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The digital transformation in companies is no longer a novelty, since every day new features appear on the market and are incorporated into the daily lives of companies. In order to live with so many changes and remain competitive it is necessary to have a lot of criativity and innovation.

Analyzing the market, it is concluded that all segments started to depend on technology to be able to operate.

Those who resist the digital transformation lose their space and have serious problems in reaching prominent positions in the corporate world.

In any area, productivity is associated with the collaboration of information technology, robotics and technologies that automate processes and ensure information security.

To work in this new scenario, professionals need to have notions, even if basic, in various subjects, such as:

More than ever, it is necessary to read, study, understand and connect to the digital transformation that all companies are going through.

Creativity and innovation are decisive factors in the choice of professionals who will be at the forefront of strategic positions in companies.

Concepts of creativity and innovation in companies

The definition of creativity is the ability to know and produce things. It also refers to the ability to reason and learn.

The concept of organizational innovation concerns the introduction of novelties in any area of ​​human activity, which aims to improve the quality of life of the impacted people.

Therefore, the concept of creativity and innovation in companies consists of the ability of employees to reason, learn and produce novelties that optimize the processes and the quality of results in an organization.

In a practical way, it means knowing how to use and apply the tools and technologies available to implement techniques that bring increased productivity and revenue.

The professional who is attentive to these concepts will be seen in a different way, because, more than fulfilling his obligations, he will contribute to the success of the operation.

How to practice creativity and innovation in the company?

Talented professionals are always on the lookout for the possibilities that exist to facilitate, improve and streamline processes, minimizing errors and achieving expressive results. They use creativity and bring innovations to their companies.

Employees connected to the digital transformation will always be searching for solutions that make it possible to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase profitability for the organization.

Certainly, they will be recognized as strategic collaborators, which can lead the company to grow and evolve.

Digital transformation and talent

The areas of recruitment and selection are attentive to candidates who dominate technologies and who can collaborate with the digital transformation that companies have been going through.

Mastery and knowledge of tools, in addition to technological solutions and soft skills, are seen as differentials in the candidates for job opportunities.

These professionals will always have open doors to develop their projects and share their knowledge with other employees.

Creativity and innovation must be included in the requirements to be evaluated in the profile of candidates for the vacancies available in your company.

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