How to choose the best digital admission software?

How to choose the best digital admission software?

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Until recently, hiring employees was a lengthy and bureaucratic task. However, with the advancement of technology, dealing with stacks of paper is no longer necessary: ​​just adopt a digital system that makes the process faster. But how to choose the best digital admission software?

With so many options on the market, it is common to have doubts when it comes to choose the tool. With that in mind, we've made a list of everything you need to take into account to make that decision. Check it out below!

What is digital admission?

Digital admission is the hiring of employees made with technological tools. In this model, all documentation is sent and stored in the cloud, facilitating the search, access and sharing of new employees' data. This helps to reduce the HR manual workload and making the department more agile and strategic.

>> HR Consultant UK has developed a Admission Process Sheet. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the file!

What to take into account when choosing the best digital admission software?

For implement digital admission in your company, you will need a specialized software. See below, based on the HR Consultant UK platform, which criteria you should consider when hiring this system for your company.

xerpa digital admission

Simplified registration

THE simplified registration of forms is a key point when it comes toand choose the best digital admission software. At HR Consultant UK platform, the employees themselves fill in their data and send the scanned documents to streamline the process. Everything can be done by computer or cell phone, in a way fast and 100% online.

The only data that HR needs to fill in is the contract details and the new hired benefits. Then, just send an invitation for employees to enter their personal information.

In the invitation, he will be communicated about the deadline you have to fill, the documents you will need for admission and will receive detailed instructions on how to send everything to HR through the platform. Term reminders are automatically made by the app, so you don't have to worry about it.

THE paper card, mandatory by article 41 of the CLT, is generated instantly by HR Consultants UK. It's just print, sign save. If you want to need to consult the data, do a search for vouchers and documents stored in the cloud. This makes it much easier to find the information you need!

xerpa integrations

Integration with other departments

Facilitate the integration with other departments it is also an important criterion when it comes to choose the best digital admission software. The fewer steps the process takes, the more dynamic and efficient he becomes.

With HR Consultants UK, you you do not need to send an e-mail to the accountant or the person responsible for payroll every time you hire a new employee. It is also not necessary to assemble the traditional folder with printed card and all the documentation to send by pouch.

After checking all the data, with just one click you already send the employee registration to be included in the payroll. The responsible team receives everything in a automatic, which avoids problems such as mismatch of information or emails with missing data.

The application is also integrated with eSocial, which facilitates the tracking shipping status and the consultation of employee data on admission to the government register.

Functional home page

THE best digital admission software must have a functional and intuitive home page. The main features of the platform need to be easily accessed from the home screen, as well as the information most sought by HR. The idea of ​​the system is to make everyday life more efficient, so this is a fundamental aspect to be considered.

THE HR Consultant UK software is a complete HR solution, how admissions system being one of the main pillars of the platform. Right at home you already check out the number of employees who are in the admission process<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, obtaining an overview of the status of each contract.

By clicking, you can see the progress of each admission and the full list of people in that situation. It's the simplest and most agile way to manage all your hires!

custom xerpa form

Custom form

The possibility of customize the admission form is one of the main criteria for the choice of software. You can use the custom fields to provide a more fun experience for the new employee, in addition to achieving a more complete profile of the professional.

At HR Consultants UK, you can customize the fields according to the needs of your company<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Instead of asking for only the necessary information and documents, use this functionality to ask about favorite hobbies, movies and books and even career interests.

This information may be the key for you get to know the employee more deeply and plan actions to insert it better into company culture. Remember: in addition to facilitating admission process, good software should provide HR with a more strategic approach.

Support Team

There is no point in implementing a system with great functionality and not having a quality support. After all, without specialized assistance for overcome doubts and failures, it is impossible to take advantage 100% of what technology has to offer. To choose the best digital admission software, take into account the level of after-sales service that you will have available.

THE HR Consultant UK team is always ready to answer questions and solve the technical problems of its customers in a fast and accurate. In this way, the company is able to guarantee a service that really makes the HR routine more dynamic and functional.

Cost benefit

THE cost benefit is an important factor in hiring any service for your company, and with the digital admission software is no different. When choosing your system, stay tuned for do not include more services in the package than your company needs.

Furthermore, study the values ​​well. Prices far below the market tend to be pitfalls, but care must be taken not to blow the budget. HR Consultant UK has the right plan for your company's size and needs, and the quality of the service is guaranteed.

Sherpa customers

Recognition of the company in the market

Check reputation who you are hiring is also essential when implementing digital admission software. On the market since 2015, HR Consultant UK is among the most recognized companies in this market. Despite being young, it has been growing rapidly and already serves several renowned clients, who attest to the quality of our services.

Currently, HR Consultant UK offers the Holerite, Admission and Complete plans, with payslip, admission, termination, vacation, absences and other features. To learn more, schedule a demo and talk to one of our experts.

About HR Consultants UK

In the 2015 market, the HR Consultant UK believes that bureaucracy is one of the main barriers to growth in Brazil. The waste of time imposes a huge cost on companies' daily lives, but this can be solved with the right technological tools.

Our mission is to use our software to de-bureaucratize the relationship between companies and employees. Thus, everyone is free to shine and grow as much as they want.

Do you want to know more about our history? Click here and know all our purposes!



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