How to choose an affordable health plan in 5 steps

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How to choose an affordable health plan in 5 steps

Table of Contents

You’ve probably heard a thousand times around that “health doesn’t wait”. But is it possible to choose an affordable health plan?

Not all companies offer a plan. Even those who receive the benefit are worried about how to keep it in the face of the threat of unemployment. There are those who believe that it is not worth it, as the monthly costs would be too high.

Therefore, the most common is that people resort to the precarious public health system, waiting months for a service. When they can, they end up opting for private care, which is not cheap.

But is it possible to have a health plan without compromising the monthly bills?

In this post, we will show you:

  • How to know if it’s worth or not to hire a plan;
  • How to choose the one that best fits your situation;
  • Alternatives for those who really cannot afford a plan.

Follow up!

Is it worth having health insurance?

Have you been researching a health plan or do you think it is too expensive for your reality?

Factors such as the overcrowding of the SUS, periodic readjustments and advancing population age contribute to the increase in flat prices. However, since last year, the situation has gotten even worse for the worker’s pocket, due to the socioeconomic effects of the pandemic.

The reality is that maintaining a health plan has gotten even more stifling. But yes, it is possible to work around the problem!

First of all, you must assess your age and physical condition. If you do not undergo any treatment and go to the doctor only for routine checkups, your priority should be the most basic health plan.

Why opt for the health plan?

Ah, I prefer to save it in savings and keep it reserved for an emergency!

It is an alternative, however risky. We are all subject to life’s unforeseen circumstances, aren’t we? A more serious accident or illness can consume all your reserves, not be enough and even generate a debt in the bank!

So why not invest in this type of insurance? After all, the health plan it serves to protect you precisely from the unforeseen.

Tranquility is priceless. So, if you can afford it, know that the investment will be worth it.

If you cannot afford it, study your budget again. Is it possible that there is no expense that can be cut or reduced? Where can you save? What are your top priorities right now?

In addition, you can also follow our 5 tips to find a quality health plan that is affordable. Keep watching!

How to find a plan that fits in your pocket?

First of all, do the calculations yourself. Simulate how much you would pay for consultations, exams and separate admissions in a period of 1 year. Calculate how much you would spend on routine checkups and appointments.

You will probably find that paying a monthly fee is more worthwhile. The secret is to do good research and understand what your main needs are. For example:

  • Do you want to be served in your city or is it worth the whole country? ;
  • Do you use some specialties more than others? ;
  • Is the plan just for you or does it encompass the whole family?;
  • Your company offers some kind of assistance, even if it is not a health plan?

After reviewing all this, follow the tips below!

1. Look for less conventional alternatives

Recently, many startups emerged with the proposal to offer medical care at a popular price. New companies focus on more direct contact between patient and doctor, reducing bureaucracy and waiting time.

There are cases where the monthly fee starts from R$ 20.00. The subscription generates benefits such as discounts on exams and appointments, in addition to the possibility of reimbursement.

Most of these options do not provide insurance for complex cases or hospitalizations. However, this can be an interesting option for those who are younger and do not suffer from chronic health problems.

2. Understand how reimbursement and grace period works

These items are essential when analyzing the quality of the plan!

Is the refund process easy or bureaucratic?

Is the refund amount consistent with the prices charged in your region?

Keep an eye on the grace period so you don’t get hurt. The ANS (National Health Agency) determines the maximum period for you to wait after being hired. In urgent cases, it must be within 24 hours.

3. Search the entire coverage network

The coverage network refers to all hospitals and institutions that you will be able to attend by contracting a plan.

Therefore, one must consider what are the hospitals on the list, their locations and even turnover (if the plan often replaces the accredited network).

Also, don’t forget to look at other people’s reviews. What are people saying? How is the complaints rate? What is the main complaint of those who use the plan?

Be well informed about the main coverage segments in each plan. The plan options are:

  • Outpatient (only covers consultations, exams and therapies);
  • hospital (covers hospitalizations and can be with or without obstetrics, which is the right to childbirth);
  • dental;
  • Reference (covers all of the above but is also the most expensive).

4. Know what your rights are

Have you ever heard of Pco-participant plan? In it, the company charges a percentage of the plan’s value in its employees’ paychecks. Overall, the monthly fee ends up being cheaper for the organization.

What if the worker retired or was fired without just cause?

ANS determines that, in this specific case of co-participation, the company must continue the health plan. But this only works for some situations. See if this is your case:

  • if the employee has paid at least 50% of the monthly fee;
  • if the employee has not recently been admitted to a new job that already offers assistance;
  • if the employee formalizes within 30 days (from the prior notice) the desire to continue included in the company plan.

5. Study what are the hiring possibilities

There are basically 3 types of plan: individual or family, collective by membership or corporate collective.

Generally, the collective plans come out with a lower price in relation to the plans contracted by you. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on the vacancies that offer health insurance.

If the company you work for does not offer any plan, or you are unemployed, there is an alternative. It is possible to contract a business plan through MEI, which is the Individual Microentrepreneur. In this case, it is necessary to open a company and have CNPJ.

Finally, a extra tip!

They exist websites that make your life easier and simulate the prices of the main health plans. They take into account the plan category (whether individual, family or business) and the age group of the contractor.

Choosing a more affordable health plan is possible, as long as you thoroughly research all the options on the market. Furthermore, self-assessment is essential! You have to be realistic to identify what you really need right now and what are your financial possibilities.

Even if you don’t hire any health plan, you can look for alternatives In this post, we show you some of them so you don’t get hurt! After all, health must be ever our priority.

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