How to deal with dishonesty at work?

How to deal with dishonesty at work?

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A healthy professional environment requires the employees involved to do their part to promote a good relationship between the team and customers. So there is no room for dishonesty at work in companies committed to the result.

However, dishonest attitudes are not just those that are part of the daily news in Brazil, such as corruption, theft and lies. Some actions that are simpler and not so difficult to see in the corporate world fall into this category.

In addition to disrupting the business of the company in question, these attitudes create discomfort in the daily lives of all employees.

They also cause harm to the future of the dishonest professional career. This is because, depending on the case, the employee may even be fired for cause style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Dishonesty at work can still end in labor and even criminal cases.

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Six attitudes to understand dishonesty at work

In order for your company and its employees to better understand the consequences of dishonesty at work, we have listed six attitudes that can harm the corporate environment.

  • Do not watch over the company's reputation;
  • not complying with its obligations;
  • excess competitiveness;
  • breach of confidentiality;
  • misuse of resources;
  • harassment.

Stay tuned to the actions commented below to have more success in your professional career.

Do not watch over the company's reputation

Being part of a team and a company requires that you care for the relationship and reputation of that environment. Therefore, attitudes such as depreciating company's image configure dishonesty at work.

It is wrong to think that just talking badly about the workplace is a way of damaging reputation. To appreciate the company's image, it is necessary to maintain ethics and, above all, the proper posture in the professional environment.

If you connect with the direct public, the way you treat the customer is directly related to how this citizen will see the institution's seriousness. The same goes for the relationship with suppliers and partners, for example.

Therefore, when speaking negatively about the company where you work, when complaining about the events of the day or ignoring that greeting made by the customer, the reputation is damaged.

Therefore, it is essential that employees ensure good behavior and avoid speaking badly about the company.

On the other hand, it is also up to the company to respect and maintain an ethical and fair relationship with its professionals, without exceeding the limits. So that it does not end up encouraging this type of bad behavior by employees.

Failing to meet your obligations

When choosing a new employee, the company expects a series of attitudes, among them, the fulfillment of the job description style=”font-weight: 400;”>, that is, the list of the duties of this employee. Not exercising with your obligations is an example of dishonesty at work.

When an employee does not carry out his activities correctly, the entire process of the company is hampered. The losses in this case can not only generate friction with the other team members, but also hinder the company's profits.

Sometimes, this behavior starts when the employee is not satisfied with working conditions, such as the amount of the salary. In these situations, the most honest thing to do is to renegotiate values ​​or benefits.

In addition, the discomfort with other employees is certain, since no one likes to feel hurt by the lack of commitment from a colleague.

In a recent article, “How to engage employees: strategies that generate results for companies”, we talked about the importance of engagement in results.

Excessiveness of competitiveness

In the professional environment, competitiveness can even be seen as an incentive for employees to achieve their goals, for example. However, too much rivalry can create less positive habits and cause dishonesty at work.

Studies by Israeli researchers indicate that the will to beat the opponent, in this case, the professional colleague can generate dishonest attitudes at work.

And the worst, when winning a competition, this professional is even more motivated to perform dubious attitudes.

This behavior usually generates friction between employees who see themselves in a competition, and can generate losses, including financial for the company.

It is clear that when committing illegalities, even if it is for the benefit of the company, the professional can suffer the consequences. THE dismissal for cause is one of them.

In this case, the company is responsible for frequently applying climate surveys that contribute to an assessment of the organizational environment. So, it is possible to anticipate and even avoid disagreements and fights between professionals.

Breach of confidentiality

Many companies work with confidentiality contracts with their customers. Most of the time, this agreement also extends to employees. For this reason, the breach of confidentiality in corporate matters is also considered dishonesty at work.

Not always when telling confidential information, the employee has the intention of harming the institution he represents. However, even the most innocent comment to a family member can hurt the company's business.

In cases where this agreement is signed in a signed contract, the implications for the employee may reach the dismissal for a just cause.

Misuse of resources

The term misuse of the institution's resources can refer to theft of money, for example. However, some behaviors considered common by most workers also fall into this category.

Printing personal documents on the printer and making personal calls on the business phone are just a few. All of these are simple little attitudes, but they can be a synonym for dishonesty at work.

The losses for the company in these cases are financial, since resources acquired for the execution of corporate demands are wasted on the employees' personal use. Depending on how the company operates, HR can punish the employee.


A more serious type of dishonesty at work is harassment, moral or sexual, within the corporate environment. According to data of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), cases only increase.

Between 2015 and 2017, the lawsuits for moral harassment grew 28% in the Labor Court.

The two forms of harassment have consequences in the labor sphere, which can harm the harasser and the company. In addition, the victim can also report the harasser in the criminal court.

The company, certainly, through the labor process, can also request the dismissal for just cause of the accused employee.

As you can see, maintaining an honest and ethical attitude at work goes far beyond the premises of not lying or harming the employer. Small actions can transform the workplace and help build a more pleasant corporate environment.

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