How to build an excellent employee referral program?

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How to build an excellent employee referral program?

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The employee referral program is an accessible and functional way to transform the company’s employees into media instruments. Engage them – and reward them – in attracting acquaintances to join the organization, valuing the company’s DNA and the integration of new hires.

When you watch a movie that surprised your expectations or have an unforgettable experience on a trip, for example, what is one of the first things you do after it happened?

If you are like most of us, you probably tell your friends everything about it! And you know what? THE employee reference it is not much different from that.

This is because employee referral programs, when used effectively, take advantage of this human desire to share things with those we like.

That is why this work tends to be, consistently, one of the best hiring sources. So, the question remains: how to build this channel for your own organization, or even improve it?

For this, you can continue reading this post, in which we will point out the importance of having a employee referral program and design a step-by-step for your continuous qualification. Check out!

What is an employee referral program?

One employee referral program it is the result of the experiences that you create, internally, to the point of raising the level of satisfaction of the collaborators in working in your company.

The immediate result of that? Employees share the campaigns and experiences carried out – either in person or on social networks -, and subsequently open positions in the organization.

When this internal marketing takes place constantly, any opportunity will value your brand. And then, when they share these vacancies, employees are encouraged to bring their friends and acquaintances who, in addition to being close, have the potential to occupy the position.

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How to create such a program?

Below, you can check the necessary steps to put into practice the fundamental principles for a employee referral program!

Don’t underestimate incentives

It is difficult to find one employee referral program, today, that does not include at least a small reward to encourage employees to attract candidates for vacancies in your company.

This can be done through the use of cash bonuses, paid breaks or even a T-shirt or other products. However, although the incentives offer good results, avoid making them the main attraction of this activity.

Thus, the indications are going to be extensive, but without the same sieve to ensure that candidates have to do with the profile for the opportunity and, above all, to align themselves with the organization’s values.

In turn, encourage employees to see the employee referral program as a thank you instead of being the motivational element.

Thus, employees receive a small bonus, but only after their appointment has been hired and already included in the company’s routine. That is: when the indication corresponded to what was expected.

Count on good tools to follow the process

We agree, it is important to have a management software to monitor the processes of your company. And the employee reference is no exception.

Therefore, have in hand the right tools to organize the nominations and the selection process, as well as the forwarding of the rewards to those who indicated the contracted professional. Not to mention, of course, in the follow-up of the following months to find out if the contractors are performing within expectations.

Educate and guide employees

One well-informed workforce is the basis of a employee referral program Successful. This is because one of the main reasons why programs fail is that employees fail to realize that they exist or are unclear about how to use them.

I.e: only with the proper guidance and maintenance of this program in the company’s channels, employees are already engaged in making it continue at full throttle.

For this reason, education around your referral program it needs to cover two areas: how to do it and how to do it well. In other words, you first need to inform employees about how to send referrals so that they feel empowered to get started.

Next, you need to teach them to recognize whether someone is qualified or not so that they can start sending higher quality referrals – and keep the job going.

What are the benefits of investing in the employee referral program?

If you have gone through the hiring process with a nominated candidate or the integration process with a nominated employee, you have probably seen some of the benefits of a referral program.

After all, it is a great advantage that two or more professionals already know each other. This facilitates the integration and dissemination of the company’s culture in the routine of new hires.

There is also the fact that people tend to make an effort, in the day-to-day of the company, when they are referrals from friends. Something to do, mainly, with the fact that they feel grateful.

This helps to increase the company’s retention power, attract new hires in a more economical way and to strengthen the culture by hiring people with similar profiles.

Therefore, the benefits accumulate, which allows your organization to invest immediately in a good employee referral program. But, to complement with more tips that help qualify your company’s HR sector, take the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter – just fill in your name and e-mail address in the bottom corner of our blog – and receive, directly in your inbox, all our news!



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