How to Attract Generation Z Employees: Functional Tips for Everyday

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How to Attract Generation Z Employees: Functional Tips for Everyday

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Much of the current workforce in the market, the young population has a profile that differs, here and there, from millennials and also of generations X and Y. Hence, the importance of creating a work environment focused on this profile and, thus, understanding how to attract employees from generation Z.

Call them what you like — whether it’s the post-millennial generation, the Snapchat generation, or by their most popular name: generation Z — but it is an indisputable fact that this generation of people born between 1995 and 2010 is ready to take over the workforce.

Sure, millennials still get a lot of attention from the media and HR experts, but with Generation Z representing 26% of the US working population, the business is another.

So the question is: does your company know how to attract generation Z employees and, above all, keep them satisfied and engaged with their respective work routines?

After all, with the older members of Generation Z now in their early 20s, it’s time for employers to start considering how to focus their marketing efforts. employee recruitment and retention.

Want to know more? Just keep reading the post below!

Understand what Generation Z employees value

The Generation Z profile is quite characteristic. For starters, they are more altruists and idealists than previous generations. Furthermore, 60% say they want to have an impact on the world and one in four are volunteers regularly.

It is also important to highlight that the majority is willing to fight injustices in the work environment, motivating themselves to fight for equality in corporatism — whether for gender, race or ideologies.

the connectivity

They are even the first fully connected generation. THE generation Z grew up in a world totally online, where many children and teenagers have a smartphone.

Thus, much of social life, culture, media consumption and education depends on the internet and connectivity. As a result, they are estimated to multitask on up to five devices on any given day.

So it’s good to think, before knowing how to attract generation Z employees, that they are more risk averse. Born in the wake of the 2008 financial recession in the US, and witnessing the impact it has had on older generations, they are extremely concerned about student loan debt, rising living costs and the right job that fits. to its values.

Fortunately for your business, you have the right information to know how to attract generation Z employees. Here’s how to make sure they know this to keep them engaged and productive!

Learn How To Attract Generation Z Employees

This inherently digital nature provided Generation Z with the opportunity to undertake from an early age. In other words: they don’t fear challenges or the responsibilities to grow within companies.

Couple this early exposure to entrepreneurship with the desire to make an impact, and it’s not surprising that most are inclined to develop leadership skills.

For your company, there are how to attract generation Z employees from these features. For example: offering performance reviews and feedback so that they continually grow.

In addition, management transparency and openness to opinions, ideas and suggestions are differentials that encourage young people to take more risks to consolidate their careers internally.

To further support this, you can provide the team career development opportunities and clear growth milestones, created to stimulate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Compensation and benefits

There is no doubt that all this effort and desire for growth need gratification. And remuneration is among the main values ​​desired by generation Z.

In addition, they are willing to make their own decisions. And this consists in setting up the benefit plan itself (flexibility on the part of the company, therefore), and also in maintaining its quality of life and well-being in the workplace.

It all makes a difference to understand how to attract generation Z employees. After all, this is a highly diversified medium profile, and this is reflected in its values.

For organizations, the time has come to understand that the profile of individuals greatly influences the maintenance of a positive and purposeful work environment. And, if you are familiar with the profiles that work in your company, why not check out our article that can serve as a definitive guide to millennial contributors?


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