How to attract and retain human talent in companies of the future

How to attract and retain human talent in companies of the future

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The job market has changed. We live in the era of digital transformation, which brought about a series of changes in the organizations' processes, products and services. At the same time, a new generation of professionals arrived, with new habits and priorities. In this case, how to attract and retain human talent in companies?

This is one of the biggest HR management challenges of the current market, as changes are happening at a very fast pace. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right people not only for today's needs, but also to think about the future of the business.

It is not an easy task, with a good analysis of the current moment and the profile of available talents, it is possible to have a good idea of ​​what should be done. In this article, we explain framework efficient measures for you to have the best professionals in your company:

  • encourage internal entrepreneurship;
  • foster flexibility;
  • create a sense of purpose;
  • implement education and development programs.

Interested? Stay with us and learn more about each initiative.

Encourage internal entrepreneurship

More than ever, professionals today are driven by challenges. They want the freedom to implement projects, suggest ideas and take an active part in growing the business. That employee who was content with a quiet routine and operational tasks was in the past.

So, how to attract and retain human talent in companies with a focus on this need? The big secret is to encourage internal entrepreneurship. Getting CLT employees to undertake may seem contradictory, but it is an increasingly common trend in large companies.

It is about encouraging employees to act, think and behave like business owners, promoting innovation and high performance steadily. To do this, it is necessary to demonstrate total confidence in the ability of professionals, reducing approval steps and allowing them to put their ideas into practice more easily.

If on the one hand the responsibility increases, on the other the personal satisfaction with work increases, which helps to attract and retain human talent who like to be challenged. All of this, of course, must be accompanied by due recognition and appreciation of the efforts employed in the projects.

Foster flexibility

Another latent need in today's professionals is the balance between personal and professional life<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Although they value their careers a lot, they insist on keeping their quality of life up to date, with enough time to take care of their health, stay with their family and keep their social life active.

In this case, what answers to how to attract and retain human talent in companies is the flexibility. Until recently, organizations functioned in a very cast, with extremely strict schedules, processes and policies. Now, to adapt to the new reality of the market, this has been changing.

One of the main initiatives in this regard is the flexible schedule, either through reduced hours, seasonal or without fixed hours, depending on the role of the person and the routine of the company. O home-office it has also been gaining a lot of strength, especially in teams that can deliver and communicate 100% online.

Both benefits reduce traffic stress and allow the professional to have more freedom to reconcile work and personal tasks, managing to increase their quality of life and even be more productive.

It is also possible to make the vacation time, you days off and even the payment employees.

With the advancement of technology, the on-demand salary became a reality. In this model, the employee can receive the salary of the days already worked in the month at any time, without having to wait for a fixed date. So, he earns a lot more freedom in controlling and planning your expenses.

Benefits like these, which significantly improve the team's routine, are essential for attract and retain talent.

Create a sense of purpose

Today the sense of purpose it is one of the priorities of professionals in the search for opportunities. People want to engage in activities that bring some personal meaning and have a positive impact on society. How to attract and retain human talent in companies considering this aspect?

The answer lies in the essence of the business, whose objectives must go far beyond profit. To define a purpose, one must ask: what is the reason for the company's existence? Who is it made for? Who is it made of? What difference does it make to customers and the world around?

Answering these questions is critical when it comes to define a culture and look for talents aligned with it. It is also important act according to the established guidelines. Not putting the discourse into practice destroys the organization's credibility and creates serious problems of attracting and retaining talent.

Purpose-driven companies are more successful and deliver higher quality services, in addition to building more engaged teams. All of this has the power to raise the organization's status in the market, ensuring the retention of employees and customers.

Implement education and development programs

O training deficit it is one of the main bottlenecks in the current market. However, instead of seeing this as a problem, look at it as an opportunity. Solve this issue by investing in training and development it will increase the quality of its workforce and motivate employees, which helps a lot when it comes to attracting and retaining human talent in companies.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through partnerships with universities and educational institutions, for scholarships and discounts. Another interesting measure is to create a training program corporative education internal, offering courses that meet the interests of employees and develop in them the skills that the company needs.

Empowering employees on a daily basis is also paramount. Talented people want to be challenged and provoked at all times. For this, it is necessary to provide a favorable environment for them to feel motivated to explore their potential. This happens through new responsibilities, recognition and recurring feedbacks.

Now that you know how to attract and retain human talent in the companies of the future, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. Take a good look at your organization's scenario and employee profile, and don't just stick to the measures that we quote in this post. Always keep an eye on trends in people management to achieve even better results.

Did you like the article? Tell us in the comments what are the strategies for attracting and retaining talent that you use in your day to day!



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