How to fill vacancies faster: learn to optimize your selection process!

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How to fill vacancies faster: learn to optimize your selection process!

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Recently, an interesting example from the company Wagestream showed the importance of knowing how to fill vacancies faster — and with much more assertiveness!

The process was shared on the internet and revealed, once again, that the sector of recruitment and selection it has to be more and more strategic. Something elementary to ensure more precision in the process, and also other benefits allied to it.

For example: costs are lower, as is the hiring cycle. And when selecting people with a profile properly aligned with the institutional pillars of the organization, the risks of incorporating someone incompatible with the brand are lower (which helps to reduce the turnover rate gradually).

So let's see what can be learned from Wagestream's work on filling vacancies faster — and we'll also show you some good practices for improving your recruiting. Throughout this article we are going to talk about:

Wagestream learned how to fill vacancies 27% faster

How to fill vacancies faster

  • Improve response time;
  • Align a professional profile for each position in the company;
  • Involve managers in the selection process;
  • Have a proposal aligned with the market;
  • Never stop recruiting;
  • Know the different types of recruitment;
  • Use your company's social media.

Good reading!

Wagestream learned how to fill vacancies 27% faster

To understand the real impact of their solution on attracting and retaining talent in other companies, Wagestream conducted a survey of UK health and wellness organizations.

And what was observed, at first, was that companies funded by Wagestream's financial welfare service filled their vacancies 27% faster than institutions that did not yet make use of this corporate benefit.


It is worth highlighting the impact of Wagestream's solutions: the company has an integrated system that helps with financial planning, financial education and payroll flexibility — something we already do through HR Consultant UKy!

With this, Wagestream makes an intermediary of solutions to avoid that the employees of a company suffer from defaults, the accumulation of debts and the consequent financial stress of these situations.

I.e: companies that offer this benefit of financial well-being are well regarded by professionals in the job market, being a differential for filling opportunities in the organization.

It is noteworthy that this, in general, represents multiple benefits for companies. An example is that, through a report from the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the entire contracting cycle in the country costs £5,433 in an average of 23 working days for its execution.

As a result of Wagestream's research, the savings generated would be £1,465. this is added to each contract, and the gains are multiple and cumulative.

How to fill vacancies faster

A financial well-being program is actively relevant in the qualification of your selection processes and, consequently, points out a new path for those who want to know how to fill vacancies faster in your company.

Turns out you can multiply those benefits. And for that, keep an eye out for the tips below!

Improve response time

Here's something candidates share in their experiences that affects the company's reputation: response time. Long selection processes and shrouded in mysteries do not please people.

They prefer to follow the cycle, know which stage they are in and have constant feedback and feedback, even. In the same proportion as “being in the dark” is a negative point that can make it difficult, therefore, to search for and find the best professional to fill the opportunity in question.

Align a professional profile for each position in the company

Companies that only hire for the skills of a professional can increase the risk of being wrongly hired.

After all, as much as this professional in question has the desired skills, his profile may be in total misalignment with your company's organizational culture. And this will be reflected, later, in the delivery of a quality service.

In turn, knowing exactly the type of professional your company needs is quite a differential. It can be applied at every step of your process. recruitment and selection, favoring the choice of candidates who have more to do with the company in all senses, not just curricular issues.

Involve managers in the selection process

HR is essential in the job of learning how to fill vacancies faster. It turns out that management has its share of relevance, without a doubt!

After all, no one better than the leadership to point out the challenges, the needs and particularities of your department. As much as HR understands how it works, on paper, the practice is better analyzed by those who live with this routine on a daily basis.

Therefore, design a selection process specific to each sector, but have the leadership involved whenever possible and at any stage of the flow.

Have a proposal aligned with the market

Nowadays, people know the average salary in their country, in their field of activity and even in their city. In part, this is important so that companies do not practice salaries and corporate benefits below this approximate market value, and consequently move closer to competitive differentials.

This in turn helps to filter the search for candidates. Companies that refuse to be within this average, for example, will face more difficulties in filling vacancies. And, as a result, they will spend more and will hardly attract the sector's top talent to fill their job opportunities.

never stop recruiting

Important tip for those who want to know how to fill vacancies faster: never stop recruiting. Build a talent bank, keep a good relationship with the candidates that generated the most identification, in previous hires, and keep an eye on the big names that are emerging in your area of ​​expertise.

In this way, an open opportunity can be quickly filled from that rich, ever-evolving relationship. Consequently, the average time of hiring and also of associated costs.

Discover the different types of recruitment

Don't focus on a single channel and strategy for recruiting new candidates. You have several opportunities to be within reach of the great talents in the market and it is worth exploring them in order to identify which of them have more to do with your brand's profile and also with that of each desired professional area.

Below, we will highlight some ways to add this flexibility to the recruitment and selection process, such as:

  • internal selection, which consists of analyzing their own talents to fill open opportunities. This can mean a head start on learning how to fill your vacancies fast;
  • mixed recruitment, which uses both internal and external recruitment, keeping an eye on what happens in the market;
  • keep in touch and have a good relationship with universities and technical schools. This is a way to mine new talents and enrich a competitive advantage for your company;
  • also dialogue with unions and their respective files to provide a means of entry for professionals in each category;
  • look for the specialized service of headhunters, who can be the “eyes” of your company, always looking for new professionals to quickly fill your open opportunities.

It's worth mixing your strategies and understanding, in advance, which ones have the best effect on the characteristics of each opportunity. This can make the hiring process faster, more assertive and, consequently, more economical too.

Use your company's social media

And speaking of communication channels to learn how to fill vacancies faster, make your company's social media a hiring tool as well.

Strategically, you can show more of the organization's routine, the differentials of your brand and even post open opportunities. Those who follow the company can benefit from following up on open positions and also develop more interest in joining the workforce.

In addition, LinkedIn and other corporate social networks make all the difference in attracting and retaining talent, as well as creating an image of reference and authority for your organization.

And to complement the tips we've seen throughout this article, Take the opportunity to read our post about the main recruitment and selection trends for the year 2021!

Now, too, we can count on you to further qualify your company's selection processes. If you know more people who want to know how to fill vacancies faster, share this post on your social networks and mark colleagues who can make good use of the tips seen here!


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