How to change a company’s organizational culture?

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How to change a company's organizational culture?

Table of Contents

The organizational culture is the set of norms, vision and values, internal processes, policies and strategic profile of a company. It represents the identity of the corporation and should direct the actions of all its employees, seeking harmony and focus necessary to achieve its objectives.

Currently, having a well-structured organizational culture is a differentiator for companies in the market. It is considered one of the keys of success for times of crisis.

This is because, with its well-defined values ​​and principles, the company can generate strategic insights to renew its performance, starting to have a necessary differential to stand out among the competitors.

When a company's culture is considered “Disorganized”, that is, without defined guidelines, it can lead to problems and lack of motivation in the workplace.

Therefore, by setting up an effective organizational culture, the company develops guidelines to guide you to success.

This starts with the way employees will see the business and act within it, creating a real sense of collaboration between the team.

Through organizational culture, companies can motivate employees and help them to grow professionally.

Therefore, it became crucial to know how to change the organizational culture of a company when necessary so that it is considered of quality and generates greater satisfaction and results.

How does this work in your company? Do you want to learn how to restructure your organizational culture? Continue reading this article!

What is organizational culture?

The constant changes in the business environment have been challenging for companies. Many are still resistant to change.

Organizational culture, for example, was not a concern. Since there was no effective people management in ventures.

However, the market has changed and many entrepreneurs have realized that they are at people who give the corporation a sense of existence.

For this reason, investing in creation and knowing how to change a company's organizational culture has become fundamental.

THE organizational culture it is a way of ensuring that all employees are in tune with each other and engaged with your organization.

It defines the behavioral profile of new and current employees, helping HR identify who wants to stay and be part of the team and those who do not fit.

Developing a culture in your company means that you and your team will be aware of what guides each business strategy.

Therefore, it is necessary to have consolidated guidelines and knowing how to change a company's organizational culture, when strategies are not going as planned.

In addition, it is important that it is communicated and presents in the daily lives of employees so that it really makes a difference for them.

But, is it really possible to change the company's culture?

To know how to change a company's organizational culture it can be considered one of the main leadership challenges in an organization.

This because the culture of a company is intrinsic to the routine of employees, comprising an interconnected set of goals, roles, processes, values, communication and attitudes.

All of its guidelines fit together as a system that is mutually reinforced by employees' actions. And these, combine to prevent any attempt to change.

That is why, even simple changes can often seem to make progress for a while, but are eventually left out.

However, when results do not go as planned and the company does not perform satisfactorily, it is necessary to implement changes in its culture, establishing new forms of relationship and types of management.

Therefore, it is important to know that, although it may seem difficult, it is possible to put the changes into action.

First, the company should disconnect from outdated habits and trigger changes in the minds of all employees. Only then will it be possible to succeed.

Want to know how to restructure your company's culture? Check it out below!

How to change a company's organizational culture?

The change process requires an external look so that it is possible to understand the situation and what needs to be transformed. Therefore, the company can seek the help of external professionals.

The organization's employees must also participate in the process and be properly informed about everything that will happen. Only with their awareness and contribution will it be possible to effect the changes.

Check out a step by step below to learn how to change a company's organizational culture and succeed:

1. Make change a priority

Before applying the transformations in your current culture, it is necessary to make that decision.

The process is time consuming and requires dedication, so it needs to be one of the company's priorities.

Oh, and never forget to involve all employees!

2. Become aware of your culture

The company must understand all the values ​​shared among its team.

Observe how people express themselves in the work environment, the positive and negative aspects that characterize the culture of your company.

In that first moment of observation, you can even ask employees for help so that they list what are the strong aspects of the current organizational culture and what needs to be improved.

3. Assess your current culture

After evaluating all the lists of positives and improvements in the culture, answer the following questions:

  • what should be maintained? Write down all aspects of your culture that can be preserved. After all, many of its characteristics can still bring positive results to the business. Therefore, they do not need to be excused;
  • what shouldn't be maintained? Also list all aspects that should be eliminated from the corporate environment. It is interesting to dispense with obsolete and traditional actions. Thus, investing in innovative organizational cultures, in which everyone knows how the company is doing, and can work together to improve results;
  • what should be adopted? Finally, create a list of successful cultural aspects that are missing from your company or that are currently weak.

4. Draw a new culture

The time has come to put on paper the characteristics that will be part of the new culture.

Think about what would be the most appropriate culture for your company, what new values ​​and principles should be adopted and write down all the details.

Then, make a filter on what can be put into practice and point out the necessary adjustments.

5. Communicate with employees

There is no point in knowing how to change the organizational culture of a company, if the teams are not communicated?

Therefore, use all available channels and means to expand new ideas in a viral way in all departments and functions of your company.

Reinforcing new values ​​and principles is crucial for them to be incorporated into the organization's routine.

6. Align the leadership

In order for the team to follow the new guidelines it will be necessary for leaders encourage them.

They must set an example and influence the rest of their organization's human capital.

Having your company's leaders involved in the process is critical. They are essential if new behaviors and values ​​are to be followed.

7. Model the new culture

The culture of a company reflects the behavior of its superiors.

In addition to leadership with the teams, high-ranking employees must also change their attitudes, values ​​and behaviors. Only in this way will the transformations begin to happen.

As you can see, changing the culture of a company involves the union of all employees.

Your full team must be open to changing behaviors and be receptive to new guidelines.

Therefore, it is not enough to know how to change a company's organizational culture. It is necessary to involve everyone in the process so that it is possible to form an appropriate culture that engages employees to seek the best results for the company.

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