How to create a 7-step selection process schedule

How to create a 7-step selection process schedule

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Through the selection process schedule, the company makes all this work more agile, planned and assertive. Especially, with regard to the profile of the professional, which also influences the cost reduction with the wrong hires that only interfere in the development of the company.

Inside strategic planning of your HR, it is essential to have a selection process schedule.

And do you know why? First, the selection process schedule makes all activity more agile and immune to unforeseen events. But, complementarily, it adds value to your hires.

This is because you will already know, in advance, what are the steps to be followed and what to test, for each candidate, in each of them.

Want to learn how to set up your selection process schedule? So, start by taking inspiration from our checklist with a detailed step by step of this type of work!

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What are the phases of a selection process schedule?

When setting up your schedule, learn to divide the entire process into linear steps so your recruiters know exactly which route to take in the entire process. To do this, be sure to note on your organization's schedule:

1. Job and salary plan

To facilitate the attraction of qualified professionals, you must know exactly what you are looking for in each position of your company.

For example: some positions require better strategic skill, while others require good creative skills or in handling specific technologies.

Not to mention, of course, the behavioral value aligned with your company's organizational culture, right? This is fundamental because it helps in filtering the best candidates and to help them discover, immediately, if they have to do with the profile of the contracting company.

2. Set up a selection process schedule for each position

Do you already have the company's position plan duly mapped? So, it's time to understand how the cselection process schedule will go through each one of them.

For example: Are group dynamics really essential for a junior position that does not require many collective assignments on a daily basis? Positions for managers, in turn, demand more attention exactly from the candidate's leader profile, and less from their manual skills with an activity.

Knowing what the minimum and maximum requirements are is even a differential for set up the company's salary plan so that the remuneration is an additional attraction in the choice of candidates.

3. Plan your job vacancy announcement

The ad is still the big business card for Arouse interest of professionals in the market. And that, regardless of whether he sees them in environments offline or online.

So check, within your selection process schedule, a check list smaller, within this topic, so that the main information of an ad is not left out, such as:

  • open position;
  • the name of the company;
  • the workload for the opportunity (and possible flexibilities);
  • the means of hiring (CLT, PJ or freelancer, among others);
  • the activities required and desired in the day-to-day of the position;
  • the professional and behavioral requirements required;
  • the differentials that can further arouse the interest of HR;
  • The Benefits;
  • the means of contact for sending resumes.

Even one point of attention: remuneration. There are those who prefer not to share in the ad so that candidates are interested in the opportunity, first, and that the salary is just a pleasant consequence of those who advance in the selection process.

4. Publicize the opportunity well

The next step in your selection process schedule it is the ideal means – or the means – to share the opportunity.

The relevance of this is due to the following: nowadays, we no longer have the few – and same – means of dissemination. Your own target audience for every opportunity has its means.

So, it is important to understand where they tend to search for new professional opportunities to place your spot in those places with more visibility. And with a greater concentration of qualified professionals for the position.

5. Filter the resumes received

This step basically consists of having a scheduled date for the receipt of resumes. After the deadline, you will ignore the new submissions (although it is prudent to return to them later to compose your bank of resumes) and focus on those already received.

Remember to go back to the initial steps of the schedule to check what is sought from candidates. Thus, it is easier to elaborate an assertive selection,

6. Build a selection process schedule based on deadlines

How much time do you have to fill the position in question? Or, still: how much time does your team need to make an accurate and functional assessment?

Take this into account, for each position in the company, and set up a selection process schedule taking into account this characteristic of your team.

In this way, there are no unforeseen events that hinder the selection and choice of recruiters. They have dates to be met and, with that, they are able to conduct the work much more efficiently.

7. Test candidates

We have already talked about this, but this is where this procedure takes place in practice: for each position, keep in mind what are the more efficient means to find out if candidates are even trained to fill the open position.

Just remember to have a small calendar for this stage of your selection process calendar. After all, it is important to consider:

  • period for all interviews;
  • testing (if necessary);
  • evaluation of results;
  • contact with the person who got the position;
  • notification to the other candidates.

With that, your company goes through all the selection process schedule steps without being caught off guard by problems that hinder or hinder the best hires.

Where to start?

Today, many softwares management systems have the power to facilitate the planning of a selection process schedule, as well as the organization of relevant information for the task.

Thus, it is possible to further streamline this elementary activity for any type of company, regardless of its niche or size.

We should also recap what has been seen so far for you to help us make the selection process schedule even better: What are the major challenges that your company faces when starting a new hiring process?

Share with us in the comments field so we can expand this article based on your particular needs!



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