How to be an employee… but without a boss?

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1 Get closer to a cooperative

Seen from the outside, this is, for many, an impossible situation. Denis is 60 years old. He has no fixed employer. He works freelance and sells multimedia content and training to various clients and invoices different amounts each month. Despite everything, he was able to vouch for his son's apartment and present regular payslips with the same header to his owner. How is it possible ? Denis simply set up his project within an activity and employment cooperation in the Gers.

“We can see that this status is arousing more and more interest at the moment”, observes Prisca Liotard, coordinator of the network. Cooperate for Entrepreneurship which already federates 72 activity and employment cooperatives (CAE) where more than 5,000 independent entrepreneurs operate. “Many of our members do not want to adhere to the status of auto-entrepreneur which deprives them of many advantages. Some use the cooperative as an incubator to test their idea. And many appreciate being able to launch their project while invoicing via the cooperative and maintaining employee status.. Concretely, the members of the cooperative do not need to create their own legal structure because they can invoice via the structure which pays them a salary, proportional to their turnover, after deduction of charges. Result: they can therefore remain attached to the general social security system. Each member will just have to pay 10% of his turnover in addition to the cooperative to relieve himself of these administrative procedures.

“” The idea of ​​these structures is to alleviate certain formalities and to be able to remain an employee, comments Jean-Marie Chalot, founder of Ambi-Coach. But it's also a great way for independents to break their loneliness and be accompanied. The consultant recalls the particular philosophy of cooperatives. ” There is also a notion of sharing and mutual aid. The idea is also to be able to respond to calls for tenders to several, for example. “

2 Opt for wage portage

At the same time, nothing obliges these interested parties in search of payslips to opt for this status: they can also opt for wage portage with equivalent advantages. ” It is today the most common form of grouping, analysis Denis Barbarossa, chartered accountant at Accomplys. Advantage of the device: it avoids, like the cooperative, having to create a company. The entrepreneur receives a payslip after deduction of expenses and must again pay around 10% additional in management costs. ” The basic principle of wage portage is to remain an employee. This avoids changing regimes, in terms of social protection, for retirement and we are supported by a structure for administrative matters. “

“Freed from all the accounting tasks, I can devote myself 100% to my activity,” says Claire. This independent consultant trainer chooses JAM as approximately 3,000 consultants each year. On the other hand, when you are a mother of two children, it is more reassuring to be affiliated with the Social Security than with the Social Regime for Independents. “

The only restriction: porting is aimed more at executives who want to invoice a company for a mission without losing the advantages of salaried employment. According to a recent ordinance framing the device adopted by the Council of Ministers on April 1, 2015, the “reach” person “must prove a level of expertise, qualification and autonomy which allow him to seek his own clients and to negotiate its service with them ”. In addition, this system allows those concerned, in the event of a long assignment, to secure a fixed-term employment contract with a client – for a maximum period of eighteen months – via the umbrella company.

3 Create a company … as an employee

But many of these solutions are intended to be limited in time. “As its name suggests, wage portage is a device that carries you, says Bran Billand-Pellet. But if it really allows you to test your project, it can also prove to be relatively expensive in the long run. ”In charge of coordination and development at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of London (CCIP), he reminds that the operating costs of 10% are to be taken into account in both cases. “You should not choose the cooperative just to keep the status of employee,” he adds. Because the SAS / SASU status offers the same advantage. “

It is indeed the ultimate solution: when you have tested your activity, why not create your own business… with employee status? “”Interested parties can in fact choose SAS status if they have partners or SASU if they are alone,” explains Jean-Baptiste Tournier, founder of the consulting firm Business Optim. The responsibility of each one is limited and, above all, the leaders are assimilated employees unlike the majority manager of an LLC. They come under the general social security and employee pension scheme, which is often considered clearer and more protective. “



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