How to deal with Generation Z at work: 5 tips to receive these professionals and make the best of each one

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How to deal with Generation Z at work: 5 tips to receive these professionals and make the best of each one

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With millennial (or Generation Y) employees already established in the job market, companies now have a new challenge: how to deal with generation Z at work?

Within two years, what is Generation Z will represent more than 20% of US workers, and the UK is going down the same path. In other words: it is necessary to learn how to deal with Generation Z at work, as soon as possible.

For this, leaders will have to understand:

  • the background;
  • the necessities;
  • the behavior of these new talents.

In this article, you'll see what Generation Z is and learn about strategies for extract 100% of your potential. Want to know more? Stay with us!

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is the group of people born from the late years 1990 to 2010. It is the first fully digital generation, which since childhood has access to the internet and technological devices. Therefore, she is used to speed and abundance of information, something never seen before in previous decades.

Because they think and communicate in a connected environment, they are often:

  • immediacy;
  • restless;
  • eager for news.

In the job market, these characteristics can bring great advantages, but also some points of attention, which is why it is so important to learn how to deal with Generation Z at work.

What is the professional profile of Generation Z?

The most striking feature of Generation Z in the labor market is the will to make an impact.

Instead of stability and status, these young people are looking for jobs that are aligned with your personal goals and values.

For them, success is not limited to the job or salary plan: it has much more to do with believe in what they do.

These professionals also have a sense of urgency much bigger than any veteran. Accustomed to quick fixes, they look for immediate answers for everything. Therefore, they hate bureaucracy and need autonomy to carry out their activities.

Generation Z's profile often requires effective conflict management to solve problems between them and managers, especially the more experienced ones.

Most complain that Generation Z only want the best tasks, do everything the way they want and don't respect authority.

Despite the discomfort they cause, these attitudes have a positive side.

Managing different generations in the job market is not simple. Generation Z professionals are tough, but the bold style of new talents can make them the more productive workforce of all time. Just knowing how to deal with Generation Z at work and transforming your way of acting into results for the business.

Generation Y vs. Generation Z

Contrary to what many people think, Generation Z is not a newer version of Generation Y.

Although both are very close in terms of age, there are big differences in the behavioral profiles between them, especially with regard to the advancement of technology.

Millennials were born before the popularization of the internet and mobile devices. Because they know what life was like before that, they value and are delighted with the current scenario.

Generation Z was practically born together with smartphones. For them, technology and easy access to information are natural things.

Electronic devices are practically disposable, as soon as others will appear with much more interesting features.

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How to deal with Generation Z at work? Simple and effective tips!

The big challenge of managing generation Z professionals is to adapt the work routine to your needs.

Once this is done, it is much easier to lead them to excellent results. Check out below the main measures that the manager must take to achieve this goal!

1. Be firm without being overbearing

Authoritarianism doesn't work with Generation Z, but avoiding this behavior doesn't mean being overly permissive.

Remember: despite not being fans of hierarchy, inexperienced young people need good leaders to guide their actions.

So don't make the mistake of pretending work is fun, failing to point out mistakes, or praising the professional for basic actions like meeting deadlines.

It's needed be firm in the dialogue, US feedbacks and to delegate tasks, always conveying a true and transparent message.

At the same time, avoid being aggressive or trying to exert excessive control. about the professional's activities.

This management model is increasingly losing its efficiency, especially in teams made up of younger members.

2. Speed ​​up the work

Few things demotivate Generation Z talent more than a bureaucratic workflow.

In autonomy to these professionals to perform their tasks in their own way, without many approval steps.

practicing the self-management, they will be able to deliver fast and powerful results.

To get rid of the monotony, another good alternative is to implement the job rotation.

In this model, employees go through various areas of the company for a predetermined period of time.

Continuous learning is the best way to keep generation Z engaged on the desktop.

3. Offer feedbacks

Feedback is essential when managing Generation Z professionals. By applying any of the types of performance appraisals, the leader helps these talents understand what is the impact of your work on the organization.

Because they want fast ascent, they like to know if they are being relevant and how they can improve their performance.

4. Manage expectations

These employees have high career expectations and aim to meet them quickly.

Therefore, setting medium or long-term goals is not the best path. Getting a result now to be rewarded a year from now will not shine in the eyes of any Generation Z youth.

Instead, when learning how to handle Generation Z at work, organize goals fractioned, which gives some return within a month at most.

There are even companies that set weekly goals in order to meet the impetus of the new generation.

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5. Design a personalized career plan

This group sees the work as a experience. If they feel they don't have a chance to grow quickly, they won't hesitate to look for opportunities elsewhere.

To keep them engaged, it is necessary to develop a career plan. However, it should not be standardized.

Each employee must have a different plan, which leverages their experiences and knowledge.

That way, young people will feel that they can use this to their advantage to accelerate your evolution.

Now that you know how to deal with Generation Z at work, how about putting what you learned into practice?

Take into account the unique characteristics of these talents and develop a management style focused on making them grow together with the company.

This is the best way to keep young people happy and productive!

Do you want to know a few more secrets about engagement and how to ensure motivation within the company and with all generations involved in your goals?

Check out the article, which explains how incentive programs can engage your team and optimize costs!

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