How to do a job description to attract talented employees

How to do a job description to attract talented employees

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Every HR's dream is to find the perfect candidate for the vacancy he has open. But to attract the right talent, you need to clearly show all the benefits. And learning how to do a job description is the skill you need.

What is job description?

O job description or ‘job description' in a literal translation, is the term used to describe the function of a job when it comes to announcing a job vacancy. It is through it that a company specifies the type of professional it is looking for.

To create a job description it is necessary to include:

  • the title of the vacancy;
  • description about the service;
  • the salary;
  • the qualifications required;
  • the benefits offered;
  • instructions for applying;
  • among other elements.

The process of recruitment and selection style=”font-weight: 400;”> it is a big challenge for most companies. Choosing the right professionals to hire is not an easy task, it requires a lot of preparation from the recruiting team. For this reason, the correct disclosure is fundamental for the process of hiring employees style=”font-weight: 400;”> be successful.

Through a good description when it comes to publicizing the vacancy, organizations can go ahead and optimize their processes. In this way, they are able to specify the professionals they are looking for and those most suited to the profile sought will be able to apply.

This eliminates the curious and unsuitable for the job, making the selection more precise and quick. Thus, companies are able to make better use of the process, assessing candidates in depth and finding real talents to be part of their team.

Does your company know the importance of learning how to make an efficient job description? Contrary to what many people think, it is not just a brief description of the company's positions.

Through it, when disclosing a job vacancy, the company is also transmitting its values, mission and identity.

Do you want to make a sure job description? Able to attract the right candidates? Check out how to do this in your company below!

How to do a job description?

To attract the best options, your company needs to job description. But how do you do that? Check below what are the elements needed to create the description of your company's vacancies and put this strategy into practice now:

The best job descriptions should include the following elements:

  1. vacancy title;
  2. job description;
  3. company location;
  4. the salary the employee will receive;
  5. the benefits offered;
  6. the skills and qualifications sought;
  7. useful information about the company;
  8. step by step on how to apply.

By including all of this information, your company will be providing a general understanding of the job vacancy. This is so that professionals can be interested in the opportunity.

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The job description is the best way to ensure that the right people apply. So, follow these instructions to learn how to make an ideal job description:

1. Title of the vacancy

The first thing about making a job description that will catch the public's attention is the words used in the job title. At this point, it is necessary to be precise, otherwise candidates will not find your publication when searching for vacancies.

So avoid confusing, cliché and cryptic terms. It is best to be clear and communicate accurately, choosing a title that describes the role of the position.

Some errors that should be avoided are:

  • misleading or vague language;
  • ask questions within the title;
  • use capital letters;
  • mention “no experience needed”.

2. Description of the company

When posting a vacancy, you need to give a brief description of the company.

  • When was it created?
  • What products do you work with?
  • Who are your customers?
  • And, mainly, what are your goals?

This information is essential to pass the organizational culture style=”font-weight: 400;”> for potential candidates. Therefore, seek to emphasize the company's values, this will guarantee the most appropriate professionals.

3. Job description

The next step on how to make an ideal job description is to list what the new employee's responsibilities will be if they are hired. Therefore, describe:

  • what tasks he will perform;
  • what goals you should achieve;
  • the qualifications expected.

Remember that to attract talent, your company must show the differentials it will offer for keep them motivated, as career path, flexible benefits, in addition to challenges and responsibilities.

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4. Location of work

When looking for job opportunities, most people use location. Therefore, when posting a vacancy, be sure to include your company address in the job description.

In addition, determining the location of the company gives more credibility to the disclosure, helping candidates to know that it is a real organization and that the vacancy is real.

5. Average salary

Another important point on how to do a job description is to include the salary range for the vacant position. This will help to attract qualified candidates and is also a form of pre-selection.

So always be honest when placing a value. Do not enter amounts that your company will not be able to pay. Also, do not pay attention to the exact value, try to present an average. Your company will be able to negotiate the salary in the interview.

6. Skills and qualifications needed

The big goal of learning how to make an efficient job description is to attract the right professionals. Thus, the description of the skills and requirements needed for the vacancy are paramount.

  • What are the qualifications expected by your company for the vacancy?
  • Should the candidate have a certain level of education?
  • Any specific certification or experience?

It is essential to detail the points that will be differential at the time of selection. The more specific the job description is about mandatory qualifications, the greater the chances of your company getting it right in choosing the best professional.

7. Explain how to apply

To end a job description, add a call to action. That is, use words that encourage the candidate to click on the subscribe button. In addition, provide the necessary information to let professionals know how and where to apply.

8. The benefits offered

O benefits package offered by a company is a great differentiator for it to be able to attract and retain talent. Therefore, including them in the job description is an excellent move for professionals to feel even more interested in the vacancy.

Should every company have a job description?

A job description says a lot about your company. It is more than a simple advertisement for a vacancy. Through it, you can win over the best professionals in the market and convince them to be part of your team.

The first contact of a professional with the new company that will work is through the disclosure of the vacancy. Through it, the professional will interact for the first time with the organization's brand and its identity, going through HR assessment.

Because of this, creating an accurate and clear job description, which has all the necessary information about the position and the company, are essential for the candidate to understand the company culture. In addition to knowing if it will really suit her.

By learning how to make a sure job description, your company will be able to conquer talents that are in other corporations. They may find your proposal more interesting than their current positions and will look for an opportunity in your company.

In this way, we can say that the job description – together with other processes – increases the organization's competitiveness.

Therefore, your company should see the job description as an efficient strategy for to attract and retain talent style=”font-weight: 400;”> on the team. It works as an advertisement for your company and your values.

What is the impact of the job description on a hire?

Below are some points related to this strategy in the recruitment and selection process. This way, you will be able to understand the real importance of learning how to do a job description in your company.

1. First contact

A job description represents the first source of information about a company to professionals in the market. Therefore, creating an efficient job description will ensure that your company gives the right image to candidates, as well as to potential customers and partners.

2. Strengthening culture and the environment

A well-crafted description also influences candidates' perceptions of how the company works. When describing the responsibilities, roles and qualifications expected for the vacancy, candidates will already know what to expect if they are hired. In addition, they will already identify with the organization's culture and organizational climate<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

That way, when a new employee starts working at your company you will not be disappointed that the reality is different from your expectations. This helps to decrease the turnover index.

3. Types of professionals

The job description will directly impact the type of employee your company will have. Through it, your organization will be able to filter the profile of the candidate sought.

It is possible to direct the description, through its language, means of disclosure and the details provided. For this reason, it is essential to outline a dissemination strategy, considering who your company wants to reach in order to optimize results.

Without an accurate job description, you can waste time and hamper the recruitment and selection process. Thus, the negative impacts will be great.

HR may have a huge number of candidates to evaluate, many of which do not correspond to the profile sought. And with that, you will not be able to attract the talents that your company wants.

Hiring a new employee can be a complex task and require a lot of preparation from the Human Resources team. But, through the right methods and channels of disclosure, your company can go ahead and optimize the recruitment and selection process.

And this will only be possible if your company knows how to make an efficient job description. It is essential for you to be able to attract the best professionals to be part of your team.

Did the information in this article help you understand the importance of the job description? Still have any questions? Leave your comment!

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