present a problem. Therefore, companies should look for employees who have the profile of interpersonal communication and relationship skills in their profile.

Those who find it easy to listen to others and accept group ideas are the ones who will help your company achieve better results.

When learning how to analyze a resume to select a successful professional, HR must keep up to date. It is necessary to monitor market trends and new recruitment and selection techniques, as well as understand how they are used within the company.

A very valuable skill today can, for example, cease to be useful in a while. Therefore, HR must always maintain an alignment between the organization's needs and the new recruitment strategies.

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