How to get out of the red and pay debts at a discount?

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How to get out of the red and pay debts at a discount?

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Many people and companies ended 2021 in the red because of the business impacts left by the pandemic of the covid-19. Therefore, the concern to regularize at the beginning of the year is high.

It is a fact that settling financial issues brings a sense of relief, isn't it? But did you know that it is possible to pay debts at a discount? Renegotiation is foreseen in the law, however, many people do not know this. Therefore, we have prepared this content to clarify all possible doubts on the subject. You will see:

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How to pay debts at a discount?

Anyone who has gone through situations in which they have been in debt, knows very well how it can take their sleep at night and how the feeling of paying off debts is liberating. But do you know how to make it even better? Getting a good discount through negotiation.

When a debt is overdue, the person is at risk of having his name included in the list of defaulters of the Serasa or SPC. Therefore, it is important to know how to negotiate the values ​​so that this does not happen

The possibility of renegotiating is foreseen in the law and is one of the best ways to get around this problem and conquer the much dreamed of financial health. However, there are correct ways to renegotiate a debt. Otherwise, you can get out of debt even more indebted.

Through a few steps, you can learn how to get interest on your debt and even get a good discount. Check out 5 useful tips below:

1. Plan yourself

First of all, it is necessary to make a plan to settle your debts. Do you know exactly how much you owe? Make a list of all debts, credit card accounts, loans, financing, booklets, bills and other bills. This will be the starting point for renegotiating your debts.

2. Know your monthly budget

After putting everything down on paper, it is important to analyze your budget. After all, you need to know how much you earn and spend to find a balance and be able to save. To pay debts, it is important to make unnecessary cuts.

3. Determine how much you can spend right now

After analyzing your earnings and expenses, it will be easier to understand what amount you will be able to dedicate to pay when negotiating your debts.

At that time, if possible, offer the possibility of making the payment in cash, as the discounts will be much more advantageous.

However, if this option is not viable, pay attention to the limit that you can spend per month. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue paying the installments over time, creating even greater debt.

4. Negotiate

The time has come to carry out the actual negotiation. It is possible to renegotiate directly with the creditor, in fairs to clear the name, through debt refinancing or through portability from one institution to another.

You should always look for official channels to carry out the negotiation. To do this, just go to your bank branch or contact the company through the official service channels.

Initially, banks will try to collect the full amount of the debt with interest. However, it is possible to insist and achieve better conditions, which are appropriate to your reality. Therefore, dictate the rules of the negotiation.

5. Understand the renegotiation conditions

In order to really understand how to pay debts at a discount, it is necessary to understand all the conditions of the renegotiation.

If you choose to make new installments of the debt, be aware of long-term interest to avoid making your debt even greater. In addition, ask the creditor for the letter of discharge after payment and check how long your situation will be regularized if your name is already negative in Serasa.

How to settle debts with a bank?

Currently, making a deal to clear the name is easier. There are companies that provide this service, such as Serasa Limpa Nome, which allows you to do all the negotiations over the internet, avoiding having to go to a bank branch.

However, if you want to know how to pay off debts with banks directly, you need to contact your manager to try to negotiate the best form of payment.

Many financial institutions tend to make payments more flexible and even offer discounts, mainly for cash payments, but you need to be prepared.

You must make a proposal to the bank that is beneficial to both of you. So consider the following questions:

  • what will be the discount on the total debt;
  • what will be the new interest rate of the installments;
  • how long it will take to regularize the negative name;
  • the institution offers a letter of discharge at the end of the payment.

In order to finalize the negotiation with the bank, it is essential to request the issuance of the proposal in writing. This way you will have the guarantee that what has been proposed will be carried out correctly.

How to get interest on a debt?

Before closing a debt renegotiation agreement, it is important to run simulations with different financial agents. This will ensure that you choose the best proposal.

In addition, with different proposals in hand, you will be able to have better arguments for making a counter offer and getting greater discounts.

The auctions held by Serasa Limpa nome are excellent alternatives to be able to withdraw interest on a debt and, thus, be able to pay all overdue bills.

Is it worth taking out a loan to pay off debt?

Many people, when they begin to learn how to pay debts at a discount, believe that the loan is the villain of financial health. This happens because bank loans are the main source that lead UK citizens to have their names negative in Serasa.

However, debt settlement can be a viable option in some situations. However, there are a few points to consider.

A loan can be advantageous when the person already has a high debt or intends to take out a loan.

Another way to reduce interest on a debt is through payroll loans, which are deducted from the payroll or which allow the provision of collateral, such as cars and real estate.

In this option, banks usually reduce interest rates even further, as they will have a greater guarantee that the person will honor with their loan.

How to pay negative debts and pay off your credit card?

Negative debts are those that the consumer was unable to make the payment and had his name included in the credit protection agencies, such as Serasa or SPC.

This situation is known as “dirty name”And prevents the person from being able to make loans or financing, since his credit score will be low.

To find out if you have a negative debt, you need to consult the Serasa and SPC websites through your CPF. If so, the ideal is that you seek to settle all debts to have your “name cleared” again.

The creditor companies have a great interest in this discharge, so it is possible to negotiate with favorable conditions for you. It is even possible to look for companies specialized in this type of agreement to assist you.

After the payment of the debt, it is the company's obligation to clear its name and remove the negative debt, and this must be done within 5 working days after payment.

Now, if your problem is with a credit card, you need to be careful with interest, as they are usually the highest in the market. Therefore, try to negotiate with the bank as soon as possible.

Also, while you are in debt, stop using that credit card, otherwise the situation will become a snowball.

How can HR Consultants UKy help pay off debts at a discount?

One last option to pay off debts at a discount is to use HR Consultants UKy, which is ideal for consumers who live within their budget and still have debts to be paid off.

HR Consultants UKy is a feature of HR Consultants UK's management software that offers employees greater autonomy from their own payments. It allows you to withdraw the available salary at any time and even advance the Thirteenth salary.

Thus, if you want to pay debts at a discount, you can advance the payment to negotiate a cash settlement and guarantee better discounts.

In addition to having less bureaucracy, it has zero cost for companies and enables better financial well-being for all employees. If you want to go deeper into the subject and understand all the benefits of HR Consultants UKy for your company, we suggest reading of this article.

As you can see, it is possible to carry out several negotiations and be able to pay debts at a discount. However, it is also essential to avoid further debt. For this, the person must always keep an eye on his budget to spend less than he earns. Only then will it be possible to balance spending and achieve financial health.

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