How to develop the main characteristics of resilient people?

How to develop the main characteristics of resilient people?

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Some people are able to resist or face bad situations more easily. It is possible that the effort is the same, but attitudes are certainly different. What do you do in the face of stressful situations? How you develop characteristics of resilient people?

Resilience is a quality that is directly linked to adaptability, flexibility and control in the face of stressful situations. Some of the main characteristics of resilient people are:

  • optimism;
  • patience;
  • healthy self-esteem;
  • adaptability;
  • calm;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • empathy.

If you want to better understand the relationship between stress and quality at work, we recommend reading this material here.

It is common for stress to create complications of various kinds, which is why developing resilience is a strategic differential. To help you in this process, we prepared this post with the details of the main characteristics of resilient people.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability that we all have to adapt psychologically to face less favorable situations. Is skill that allows us to explore the limit of emotions, without, however, breaking it.

There are several factors that influence its performance, be it the posture we adopt, the choice of words, the feeling connected, and so on. Perhaps because of this, many people believe that resilience is a natural quality.

However, it is possible to develop this abiliity, working on some inherent characteristics of resilient people that we’ll explore later.

Resilients are able to turning negative experiences into learning, see opportunities for change in their problems, and end up benefiting from them, even if other aspects may be harmed. Resilience is acquired through experience.

How to be more resilient on a daily basis?

Resilience should not be seen as an exclusive feature for stressful situations. It must be understood as a way of looking at life.

Dealing with everyday situations with more optimism, calm, patience, is essential for this change in perspective to be real.

Check out the following tips to stimulate the development of characteristics of resilient people:

  • live with a personal purpose, don't let the routine overshadow your goals;
  • know your strengths and weaknesses, count on your strength to deal with adverse situations;
  • have a positive mind, seek to lead life with more lightness and optimism;
  • exercise gratitude even in the most complicated situations, remember the reasons you have to be grateful;
  • turn mistakes into opportunities for evolution, face them as an experience;
  • accept the change, we all change over time and we need to adapt to it so as not to limit ourselves;
  • learn more about yourself, get to know your preferences, ways to relax, cheer up, recharge your energies;

What are the main characteristics of highly resilient people?

Now that you know what resilience is and how we can encourage it on a daily basis, get to know the main characteristics of resilient people.


One of the most expressive characteristics of resilient people is optimism. Taking a more positive look at the circumstances is characteristic.

Resilient people externalize guilt and internalize success. Even if they face stressful situations, they are capable of transforming misfortunes and misfortunes into learning, and strengthening themselves.


Another characteristic of resilient people that must be carefully considered is patience. In stressful situations it's easy to lose control and lose your composure, isn't it?

Resilient people are able to remain calm in the face of these adversities. Through self-control and own optimism, they face the situation with tranquility and see the situations with more balance.

Self esteem

Self-esteem is another very important factor, as it is a quality that allows you to respect yourself and others. In determining how much you learn when something goes wrong, self-esteem allows resilients to accept criticism without resentment.

The same logic works for situations of praise and compliments, resilient people accept them without puffing themselves up or becoming arrogant.


Another characteristic of resilient people that deserves to be highlighted is the ability to adapt, to quickly assimilate new or unexpected experiences.

As they learn easily, resilients are able to add changes to their lives, enjoying the teachings that each situation promoted them.


Like patience, calmness is another differentiating factor for a resilient person. We all go through difficult times throughout life and the posture we adopt can influence the perception of situations.

Resilients are able to remain centered and calm even in chaotic situations, because they see that, regardless of experience, people deserve respect, help, guidance, among others.

Emotional intelligence

The ability to deal with frustrations is one of the main hallmarks of a resilient person. They do not deal better with stressful situations because they accept that everything is positive, but because they understand that in life difficult situations will also happen. And they prepare to face them.

Emotional intelligence develops self-awareness, so resilient people know how to get in touch with their psychological / physiological needs, just as they know what they don't need. Therefore, the postural and behavioral control it's easier.


Empathy is one of the characteristics of the most transformative resilient people. Being able to project yourself into the situation of the other, resilient people deal with the crisis in a more respectful way.

They deal with problems, considering the emotions of the other, understanding the scenario as a whole to act appropriately.

Why is being resilient at work important?

In the professional environment, resilience is a differential competenceafter all, organizations look for professionals who are able to face problems without crisis, relate well, learn from any situation, practice optimism, maintain balance, among others.

The practice of Self development it is not simple, since any change forces us to leave the comfort zone. Therefore, one must be aware that a genuine effort will be required to develop these qualities.

Did you see? Resilience is a quality that can be developed, but it will require serious commitment. Strengthening these characteristics of resilient people is a strategic differential for life and for the job market, as it allows your mentality in any situation to be the best possible.

Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments if resilience is a reality or if you need it if it still needs to be developed in your life.



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