How to deal with Generation Y at work: 7 challenges for the millenium generation

How to deal with Generation Y at work: 7 challenges for the millenium generation

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We commonly see discussions on the millennium generation in newscasts and on internet reports about the millennium generation and how it is changing the way companies act, both in terms of hiring employees and in the execution of services. After all, how to deal with Generation Y?

Millennials (also called Generation Y) are people born between the early 1980s and late 1990s.

Unlike the previous generation, they are more liberal in terms of ideologies and political and religious issues, they are not afraid to discuss and break barriers that were previously seen as taboo. Another strong characteristic of the millenium generation is the familiarity with technology and digital communication.

This unique philosophy in the way millennials act and think poses major challenges for companies in terms of hiring and retaining talent.

With that in mind, we prepared this article with seven of how to deal with Generation Y in the job market. Check out!

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How to deal with Generation Y: main challenges

1. Fast ascent

The idea that “time spent in the company is what determines growth” is not well accepted by millennials.

This generation, which grew up with access to information, understands that professional advancement within a company should be measured by productivity and not by experience.

Therefore, one of the main challenges in dealing with Generation Y is to transform some ingrained concepts and adapt to this new generation.

Of course, it is important to always have a balance between ideas and decide what is most favorable to the venture.

2. Comfort in the work environment

Constant pressures and limitations of materials and equipment for the execution of services are other scenarios little appreciated by the Millenium Generation. Much more than a good salary, new professionals seek behavioral changes in the work environment.

Setting unattainable goals and lack of spaces for rest and leisure are highly considerable reasons for a company to be passed over by a worker of that generation.

In other words: it's no use offering high amounts on the paycheck if, on a daily basis, the worker is not able to enjoy basic advantages and benefits.

3. Constant turnover

As explained: in the past, the success of a professional was measured by the length of stay in the same company. However, today, it is understood that productivity is a more efficient metric at this point.

It's with this new concept in mind that Millennials don't mind constantly changing companies — in addition to looking for some particulars, as we saw in the first two topics.

In other words, to learn how to deal with Generation Y to retain these talents, a company needs to rethink concepts and develop strategies that are beneficial and attractive to both sides.

If you don't do this, you run the risk of losing great professionals to competing organizations.

4. Flexibility of time

Large companies such as Google and Microsoft have shown the world that it is possible to be successful by applying flexible working hours — another common point among these organizations is that, for the most part, the workforce is composed of Generation Millennium.

Therefore, opting for time flexibility is another major challenge for the market in general. Many entrepreneurs, especially founders of the past generation, believe that this formula is ineffective in terms of productivity.

It is exactly this clash of generations that makes it very difficult to hire and maintain Millennials in certain companies, making these brands unable to explore new ideas and attract a new customer profile.

5. Freedom to use technologies

First, it is unlikely that a millennium will remain in a company that does not privilege innovation.

In addition, this new generation grew along with technology and their curiosity and knowledge about new technological equipment became something natural.

So it takes some concessions to learn how to work with Generation Y.

For example, these professionals want free access to the internet, social networks, applications, among others.

Prohibiting a millennial from being in contact with tools, which they routinely use, is a way of demotivating them about the company's goals.

6. Open communication

Another decision point for the Millenium Generation is the type of communication developed in the companies.

With the advent of social networks, millenials learned to express their thoughts and opinions clearly and without restriction. It's a concept they carry for different areas of life, including professional.

In other words, companies that, historically, are not open to direct communication between leaders and employees, with positive or negative feedback, will have great difficulties with the millenium generation.

These young people want to give their opinion, express ideas, praise and complaints without any kind of retaliation from the administrative management.

Organizations that understand this factor as one of the virtues of millennials, on the other hand, are able to deal with Generation Y at work and extract the sharpest benefits from these professionals.

7. Freedom of choice

It's not correct to think that Millennials are insubordinate or don't even respect hierarchy. Like any professional, they understand that there is a chain of command and it must be followed.

However, the millenium generation likes to be challenged and, at the same time, expects freedom from the company so that they can “think outside the box”.

Companies that have inflexible work routines and inflexible planning will find it difficult to adapt to the philosophy of young workers.

The freedom to change the direction of an activity, when that is the best choice, is essential for a millennial to stay motivated within a business.

Taking away this possibility could mean the beginning of a great turnover of workers.

How to retain millenium generation in your company?

Up to this point, you've been able to conclude that there are big challenges for companies regarding how to deal with Generation Y at work and how to retain young millennials.

However, at the same time, you may wonder about the importance of these professionals for your business.

Well, according to a Bank of America report, by 2025, millennials will be 75% of the workforce in the world market. In other words, this generation will be directly responsible for the continuity of several businesses.

Also, we are in the digital age. So who better to manage the new technology than the individuals who grew up with it?

Thus, it is essential to guarantee and adapt to the Millenium Generation. Some tips in this regard are:

  • rethink outdated concepts that no longer present significant results;
  • ensure the best working environment for employees;
  • practice a management focused on innovation;
  • discuss ideas about freedom of time and communication;
  • not restrict the use of technology, but adapt it to your advantage.

Anyway, there are many paradigms that need to be broken so that companies can extract all the benefits of counting on their millenium generation on a daily basis.

However, the most important thing is that there is a predisposition to change and adapt to the new market. Therefore, analyze all the information in detail and don't run the risk of being overtaken by competitors.

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