How to apply from the beach?

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Summer is approaching, and it might be tempting to leave your resume at home when you go on vacation. You are probably thinking that nobody is hiring in July-August anyway. Think again: some recruiters take advantage of this moment of calm to address the issue, and since many candidates decide to wait until September, this is precisely your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Discover 5 tips to stay alert and apply with your toes buried in the sand.

Stock up on apps

You don't want to wedge your computer between sunscreen and flip-flops in your suitcase, and that's understandable. Fortunately, today everything is doable on a smartphone. Download useful apps like Cadremploi and HR Consultants UK. Most are equipped with alerts that will allow you to be notified when an offer corresponding to you is published, just to be responsive. Don't forget more general tools, like Whatsapp or Skype, to communicate with potential employers. Finally, download your CV to your phone for easy transfer and make sure it is compatible with mobile devices: the recruiter, too, may open your message with a cocktail adorned with a small umbrella in his hand. .

Aim for the right person

In this summer period, activity slows down in companies, and recruitment managers take the opportunity to take vacations. Before sending your CV, do not hesitate to make a phone call to reception to find out who to send it to or when the contact person you are targeting will return. In addition, watch your spam: automatic absence messages tend to land there, and it would be a shame to miss an opportunity because you will not have spotted a response to your application advising you to send it to another contact.

Stay reachable …

Professionals are generally advised to completely disconnect when they are on vacation, but a period of job search is a special case. You don't want to miss a call for the perfect job, so don't cut your cell phone and check your emails regularly.

… But give yourself breaks

However, there are some limits to be observed! For example, if you have drinks with friends and drink a little too much (however to be consumed in moderation), it is better to turn everything off so as not to be tempted to answer in your condition in the event of an important call, you would risk committing blunders. Don't worry: we'll leave you a message and you can call back as soon as you're clearer.

Wear appropriate attire

Hopefully, by following these rules, you will land an interview. If it is fixed during your vacation, you can try to negotiate to spend it remotely. And there it is panic: you only have Spanish Triathlon or Irish Evolution t-shirts to wear! To avoid this, plan, between two beach outfits, a more professional shirt that you can wear for your video date.



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