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Studies follow one another and always lead to the same observation: it is not easy to find a job when you live in a neighborhood deemed sensitive, even with equal skills. As a result, unemployment is peaking in priority neighborhoods. To combat this phenomenon, the government relaunched free jobs in April 2018. This is aid of 5,000 Pounds per year paid to the company who recruits a candidate living in a priority neighborhood for a permanent or fixed-term contract of at least 6 months, whatever the position and the level required. Enough to make positive discrimination at the place of residence, and no longer the other way around. Here is the procedure to take advantage of it.

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The eligibility conditions for a frank job

“The first piece of advice that we can give to candidates is to register with Pôle emploi,” says Mariam Khattab, director of the recruitment firm specializing in the promotion of diversity, Mozaïk RH. This is the number 1 condition to be able to benefit from the device. There is no minimum registration period. Then, you have to see if you live in one of the 194 priority neighborhoods concerned by the device.

“Candidates can directly ask their Pôle emploi advisor if they are eligible for the measure,” adds Mariam Khattab. The advisor will be able to tell them very quickly since he has software that allows them to know this very precisely. »This software is also directly accessible online, on the website of the Ministry of Labor. “Applicants just have to type in their address and we tell you if your place of residence is one of the priority neighborhoods concerned, ”explains Frédéric Breheret, director of the Pôle emploi Angers Capucins agency, working with people eligible for frank employment.

Neighborhoods affected by free employment

– the entire Seine-Saint-Denis department,

– the agglomerations of Roissy Pays de London and Cergy-Pontoise in the Val d'Oise,

– the territory of Grand London Sud Seine Essonne Sénart, encompassing Evry and Grigny in Essonne and Seine-et-Marne,

– the European metropolis of Lille,

– the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence,

– the urban community of Angers Loire Métropole.

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Request a certificate

If you are eligible and wish to have tangible proof that your place of residence is indeed affected by the device to be used by a potential employer, “just send an email to your advisor who will send you immediately a certificate that you are potentially a beneficiary of frank employment assistance », Promises Frédéric Breheret.

Make sure the employer's eligibility

Once you are assured of your eligibility, you can make use of this system in your applications to any private employer or association affiliated with unemployment insurance. The following are excluded from the system: private employers, public companies, companies which recruited you in the previous 6 months and those which made redundancies in the previous 6 months for economic reasons in the position for which you wish to apply.


Promote the device in your application

“Potentially, all job offers are accessible to frank jobs,” summarizes Frédéric Breheret, you will not find any offers that specifically mention the device. It is therefore up to you to put the device forward in your application. It remains to be seen when.

If you are responding to a job posting for which you have the required skills, “it is not necessarily necessary to put up that you correspond to the device on your CV, warns Mariam Khattab, but you have to find a moment, as part of the job interview, to say it. The device will then be the icing on the cake of your application.

Apply for a position you need to train for

The system also allows job seekers from the priority neighborhoods concerned to apply for jobs for which they do not yet have the skills because the help allocated to the company can allow them to train someone, especially since it can be combined with other training aids, whether or not prior to hiring. In this case, the candidate is equally encouraged to mention the device, but he will defend his candidacy by playing on this training possibility. “” I think the candidate can indicate that he fits into the system, that things be clearly said, but above all, that having reflected on his background and his expectations, he wishes to join a company that will allow him to train for a profession ”, affirms Isabelle Gommard, HRD of Gexpertise, a company of 150 employees specializing in expertise dedicated to planning, construction and real estate, which plans to recruit 4 internal surveyors with free jobs. In this case, mentioning the device in the cover letter is possible. For that, it is still necessary to be well informed.


Make employers aware of this advantage

“”You can, for example, say (or write, Editor's note) that you are eligible for the frank employment contract, a measure intended to help people who come from a priority district to be identified by companies and that the company which recruits an eligible candidate is entitled to assistance of 5,000 Pounds per year, ”advises Mariam Khattab. You can also give information about the device in paper format to the recruiter during the interview. “Small flyers explain in two words what the measure is and how to benefit from it,” indicates Frédéric Breheret. They are available from the relevant Pôle Emploi agencies. The information available on these flyers is also accessible online in the section dedicated to frank employment on the website of the Ministry of Labor.


Get spotted by intermediaries

If you are eligible for the scheme, it is also strongly recommended to contact your Pôle Emploi advisor so that he can invite you, for example, to the job dating special frank jobs organized by Pôle emploi or other recruitment sessions intended to establish a link between eligible job seekers and companies interested in assistance. Do not hesitate, either, to make you known to other intermediaries, such as specialized recruitment firms such as Mozaïk RH, local missions or associations committed to employment in priority neighborhoods.


Enjoy it until December 31, 2019

For the time being, around a hundred frank employment contracts have been signed in London. The government's goal is to create 150,000 jobs by the end of the experiment on December 31, 2019.



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