How to develop an orientation program in the company?

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How to develop an orientation program in the company?

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Develop employees it is one of the most important challenges for the success of a business. The more qualified the professionals are, the greater their capacity to innovate and generate above-average results. For this reason, it is extremely important to structure a company orientation program.

This initiative consists of stimulating the relationship between the most experienced professionals and those who need help to evolve their skills. This exchange makes everyone grow and become able to stand out in their roles. Do you want to know more about it? Keep following the post!

What is an orientation program?

The orientation program, also known as mentoring, is a process in which a veteran professional advises, shares experiences and gives tips to another employee with less career time. It usually happens when someone is promoted or needs to develop some specific skill.

This process usually occurs naturally, as the most experienced ones pass on their knowledge to newbies on a daily basis. Formal orientation programs only give this movement a more structured form, adding elements of organizational culture and enhancing the results.

When a mentor-mentor relationship is created, the less experienced employee knows exactly who to turn to when they need it. career counseling.

The mentor must be a good leader, preferably with a higher position in the company hierarchy. The idea is that he knows what steps the youngest employee must take to grow in the organization, always being willing to provide insights on how he can achieve his goals.

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What are the benefits of the mentoring program in the company?

Developing an orientation program in the company benefits everyone involved.

For the mentee, it is an excellent way to evolve your skills and get valuable advice to grow in the company. Having a close relationship with successful professionals is the shortest way to acquire good habits and learn career management.

Mentors have a unique opportunity to share knowledge, develop your communication skills and improve networking. In addition, the exchange of experiences brings a unique learning experience, even if the person is already at an advanced stage of their career.

The company, on the other hand, benefits from a greater knowledge base among the team members, in addition to having increasingly qualified employees.

Employees begin to relate more horizontally, exceeding the limits of positions, departments and generations. This is essential to raise the quality of organizational climate and strengthen ties in the team.

With so many advantages, it is clear that developing an orientation program in the company is a important differentiator for any business.

How to implement an orientation program in the company?

To structure an orientation program in the company, planning and strategy are needed. It is all about evaluating the group of employees and using the best approach to present the initiative and engage the team. Here are the main steps to create a successful program.

Define those responsible for the program

Those responsible for the implementation of the guidance program should be the primary company leaders, together with HR members. The participation of both groups is essential to put the project into practice and make everything happen.

It is necessary to define a single person responsible for supervise mentors and mentees. This person must be prepared to answer questions, offer assistance to those involved and make sure that all relationships are working well.

The project leader can, for example, determine which cases need external training to help the growth of employees, and how the company can contribute to this.

Choose good mentors

Mentors must be experienced and identified with the company's culture, so that they can transmit value advice for the other employees.

They need to have a good knowledge base, good communication skills and well-developed leadership skills.

Identifying them is not usually difficult: they usually already demonstrate a predisposition to help colleagues. Just call them for a chat and show them how a structured mentoring program works.

Before inviting a potential mentor to the project, make sure that he or she has time to engage in this activity. Letting a collaborator become overwhelmed, even if he has the best of intentions, it will not bring any benefit to him or to the company.

Identify who needs guidance

In order to attract employees to the company's orientation program, a good strategy is encourage them to sign up on their own. You may be surprised at the amount of interested parties.

Another alternative is to analyze the teams and assess which employees have growth potential with the program. If a leader identifies a subordinate with this characteristic, organize a conversation to show the benefits of guidance and how the process works.

One way or another, the important thing is do not compel anyone to participate. Orientation programs are effective only when everyone involved is interested and engaged in their goals.

Have focus

Once the participants are decided, it is important to focus on meetings. Initial conversations are more frequent and dense, so that those involved get to know each other more deeply. Set goals it is fundamental, even to facilitate the evaluation of the results in the future.

After the relationship is established, conversations become less frequent, just to check on the goals, correct routes and offer support.

The relationship can go on for years, depending on the goals set. Therefore, everyone involved must be aware that this is a process of long term.

Now that you know how to develop an orientation program in the company, how about putting what you have learned into practice? So you build a good relationship between the most experienced and the newest employees, in addition to ensuring an increasingly qualified team for the day-to-day challenges.

Did you like the article? Tell us in the comments how your company encourages mentoring among employees!



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