How to carry out the salary readjustment in the payroll without losses?

How to carry out the salary readjustment in the payroll without losses?

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The salary adjustment on the payroll is an annual right of every worker guaranteed by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) and obliges companies to grant it. Due to lack of planning, many organizations are not prepared and almost lose their minds to make payments, without suffering from any labor lawsuit.

Administrative planning carried out by the people management department is essential for a company to be effective and grow its business.

In order for them to always achieve the best results, it is necessary to have employees productive and motivated.

Therefore, just as every company needs to plan objectives, optimize and evaluate the goals achieved in its business, it is still necessary to manage its human capital and all the issues that surround them. This is crucial to keep the team happy!

One of the main topics involving administrative planning related to employees is about the payroll. Many bureaucratic processes involve the subject.

Therefore, the company needs to organize all the information and tasks so that the closing of the sheet is done correctly.

Calculating payroll is really not that simple.

When it comes to adjusting the salary of all employees, taking into account several factors, it becomes an even more complex task.

How is this accomplished in your company?

Follow the article below and learn what precautions are necessary to carry out the adjustment correctly, ensuring that your company maintains financial health and thrives. Good reading!

What is employee payroll?

It is not news that the fifth working day of each month is marked by a lot of rush and inconvenience with the closing of the payroll.

Due to the various taxes, possible layoffs, hiring and other issues it is necessary to carry out a effective management.

Payroll is one of the most important parts of a company's financial management.

It is the form used by employers to account for amounts owed to their employees and other service providers connected to it.

Thanks to payroll, organizations are able to formally pay their employees monthly.

It should include a summary of all data from the personal file, position and duties of the employee.

In addition, other information such as the amounts due and the discounts provided for in the labor laws that are deducted from the total amount of the payment must appear in the document.

This is essential so that the organization does not have any unforeseen events that may hinder its development.

What is payroll salary readjustment?

O salary adjustment it is a wage increase based on inflation and other economic factors that must be carried out annually.

It is guaranteed to all workers by CLT, therefore all companies and professional unions must respect and comply with it.

The objective of the salary adjustment on the payroll it is to preserve the purchasing power of workers with a formal contract in relation to the inflation of each year.

Thus, they start to have a remuneration more adequate to the current economic factors.

As this is an obligation, companies need to be prepared.

For this, the period known as the base date was created. It is during this phase that organizations of all categories need to meet and discuss the terms of collective bargaining agreements and salary reviews.

How is it carried out?

The base date period always takes place in the first of the month scheduled in agreement, which may vary for each category and its union.

For the readjustment to be defined, there is a process involving unions, companies and workers.

Only after this negotiation, is it possible to reach an agreement on the amount of the increase and, thus, approve the adjustment.

In other cases, when the corporation performs the salary adjustment on the payroll automatically before negotiations, the amount must be written off after the collective agreement or disagreement.

How is it calculated?

First, you need to know what are the current negotiations.

For this, the company must identify the professional category of employees and the union that represents them.

Then, it is necessary to calculate the readjustment, considering the percentage defined in the agreement.

This percentage must be applied to the last gross amount of employees' wages.

There are cases where the agreements also include readjustments in benefits, such as food vouchers and a reduction in the discount percentage of the transportation voucher. It is necessary to inform yourself.

How can I prepare my company for this adjustment?

For all businesses, this period requires a lot of attention. As the salary adjustment on the payroll it is mandatory, it impacts directly on the budget.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an annual planning in advance, forecasting their percentages.

Being prepared is crucial to carry out the readjustment effectively. For this, the company must know how to carry out the process and also take some care with its budget.

Therefore, here are some important tips for managing salary readjustments within your company:

1. Stay informed

The company must walk side by side with the unions that regulate the professional category of its employees.

Thus, it can monitor the progress of the collective bargaining agreement and keep up to date on the values ​​of the salary adjustment on the payroll.

Therefore, maintain a good relationship with them, in addition to seeking help from legal professionals so that the process is carried out legally.

Thus, the company is free from labor lawsuits.

2. Update your payroll

The salary adjustment must be granted to all employees who are entitled to it and according to their respective categories. For this reason, it is essential include it on the payroll.

To do this, prepare your payroll. During your company's annual planning, try to predict the percentage of readjustments, so as not to suffer from any major impact on the budget.

3. Orient HR

HR professionals must be prepared for the salary adjustment on the payroll.

They must be instructed to clarify possible doubts of the other collaborators.

4. Communicate employees

Your company should always maintain a good communication with employees. This is essential for a good organizational climate.

Therefore, let them know about the progress of the collective agreement and the forecasts for approval.

As soon as the corporation has a position on the percentage of the adjustment and the payment date, pass it on to the team.

Communication can be done through internal newsletters, press releases, bulletin boards, e-mails, among other options.

5. Find out who is entitled to the readjustment

All employees hired by CLT are entitled to salary readjustments in the payroll.

In addition, it is important to remember that those employees who are complying with prior notice also have the right to readjust.

For professionals who were hired before or during the convention period, the payment of the adjustment must be made retroactively for the days worked in the previous months.

What are the necessary precautions with the company's budget?

For the salary adjustment on the payroll be carried out properly and without surprises in the company's budget, planning is necessary.

The organization must carry out budgetary management in order to be able to forecast the values ​​and reduce the impact of the salary adjustment.

For this, it is necessary to constantly evaluate the performance of employees and check if the company's goals are being achieved.

In addition, prepare your managers to always look for new performance standards to optimize the company's results.

As you can see, the administrative planning of a company it is crucial for improvements to be made and the effects of wage readjustments on the payroll to be reduced.

Therefore, your organization must carry out it successfully to guarantee this right to workers, without counting losses in the budget.

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