How to be a headunter: learn more about this career

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How to be a headunter: learn more about this career

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Hiring executives is a task that requires special care. So much so that there is a specific professional for this type of recruitment: the headhunter. After a few years in the market, many people are open to the possibility of pursuing this career, which can be very rewarding. However, before venturing out, you need to learn how to be a headhunter.

O recruitment for senior management positions has very specific requirements. Therefore, to be successful in the activity, it takes a lot of preparation, in addition to having the appropriate profile. Want to know how to be a successful headhunter? Keep following the post!

What is a headhunter?

Headhunter is the recruitment professional with a focus on hiring for specific positions, usually senior executives. The term, in literal translation, means “head hunter”, but in this context it can be read as “talent hunter”.

The headhunter's role is to serve as mediator between the company and market professionals. He must know the organization and its needs very well, in order to find the most suitable qualifications in the candidates when recruiting them.

The headhunter acts very differently from those who hire for operational positions. Instead of job sites, your biggest ally is Network, built and cultivated over the years.

In addition, the headhunter is generally not an employee of the company, but a consultant, which provides services independently or through an agency.

What is the headhunter's market like?

The profile of companies that hire headhunters includes large and multinational organizations. Generally, these are companies with well-structured high-level positions that need executives from high performance to define the direction of the business.

Excellent hiring can bring a millionaire return. Since, the executive acts directly in the planning of actions and goals of the company. The headhunter's work also contributes to reducing the turnover style=”font-weight: 400;”>, as it identifies professionals who are more likely to be engaged in the company's culture.

For all these reasons, the services of a headhunter are not cheap, although it is not possible to say exact values. This depends a lot on the level of influence and credibility of the professional in the market, so the range varies a lot. To give you an idea, it is not uncommon for a headhunter to receive the amount of a salary from the executive hired as payment.

Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to have training in Human Resources to become a headhunter. It is common to see professionals who leave their original careers, such as engineers and lawyers, and start to use their expertise to recruit executives in their areas.

What are the main attributes of a headhunter?

There is no training or college that teaches you how to be a headhunter. Their skills are developed over time, with previous experiences in various positions and functions. Find out below the main skills you must have in order to succeed in this career.

Argumentation power

There is no way to be a headhunter without a good argumentation power. This type of recruitment involves looking for those who really are the best in the market in their positions. However, the best are usually already employed, and are not always willing to leave the comfort zone.

Therefore, it is necessary to be tactful to approach, find out if the person is happy where he is and what he would take into account to accept a new challenge. The good headhunter knows ask the right questions and highlight the positives of the vacancy, making candidates interested.

Know how to negotiate it is also very important. Executive positions involve high values, so it is necessary to find a path that is good for the company and for the contracted professional.

Good networking

One network of relationships well-built is the key to how to be a headhunter. It is necessary to have good traffic between executives in the desired area of ​​activity and a good reputation to gain the confidence of candidates and companies.

It is networking that will make you know how to find the right people, for the right job. Today, in addition to a powerful address book, the LinkedIn is an excellent tool to assist in the search, expanding the reach of headhunters when it comes to doing their job.

Knowledge about the company

The headhunter must have an entrepreneurial profile and know the company and the market in which it works very well. Anyone who wants to have a long life in this career will need to research a lot about the organization and its competitors, to know how to differentiate their proposals from the other opportunities offered by that area of ​​expertise.

It is also essential to understand the needs of the position, as well as the mission and values ​​of the company. Only then will it be possible to recruit with precision, looking for professionals who are qualified and identified with the organizational culture<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Knowing how to listen

Knowing how to listen it is an essential part of the headhunter's job, especially when it comes to evaluating candidates. During the interview, it is possible to learn information about the professional that is not on the CV, such as behavioral profile, leadership ability and level of interest in a new opportunity.

All of that is between the lines, in intonation and even in the person's body expression. Therefore, asking the right questions and knowing how to analyze the answers is the best way to get to know the professional more thoroughly.


Vacancies for senior management positions are often confidential, as they usually involve lengthy negotiations and renowned professionals in the market.

Therefore, the headhunter will hardly announce the vacancy on a large portal. The best way is to use the contact network to search for professionals omitting the name of the company, guaranteeing the confidentiality of this information at first.

Those were our tips on how to be a headhunter. Interested in pursuing this career? First, see if you have the profile and skills required for the profession. If you do not have, use this article as a guide to develop your skills and prepare to recruit executives.

Did you like the post? To go even deeper into the subject, check out this other blog article about the headhunter profession!



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