How to do a new employee integration survey?

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How to do a new employee integration survey?

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The onboarding process is a high value strategy for the organization. Through it, its professionals are quickly familiarized with the entire structure and flow of the company. Therefore, it is important to carry out a survey on the integration of new employees to learn how to make this procedure even more efficient.

Onboarding is a fundamental process for companies to quickly integrate newly hired people, so that they yield the maximum from the first day of work.

It turns out that it is even more important to understand, in practice, whether all the actions of this procedure are being well received and absorbed by those who participate in them. And that's where feedback is needed through good new employee integration survey.

In this post, then, we will show you not only the importance of having this assessment tool, but the most efficient way to develop yours. Check it out and learn with us how to assemble your search for integration of new employees!

What is onboarding?

One of the most common terms in HR dictionary, onboarding is an efficient method to ensure that new employees will have, from their first day on the job, an experience close to the company.

In other words: with more familiarity, identification and assertiveness in the work relationship. This reduces that idle, unproductive and even unmotivated time, characteristic of those who feel apart from everything that is already happening in the company.

In this process, then, the idea is to make the onboarding present not only the company and the daily life of the new employee, but the moment in which they are inserted, what are their goals, ambitions and what is expected of professionals .

How important is this?

Over time, onboarding creates an immediate bond with new professionals. By presenting your identity and organizational culture, the employee quickly understands how things work, there, and how his profile can be instrumental for the growth of both himself and the company.

And this is how onboarding becomes so relevant: its application ensures that professionals engage more with the organization from an early age, improving the level of retaining talent.

To know a little more about this, take a look, after this reading, in our checklist made especially for the integration of new employees!

With this quality work, therefore, it is also possible to reduce the turnover rate, since its recruiters they will benefit more from investing in profiles that are more aligned with the company's own values. An easy investment to be made, therefore, and with great returns.

Even for this reason, the search for the integration of new employees is so necessary. After performing the procedure, it is important to have feedback from that person and understand what can be improved — and what has worked — within the entire onboarding strategy.

What is and how to do the new employee integration survey?

As its name suggests, the new employee integration survey starts as soon as the onboarding process comes to an end.

Through specific and subject-oriented questions, the idea is to make onboarding a more optimized, efficient and that is 100% absorbed by new employees.

After all, who better than themselves to point out what made sense and what could be improved in the entire procedure?

So, keep in mind some questions that we think are essential for a good new employee onboarding survey. Are they:

  • Did all the information received during onboarding serve to make you feel prepared for the job?
  • Did you miss something throughout the process?
  • Any information or procedures that you would rule out based on your experience?

Such questions, which can be asked in an interview or even sent by email, contribute to the continuous polishing of onboarding.

However, it is worth remembering that each company has its peculiarities. This way, you can identify other questions that make more sense to get feedback from professionals and thus improve your process in an entirely personalized way.

What are the best practices for building a good integration process?

To help make your onboarding survey a constant success, we've also put together some interesting tips to improve your onboarding.

Check it out and get inspired by our tips to make new employees feel at home quickly!

Make use of company history

Want to generate identification with someone? Explain your origin, create empathy and familiarity with what the person lives or has lived. By showing who the company is, the new employee can also understand it better, and quickly.

It's a good time, then, to explain not just your past, but your present and future. Present where your company wants to be, and mix it with the expectations of the position in question that this professional has just occupied.

Reinforce your mission, culture and values

Another necessary point is the presentation of the institutional pillars of the organization, and the reinforcement that these characteristics are implemented in all the company's actions.

For example: in the way of interacting with the consumer, in the planning of strategies and even in the posture and positioning regarding a series of issues. Realize here, how much this is relevant from the hiring process.

If the person hired does not identify with anything the company is showing that it is, how would this relationship work? That's why onboarding and, consequently, new employee integration research is so important to make sure expectations and achievements are aligned.

Introduce the company

Show or demonstrate the immediate leader, teammates, and associated areas. Introducing a professional to the entire company is an important way to “break the ice” and make everyone feel more comfortable right from the start.

Always ask questions

Finally, it is worth dedicating some time, before finalizing the onboarding, so that the professional can clear any doubts about anything related to the company.

In this way, it is easier to eliminate unforeseen events or even diagnose situations and issues that may appear, later, in the next elaborations of your new employee integration survey.

Now, if you still have any questions about it, you can leave it registered in the comments field below (and we will respond promptly to you) and also learn a little more about this procedure by reading another article of ours, which explains in detail everything you need to know about onboarding!


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