How to find companies that are recruiting?

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Table of Contents

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 2:38 PMUpdated Sep 30, 2015, 10:44 AM

Aim for the right sectors

The information comes back in the news every month, obviously when the unemployment figures are published: the job market in general remains very tight, but sectors are recruiting, or will recruit in the near future. regularly echoes this. We are of course thinking of digital technology (see the article of June 1, 2015), but also of personal services, high technology, hotels and restaurants, transport … economic news will allow you to learn about companies that advertise job creations.

Think of SMEs and VSEs

To optimize your identification of companies that are recruiting, do not limit yourself to the giants of the CAC 40. Public aid recently announced by the government could boost hiring in SMEs and VSEs, as well as in healthy sectors to a lesser extent .

Search the Job boards

These job vacancies portals record employers’ proposals almost in real time. You will be able quite easily to spot companies there which multiply the advertisements (paying for them, therefore the job is quite real). Your search will be even more targeted if you take a serious look at Job boards specializing in particular sectors. A keyword search and the possibility of receiving advertisements by e-mail will make your job search easier.

Subscribe to social networks

We’re not talking about Facebook and Twitter here (though…), but professional social networks that allow you to showcase your skills, increase contacts and of course have access to job offers. Two essentials in this area: Viadeo and Linkedln. 56% of recruiters go through the first, 40% through the second. Register, assiduously complete your profile, activate your professional networks and above all stay active on these sites.

Visit company websites

Finally, you can also send a spontaneous application. Again, take the time to visit the websites of the companies that interest you. At least on those of the largest, there is necessarily (at the bottom of the home page), a “recruitment” section. The presence or absence of job offers tells you if the company is in the recruitment phase. In addition, you will know exactly to which address (email or postal) to send your application.



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