How to carry out the process of hiring employees?

How to carry out the process of hiring employees?

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As soon as an employee is hired by a company, he must deliver specific documents and information. Follow our step by step on the process of hiring employees!

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Employee Admission Process

1. The stages of the recruitment and selection process

Before admission, it is important to understand the recruitment and selection process. This is how the company understands which people are within the profile sought by the company. Here are some of the most common steps:

    • Job Description: professional characteristics and employee profile sought by the company;
    • Vacancy announcement: dissemination of the vacancy description on the channels to which candidates have access;
    • Screening of resumes: filter to disregard resumes that are not in accordance with the vacancy;
    • Telephone contact: initial approach to check availability, prove skills and discuss the candidate's interest in the vacancy;
    • Interview: the meeting can be conducted by managers or HR personnel, depending on the company's culture and size;
    • Testing application: proof of the skills and competencies needed for the position.

After going through all the steps, the best candidate for the vacancy is chosen.

2. Admission Exam

This exam serves to check the health of the professional, in order to know if he is physically able to perform the functions of the position for which he was hired in the company.

First, we need to make sure that the new employee is able to work. Therefore, the second step in the employee admission process is to ask him or her to perform the admission medical examination mandatory, according to the PCMSO – acronym for Occupational Health Medical Control Program.

3. Delivery of documents

Start collecting the following documents for the preparation of the employee record:

  • Work Card, also called CTPS, for you to make the necessary notes. Remember of return within 48 hours;
  • A 3X4 photo, which will be attached to the employee registration book or form.

In addition to these, the documents below must be granted as simple or digital copies. The main reason for receiving them is to be able to make sure that all the numbers provided are true and that there was no type of ideological falsehood:

  • RG or other identification card issued by other means, such as those of Regional Councils;
  • CPF;
  • Voter registration;
  • Proof of address;
  • PIS or NIS;
  • Driver's license, the CNH – can even substitute the RG and CPF for containing the numbers in itself;
  • Reservist document for men over 18 years of age;
  • Marriage certificate for registration of dependents;
  • Birth certificate of children under 21 years of age to register dependents;
  • Vaccination card for children under 5 years of age to register the Family Salary and other benefits;
  • Proof of schooling for children up to 14 years of age to register the Family Salary and other benefits.

4. Completion of CTPS and registration form

Once all this is in hand, the company will need to fill in these personal data and other data related to the employment contract at CTPS, book or employee record sheets. Are they:

  • Position in the company;
  • Wage;
  • Admission date;
  • Education level;
  • Marital status;
  • Workday;
  • Dependents for the family salary;
  • Dependents for income tax.

To find out how to fill in the fields with the information above, download the free eBook: Workbook without errors!

If the portfolio has no space available on the Employment Contract pages, it will be necessary to ask the employee to take out a Continuation Work Card. He can schedule by phone by calling 158 or on the Ministry of Labor website at

When you receive the new wallet, make a note of the data in the wallet normally.

5. Purchasing benefits

The company can also ask the employee, through documents to be filled out and signed, if he will make use of Vale Transporte. It is important to already know the complete route and how much will be the daily expense to buy the right modality and put the credits on the cards.

Check if you will also need assistance opening a bank account for receiving your salary. You may need to issue a letter explaining about the opening.

If your company offers a Health Plan, you will also need to ask for the SUS Card number. If the employee does not know or do not have it, you can consult the number on this link.

6. Company documentation

One of the practices for the employee admission process is to present some company documents in order to facilitate the day-to-day of those who are arriving. In these documents, they can have a more detailed presentation of the company and some of the benefits offered. See the most common documentation:

  • Confidentiality term: If the employee deals with information that is confidential to customers and, therefore, everyone signs a term of responsibility.
  • Transport voucher request term: Mandatory term of the law that guarantees the transportation of the employee to the workplace.
  • Code of conduct: document that defines the behavior of its members and aligns the main values ​​of the company,

Those welcome materials help the employee to the new work environment and inform about their new role and the company.

Make sure that all steps in the employee admission process mentioned above have been followed very carefully. Any mistake at that time can lead to problems with social security.

When the routine is poorly performed or not followed, it puts the employer and the employee at risk, and may lead to fines or even cancellation of acts. Pay close attention to gathering all documents and ensuring successful admission.

Did you like our material on how to process an employee's admission? Want to learn more? Don't forget to download the e-Book Workbook without errors and you will know everything about CTPS!



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