How to ask for a raise in the middle of the year?

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Generally, requests for increases must be made at the time of the annual assessment. But nothing prevents you from trying your luck outside of the process, as long as you do it properly. Here's how to do it.

“When the request for an increase is part of a structured process, it is difficult to derogate from it,” recognizes Philippe Burger, Human Capital partner at Deloitte. However, it is possible to do this in the middle of the year. “”Valérie Sablé, associate director at Robert Half, confirms:” you can do it in July for example if the classic procedure is done at the end or at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, you will be faced with an end of disallowance if you formulate it at a date too close to what is usually done in the business. “

“Asking for a raise because you've just found out that your coworker earns more than you won't get you off.”

Beware of bad circumstances

It is obvious, but, it must be remembered all the same, it is totally futile to ask for a salary increase if you have not reached your goals or if your results are poor. If your management can accept that economic conditions have not made it easy for you, they will take a dim view of your financial wishes. And if it is the company's results that are not good, your request will at best be seen as a lack of finesse, at worst as a disengagement and disinterestedness on your part.

The right questions to ask yourself before getting started

Don't imagine being successful in your negotiation without being prepared. “The employee must ask himself about the reasons which pushes him to make a request for an increase outside the circuit : does he have an additional workload? New files to manage? He must anticipate the objections that may be made, ”says Valérie Sablé. If, when you were hired, you were promised a reassessment of your remuneration after six months, you have the right to remind the manager.

Arguments that are not!

Asking for a raise because you've just found out that your coworker earns more than you won't get it. “” It is not recommended to personalize the comparisons because the manager will refuse to enter into personal cases : it is therefore better to support your request by contributing to the smooth running of the company, ”confirms Philippe Burger. On the other hand, “it is not because the employee has provided a good job for two months that this will justify his request, underlines Valérie Sablé. Its record must be maintained. ”



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