How to fill in the data of a new professional in the job card?

How to fill in the data of a new professional in the job card?

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When a new employee is hired by a company, it needs to formalize by putting all the information in its work card. To do this, you must fill in the data on the Employment Contract page, without errors, however, some employers have some doubts when signing their employees' working papers.

Knowing this, we have prepared some necessary information to do this filling in the correct way. First, let's fill in details of the Employment Contract which is the main one:

Employment Contract Page:

  • Employer: Write here the name of the employer or company that is hiring the new employee;
  • CGC / NF: Fill in with the CNPJ of the company. The self-employed professional, domestic employer or civil construction worker must inform the CEI (EHIC Specific Register). If it is being registered through a branch, be careful to fill in the data correctly;
  • Street: Enter the name of the company's street, avenue or road;
  • No: Complete the address with the number where the company is;
  • Municipality: Type the name of the municipality where the company is located;
  • Est .: Complete with the name of the state;
  • Esp. of the establishment: Fill in the type of business of the company;
  • Position: Determine the position that the new employee will have in the company;
  • CBO: Write the numerical code of the UK residents Classification of Occupations for the position of the new employee. It can be found here: You will not always find all the positions on the list. Therefore, check for similar vacancies and read the job description to fit the correct position;
  • Admission Date: Fill in the date on which the new employee was hired;
  • Registration: If it exists, complete with the company's internal registration number for the new employee;
  • Fis / Fiche: If the employee is registered in the Employee Registration Book, write down the registration page number here. There is also the option of using Registration Sheets, and for that it is only necessary to put the information of the folder and file where they are located;
  • Specified remuneration: Determine the salary of the new employee, in numerals and then in words.

When all the information above is completed, sign and stamp at the location indicated.

Before reading further, we recommend that you download this free eBook so that you can avoid any errors at CTPS! Answer the form and receive:

General Notes

As the name says, this page can be used in different situations.

If the employee enters an experience contract, information on contract terms must be placed on this page. That is, when will it start, what is its duration and extension and everything that is relevant for the employee in this period. Remember to sign and stamp as well. Other situations for using the general annotation pages:

  • PIS enrollment agreement;
  • Fixed-term contract;
  • Leave (eg sickness, maternity leave), among others;
  • Union Contribution – it is a mandatory annual fee, paid by the worker to the union of his professional category.

Vacation Notes

This place is reserved to record the period during which the employee took his vacation. Understand how to make this markup correctly:

  • He took vacations related to the period of: (Purchase Period);
  • Then write down the vacation period the employee took a break from. For example: From 01/03/2018 to 01/04/2018;
  • Finally, sign and stamp the company stamp.

Salary Changes

Whenever there is a change in the employee's salary, it is necessary to update it. The employer must request the work card to update the new value in the correct place indicated on the document itself.


We also recommend that you note the Employee FGTS, with the bank and your account number as a reference, on the FGTS notes page.

Union Contribution

Another important point to note is whether the employee has already paid the Union Contribution for the year. If this has not happened, discount an employee's workday for the first full month he or she works and make a note of it in your workbook – that is, it will usually only be deducted in the second month of work. After all these steps are done, the new employee will be formally hired.

Errors in the Working Card

The Work Card is an official document that must be filled out carefully so that there are no errors that could cause dubious interpretations. In case of errors, understand what to do:

  • Open CTPS, on the General Notes;
  • Also note the number of pages where the mistake was made and the page;
  • Identify the wrong information with a * (asterisk) and write next to the asterisk: “See page [X] (put the page number of general notes that will insert the correct information);
  • In General Notes write what will be corrected, in the following format: “It reads correctly, on the page [Y], in the term [nome do campo que contém o erro] the information [informação correta]”.

Find out more> I wrote it wrong in the Work Permit. And now?

If the Work Card has no more space

If the portfolio has no space available on the Employment Contract pages, it will be necessary to ask the employee to take out a Continuation Work Card. He can schedule by phone by calling 158 or on the Ministry of Labor website at

When you receive the new wallet, make a note of the data in the wallet normally.

If you still have questions about filling in the CTPS of the new employee, we recommend that you watch this video:

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